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1Lordi - Live with Virgin Sin at The Rock, Copenhagen - April 29th, 2005EventNina49.533
2Dragonforce - Band InformationBand InformationSteen42.236
3Yngwie Malmsteen - Interview with YngwieInterviewMichael33.198
4Nightwish - Interview with Tuomas HolopainenInterviewMatthew28.252
5None - Staff Main Page - SteenStaffSteen26.483
6Sweden Rock Festival 2006 - Steen┤s Festival ReportEventSteen26.347
7Star One - Live in Hamburg, 30. September 2002EventTajs & Steen25.365
8Earthshaker Festival 2005 - Earthshaker & Manowar Fan Convention - The Festival ReportEventSteen25.204
9Dream Theater - An Evening With Dream Theater, K B Hallen, Copenhagen - January 20th, 2004EventTommy23.192
10Sweden Rock Festival 2003 - The Festival ReportEventSteen22.443
11Metallica - St. AngerAlbum ReviewTommy21.209
12None - Ratings explained...ArticleSteen19.650
13Various Artists - The Neckbreakers Ball tour - April 11th 2006, Aarhus - Featuring Scar Symmetry, One Man Army and the Undead Quartet, Amorphis, Soilwork and HypocrisyEventTajs17.941
14None - Staff Main Page - MichaelStaffMichael17.626
15Enuff Z'nuff - UK Tour 2005 with Bang Tango, Pretty Boy Floyd and Drugdealer CheerleaderEventMichael & Steen16.674
16Iron Maiden - The X FactorAlbum ReviewTommy16.494
17Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes From A MemoryAlbum ReviewTommy16.202
18Wacken Open Air 2003 - Tommy┤s Wacken ReportEventTommy16.045
19Metallica - Master Of PuppetsAlbum ReviewTommy15.842
20Sweden Rock Festival 2004 - Day 3 (Steen) - Sun Caged, Lost Horizon, Narnia & Nightwish liveEventSteen15.732
21Sweden Rock Festival 2006 - Michael┤s Festival ReportEventMichael15.606
22Deep Purple - Concerto for Group and Orchestra - In Concert Live at the Royal Albert HallDVD ReviewHashman15.432
23Funeral for a Friend - Live at Valbyhallen, Copenhagen - 12. November, 2003EventSteen14.957
24Manowar - Sign Of The HammerAlbum ReviewTommy14.779
25None - Staff Main Page - TommyStaffTommy14.598
26Nexx - Band informationBand InformationSteen14.539
27Sweden Rock Festival 2004 - Day 2 (Michael) - Y&T, UFO & ScorpionsEventMichael14.393
28Crush 40 - Crush 40Album ReviewMichael14.117
29Alice Cooper - Live with Company of Snakes, KB Hallen, Copenhagen - November 10, 2002EventMichael14.078
30Iron Maiden - Virtual XIAlbum ReviewUlrick14.075
31Velvet Revolver - Live at Skanderborg Festival 2004EventMichael13.783
32Nightwish - End of innocenceDVD ReviewSteen13.716
33Nightwish - OnceAlbum ReviewMatthew13.636
34G3 - Live In Denver (Joe Satriani/Steve Vai/Yngwie Malmsteen)DVD ReviewHashman13.398
35Satyricon - Live at Voxhall, Aarhus - 23. October 2002EventAnders13.369
36Stream of Passion - Live with Damian Wilson & Oliver Wakeman in the UK 2006EventSteen13.323
37Influences and Connections - Volume one: Mr. BigAlbum ReviewMichael13.267
38Platitude - Interview With Patrik JansonInterviewTommy13.256
39Judas Priest - PainkillerAlbum ReviewSteen13.207
40Symphony X - The OdysseyAlbum ReviewTajs13.179
41Metallica - ...And Justice For AllAlbum ReviewTommy13.000
42Queensr che - Operation: Mindcrime - Remastered and ExpandedAlbum ReviewHashman12.914
43Kamelot - The Black HaloAlbum ReviewSteen12.906
44None - Staff main page - Tommy HashStaffHashman12.575
45King Diamond - The Puppet MasterAlbum ReviewSteen12.552
46None - Staff Main page - NinaStaffNina12.525
47Hanoi Rocks - Live at Molotow, Hamburg, Germany - February 25th 2005EventMichael12.337
48None - Staff Main Page - AlannaStaffAlanna12.294
49UFO - Interview with UFO vocalist Phil MoggInterviewMichael12.278
50Neal Morse - OneAlbum ReviewDavid12.094
51Iron Maiden - Somewhere In TimeAlbum ReviewTommy12.069
52Iron Maiden - Piece of mindAlbum ReviewUlrick12.062
53Iron Maiden - Brave New WorldAlbum ReviewTommy12.024
54Allen Lande - The BattleAlbum ReviewAlanna12.006
55Various Artists - Book Review - Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All TimeArticleHashman11.943
56Dream Theater - Interview with James LaBrieInterviewTajs & Tommy11.907
57Virgin Steele - Visions Of EdenAlbum ReviewTommy11.724
58Dream Theater - Images And WordsAlbum ReviewTommy11.706
59Iron Maiden - PowerslaveAlbum ReviewUlrick11.584
60Virgin Steele - InvictusAlbum ReviewTommy11.543
61Iron Maiden - Dance Of DeathAlbum ReviewTommy11.543
62Manowar - Band informationBand InformationSteen11.513
63Funeral for a Friend - Band informationBand InformationSteen11.498
64Sweden Rock Festival 2005 - Steen┤s Sweden Rock 2005 DiaryEventSteen11.479
65Iron Maiden - Visions of the BeastDVD ReviewHashman11.391
66Vicious Rumors - Soldiers of the NightAlbum ReviewSteen11.389
67Sepultura - Live at Voxhall, Aarhus - April 4'th, 2003EventAnders11.272
68Avantasia - The Metal Opera (Part II)Album ReviewSteen11.265
69Axel Rudi Pell - Knight Treasures (Live and more)DVD ReviewMichael11.207
70Rhapsody (of Fire) - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark SecretAlbum ReviewSteen11.155
71Manowar - Hell on Earth Part IIIDVD ReviewSteen11.105
72Savatage - Streets - A Rock OperaAlbum ReviewSteen11.082
73Kamelot - EpicaAlbum ReviewTommy10.990
74Aina (The Metal Opera) - Interview with Amanda SomervilleInterviewSteen10.959
75Manowar - Battle HymnsAlbum ReviewSteen10.943
76Megadeth - Rust In PeaceAlbum ReviewTommy10.920
77Guns N' Roses - Appetite For DestructionAlbum ReviewTommy10.895
78Orphaned Land - Mabool: The story of the Three Sons of SevenAlbum ReviewSteen10.854
79Alice Cooper - Dirty DiamondsAlbum ReviewMichael10.849
80Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult ArmageddonAlbum ReviewAnders10.803
81Manowar - Fire and BloodDVD ReviewSteen10.738
82Hanoi Rocks - Another Hostile TakeoverAlbum ReviewMichael10.733
83Dio - Holy DiverAlbum ReviewTommy10.692
84Pain of Salvation - Interview with Daniel Gildenl÷wInterviewMads10.686
85Kashmir - Band informationBand InformationMads10.672
86The Quireboys - 2 times Live in Hamburg, August 2004EventMichael10.368
87Savatage - Gutter BalletAlbum ReviewSteen10.207
88Circle II Circle - Band informationBand InformationSteen10.087
89Dream Theater - AwakeAlbum ReviewTommy10.084
90Symphony X - The Divine Wings of TragedyAlbum ReviewYoni10.032
91Shaman - RituAliveDVD ReviewSteen10.020
92Symphony X - Interview with Mike PinnellaInterviewTajs10.000
93Funeral for a Friend - Interview with Darran and MattInterviewAnders9.964
94Ayreon - The Human EquationAlbum ReviewSteen9.870
95Opeth - DamnationAlbum ReviewHashman9.782
96Nightwish - Century ChildAlbum ReviewTommy9.778
97Freak Kitchen - MoveAlbum ReviewMichael9.759
98Sweden Rock Festival 2004 - Day 3 (Nina) - Axel Rudi Pell, Lost Horizon, Children of Bodom, UDO & EuropeEventNina9.748
99Opeth - LamentationsDVD ReviewYoni9.710
100Sweden Rock Festival 2008 - Steen's Festival ReportEventSteen9.708
101Dragonforce - Sonic FirestormAlbum ReviewNina9.695
102Savatage - Hall of the mountain kingAlbum ReviewSteen9.685
103Black Sabbath - The Black Box - The Complete Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978Album ReviewHashman9.587
104Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh SonAlbum ReviewUlrick9.580
105Dionysus - Sign Of TruthAlbum ReviewTommy9.552
106Nightwish - Live At Vega, Copenhagen - February 9th, 2005EventTommy9.550
107Pretty Maids - Live with Nice Try at Hollywood Hard Rock - Fredericia, December 17. 2004EventMichael & Steen9.542
108Opeth - Still LifeAlbum ReviewYoni9.531
109Iron Maiden - KillersAlbum ReviewUlrick9.530
110Crossfade - White On BlueAlbum ReviewAlanna9.504
111Iron Maiden - Fear of the darkAlbum ReviewUlrick9.485
112Iced Earth - The Glorious BurdenAlbum ReviewTommy9.477
113Love/Hate - Live with Zodiac Mindwarp & Rattlesnake Remedy, UK - April 2006EventMichael9.446
114Wuthering Heights - Far From the Madding CrowdAlbum ReviewTajs9.445
115Vicious Rumors - Welcome to the ballAlbum ReviewSteen9.420
116Dream Theater - Band informationBand InformationTommy9.396
117Manowar - The Triumph of SteelAlbum ReviewTommy9.385
118Manowar - Warriors of the worldAlbum ReviewSteen9.381
119Manowar - Interview with Karl LoganInterviewTommy & Steen9.378
120Paul Gilbert - Space Ship LiveDVD ReviewMichael9.362
121Stratovarius - InfiniteAlbum ReviewTommy9.347
122Opeth - Ghost ReveriesAlbum ReviewMorten9.344
123Queen - Greatest Video Hits Volume 2DVD ReviewAlanna9.280
124Judas Priest - JugulatorAlbum ReviewTommy9.267
125UFO - SharksAlbum ReviewMichael9.258
126Dream Theater - Train Of ThoughtAlbum ReviewTommy9.254
127Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other SideAlbum ReviewTommy9.247
128Manowar - Live with Rhapsody of Fire and HolyHell in Germany, March 2007 - The Tour ReportEventSteen9.228
129L.A. Guns - Live at KB, Malmoe, Sweden - February 18th, 2004EventMichael9.225
130Symphony X - The OdysseyAlbum ReviewTommy9.219
131Stratovarius - Elements Part 2Album ReviewHashman9.213
132Annihilator - Set The World On Fire - Re-releaseAlbum ReviewSteen9.185
133Enuff Z'nuff - Tour Report - Live in The U.K. - Nov. 2003 with Crash Kelly and Drugdealer CheerleaderEventMichael & Steen9.163
134Van Halen - Fair WarningAlbum ReviewMichael9.143
135None - Staff Main page - DavidStaffDavid9.112
136Frameshift - An Absence of EmpathyAlbum ReviewHashman9.112
137Enuff Z'nuff - Live with Faster Pussycat, Bulletboys and Gypsy Pistoleros - UK Tour 2007EventMichael & Steen9.080
138Sabaton - Primo VictoriaAlbum ReviewNina9.045
139In Flames - Soundtrack To Your EscapeAlbum ReviewDavid9.035
140Aina (The Metal Opera) - Days of rising doomAlbum ReviewSteen8.986
141Enuff Z'nuff - Dissonance (Limited Edition)Album ReviewSteen8.984
142Deep Purple - BurnAlbum ReviewMichael8.954
143Metallica - Classic albums - MetallicaDVD ReviewHashman8.943
144Eternity X - The EdgeAlbum ReviewTommy8.935
145Various Artists - Steen┤s All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 100 (Part One - 100-51)ArticleSteen8.935
146Sweden Rock Festival 2007 - Steen┤s Festival ReportEventSteen8.889
147Pain of Salvation - BEAlbum ReviewTommy8.867
148None - Staff Main Page - BrianStaffBrian8.844
149Children of Bodom - HatebreederAlbum ReviewYoni8.806
150Europe - Start from the darkAlbum ReviewMichael8.775
151Iron Maiden - Iron MaidenAlbum ReviewUlrick8.769
152None - Internships, a gateway into the recording industryArticleHashman8.731
153Arch Enemy - Anthems of rebellionAlbum ReviewDavid8.703
154Mob Rules - Sign of the Times LiveDVD ReviewHashman8.697
155Manowar - Hell On Earth Part IVDVD ReviewSteen8.685
156Must - Androgynous JesusAlbum ReviewMichael8.677
157Redlight Hookers - Band informationBand InformationSteen8.667
158Sweden Rock Festival 2004 - Day 3 (Michael) - Danger Danger, Heart & EuropeEventMichael8.649
159Damageplan - Dimebag Darrell rememberedArticleHashman8.637
160Dream Theater - Train of ThoughtAlbum ReviewHashman8.617
161Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of DestinyAlbum ReviewTommy8.564
162Black Sabbath - Heaven And HellAlbum ReviewTommy8.543
163Saviour Machine - IIAlbum ReviewSteen8.488
164Virgin Steele - Age Of ConsentAlbum ReviewTommy8.462
165Derek Sherinian - Interview with Derek SherinianInterviewYoni8.428
166Whitesnake - WhitesnakeAlbum ReviewAlanna8.426
167Roxx Gang - Bodacious Ta TasAlbum ReviewMichael8.414
168Devin Townsend - Interview with Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend Band and others)InterviewTajs8.410
169Yngwie Malmsteen - AttackAlbum ReviewMichael8.364
170Accept - Balls to the Wall - RemasteredAlbum ReviewHashman8.354
171Sweden Rock Festival 2004 - Day 2 (Steen) - Persuader, Opeth, Lake of Tears & Brainstorm liveEventSteen8.321
172Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell II - Back Into HellAlbum ReviewTommy8.272
173Virgin Steele - Band InformationBand InformationSteen8.266
174Helloween - Rabbit Don┤t Come EasyAlbum ReviewTommy8.195
175Edguy - Hellfire ClubAlbum ReviewTommy8.169
176Savatage - Edge Of ThornsAlbum ReviewTommy8.168
177Symphony X - Paradise LostAlbum ReviewTommy8.166
178Scorpions - Live at Jelling festival, Denmark - May 28th 2005EventMichael8.161
179Iron Maiden - The Number Of The BeastAlbum ReviewUlrick8.144
180Viper - Theatre of FateAlbum ReviewRafael8.128
181Iron Maiden - Dance of DeathAlbum ReviewHashman8.127
182Tesla - Into the nowAlbum ReviewMichael8.127
183Various Artists - The Swedish Glam and Sleaze sceneArticleMichael8.125
184Bruce Dickinson - Tyranny Of SoulsAlbum ReviewTommy8.084
185Strangeways - Strangeways / Native Sons / Walk In The FireAlbum ReviewBrian8.080
186Sweden Rock Festival 2008 - Michael's Festival ReportEventMichael8.074
187Iron Maiden - No prayer for the dyingAlbum ReviewUlrick8.067
188Masterplan - MasterplanAlbum ReviewTommy8.053
189Bruce Dickinson - Accident Of BirthAlbum ReviewTommy8.053
190Saxon - The Saxon ChroniclesDVD ReviewTommy8.018
191Sweden Rock Festival 2003 - WhitesnakeEventMichael8.004
192Adrian Smith and Project (ASaP) - Silver and GoldAlbum ReviewHashman7.999
193Bloodbath - Live at Wacken Open Air 2005EventTajs7.990
194Luca Turilli's Dreamquest - Lost HorizonsAlbum ReviewAlanna7.987
195Spock┤s Beard - Interview with Alan MorseInterviewMads7.923
196Accept - Russian RouletteAlbum ReviewTommy7.904
197Def Leppard - HysteriaAlbum ReviewAlanna7.900
198Psychotic Waltz - A social graceAlbum ReviewSteen7.888
199Vanilla Fudge - Live in Randers, Denmark 08/16/2002EventAnders7.870
200Lost Horizon - A flame to the ground beneathAlbum ReviewSteen7.864
201Manowar - Into glory rideAlbum ReviewSteen7.852
202Queensr che - Rage for orderAlbum ReviewSteen7.795
203Heavenly - Dust to dustAlbum ReviewSteen7.794
204Metallica - Movie review - Metallica - Some kind of monsterArticleSteen7.775
205Cynic - FocusAlbum ReviewTajs7.745
206Ayreon - 01011001Album ReviewSteen7.735
207Megadeth - Peace Sells...But Who┤s Buying? - DVD Audio EditionAlbum ReviewHashman7.708
208Vains of Jenna - Lit Up/Let DownAlbum ReviewMichael7.699
209Rush - CounterpartsAlbum ReviewHashman7.694
210Metallica - Book Review - Metallica - So What: The Good, the Mad, and the UglyArticleJonah7.692
211Rainbow - Bent Out of ShapeAlbum ReviewAlanna7.671
212Rush - Rush In RioDVD ReviewHashman7.649
213None - What is the deal with the metal-vest?ArticleMorten7.647
214Manowar - The Day The Earth Shook - The Absolute PowerDVD ReviewSteen7.598
215None - My view on Heavy MetalArticleMads7.594
216House of Lords - World Upside DownAlbum ReviewAlanna7.584
217Dream Evil - Interview with Snowy ShawInterviewNina7.557
218Iron Maiden - Live At DoningtonAlbum ReviewUlrick7.545
219Wacken Open Air 2004 - Tommy┤s Wacken ReportEventTommy7.529
220W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol - Double Remastered EditionAlbum ReviewHashman7.525
221King Diamond - The EyeAlbum ReviewSteen7.518
222Journey - RevelationAlbum ReviewBrian7.517
223Various - 2004 in review: Michael┤s Top 20 albums and best concertsArticleMichael7.504
224Sanctuary - Into the mirror blackAlbum ReviewSteen7.483
2252000 Decibel Festival - Festival report - 2000 Decibel - 21-22. May 2004 - Bengtsfors, Sweden.EventNina7.478
226Stratovarius - PolarisAlbum ReviewAlanna7.473
227TNT - My ReligionAlbum ReviewMichael7.469
228OSI - Interview with Kevin MooreInterviewYoni7.437
229Wacken Open Air 2003 - Steen┤s Wacken DiaryEventSteen7.423
230Mattias NorÚn - Interview with Mattias NorÚnInterviewDavid7.410
231Enuff Z'nuff - Welcome to Blue IslandAlbum ReviewMichael7.403
232Forty Deuce - Nothing to LoseAlbum ReviewMichael7.401
233Judas Priest - Angel of RetributionAlbum ReviewHashman7.381
234Allen Lande - The RevengeAlbum ReviewAlanna7.380
235Manowar - Gods of WarAlbum ReviewSteen7.354
236Europe - Wings of TomorrowAlbum ReviewAlanna7.344
237Star One - Live on EarthAlbum ReviewSteen7.339
238CrashD´et - Rest in SleazeAlbum ReviewMichael7.334
239Joe Lynn Turner - The Usual SuspectsAlbum ReviewAlanna7.330
240Gamma Ray - Somewhere Out In SpaceAlbum ReviewTommy7.321
241Fate - Scratch ┤N SniffAlbum ReviewMichael7.318
242Evergrey - The Inner CircleAlbum ReviewSteen7.304
243Alice Cooper - Live at Skanderborg festival, August 11th 2005EventMichael7.285
244Mojo Gurus - Interview with Kevin SteeleInterviewMichael7.280
245Judas Priest - Electric EyeDVD ReviewHashman7.271
246None - Staff main page - AndersStaffAnders7.270
247None - Staff Main PageStaffTajs7.267
248Green Day - American IdiotAlbum ReviewTommy7.232
249Queensr che - EmpireAlbum ReviewHashman7.229
250Angra - Temple of ShadowsAlbum ReviewMatthew7.217
251Armored Saint - Symbol of SalvationAlbum ReviewSteen7.212
252Virgin Steele - The House Of Atreus Act IAlbum ReviewTommy7.211
253Persuader - Evolution PurgatoryAlbum ReviewNina7.211
254Dream Theater - A Change of SeasonsAlbum ReviewYoni7.195
255King Diamond - "Them"Album ReviewTommy7.193
256Hardline - IIAlbum ReviewMichael7.190
257Thunder - Shooting at the SunAlbum ReviewMichael7.165
258Iron Maiden - Live After DeathAlbum ReviewUlrick7.159
259Lost Horizon - A Flame To The Ground BeneathAlbum ReviewTommy7.151
260Hanoi Rocks - Two Steps from the MoveAlbum ReviewMichael7.131
261Various - Book Review - Sound of the Beast - The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy MetalArticleHashman7.127
262Masterplan - Interview with Roland GrapowInterviewSteen7.121
263None - Staff Main Page - MadsStaffMads7.120
264UFO - You are HereAlbum ReviewMichael7.095
265Anthrax - Among The LivingAlbum ReviewTommy7.073
266Damian Wilson - DiscipleAlbum ReviewSteen7.069
267In Flames - Reroute To RemainAlbum ReviewAnders7.060
268Doro - Interview with Doro PeschInterviewSteen7.049
269Exodus - Tempo of the DamnedAlbum ReviewHashman7.036
270Shadow Gallery - Room VAlbum ReviewSteen7.034
271ProgPower USA V (2004) - Steen┤s Festival report Part 3/3 - Adagio, Wuthering Heights, Pain of Salvation, Brainstorm & EdguyEventSteen7.025
272Manowar - Hail to EnglandAlbum ReviewSteen7.024
273Pain of Salvation - Interview with Pain of Salvation at ProgPower VInterviewHashman7.016
274Dream Theater - AwakeAlbum ReviewHashman7.010
275Accept - Objection OverruledAlbum ReviewTommy7.006
276Dragonforce - Release party at The Underworld, London, February the 13th, 2004.EventNina7.004
277Tommy Lee - Book review - TommylandArticleJonah6.999
278Jim Gillette - Proud to be LoudAlbum ReviewMichael6.992
279Nuclear Valdez - I am IAlbum ReviewSteen6.988
280Savatage - Streets - A Rock OperaAlbum ReviewTommy6.958
281Work Of Art - ArtworkAlbum ReviewBrian6.932
282Richie Kotzen - Get UpAlbum ReviewMichael6.925
283Disarmonia Mundi - Fragments of a D-GenerationAlbum ReviewJonah6.924
284Scorpions - Humanity - Hour 1Album ReviewMichael6.923
285MSG - McAuley Schenker Group - MSGAlbum ReviewAlanna6.908
286Damn The Machine - Damn The MachineAlbum ReviewHashman6.900
287Robert Plant - Live at Skanderborg Festival, Thursday August 7thEventMichael6.896
288Symphony X - The Damnation GameAlbum ReviewTommy6.886
289Bret Michaels - Songs of LifeAlbum ReviewMichael6.885
290Pain of Salvation - Band informationBand InformationMads6.869
291Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-EarthAlbum ReviewMads6.844
292Adler┤s Appetite - Steven Adler live with Adam Bomb, London - 12th February 2006EventMichael6.842
293Edge of Forever - Let the Demon Rock N RollAlbum ReviewAlanna6.841
294X-Japan - DahliaAlbum ReviewMatthew6.832
295Evergrey - Monday Morning ApocalypseAlbum ReviewTommy6.832
296Neal Morse - Interview with Neal MorseInterviewDavid6.824
297Radioactive - TakenAlbum ReviewAlanna6.820
298Megadeth - Countdown To ExtinctionAlbum ReviewTommy6.794
299Savatage - Band informationBand InformationTommy6.792
300Skid Row - Live at Pumpehuset, Copenhagen March 30th 2004EventMichael6.768
301Ten - Return to EvermoreAlbum ReviewAlanna6.768
302Enuff Z'nuff - StrengthAlbum ReviewSteen6.764
303Alice Cooper - Welcome to my nightmareAlbum ReviewMichael6.748
304Dokken - Hell to PayAlbum ReviewMichael6.744
305Virgin Steele - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Part TwoAlbum ReviewTommy6.734
306Zakk Wylde - Book of ShadowsAlbum ReviewHashman6.712
307Enuff Z'nuff - Interview with Chip Z'nuffInterviewSteen6.698
308The Almighty - Soul DestructionAlbum ReviewMichael6.687
309Black Sabbath - Band informationBand InformationMads6.684
310Dio - Evil or DivineDVD ReviewHashman6.669
311Redemption - The Fullness Of TimeAlbum ReviewTommy6.658
312Sieges Even - SophisticatedAlbum ReviewSteen6.655
313Various Artists - London Calling! - A look at London's Rock/Sleaze/Hard Rock sceneArticleMichael6.653
314Various Artists - Nina┤s All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 50ArticleNina6.641
315Hanoi Rocks - 4CD BoxsetAlbum ReviewMichael6.641
316Mike Tramp - More to life than thisAlbum ReviewMichael6.632
317Opeth - Live at Voxhall, Aarhus - October 23rd, 2003EventAnders6.622
318Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman vs. No More TearsAlbum ReviewMorten6.621
319Sweden Rock Festival 2004 - Day 1 (Steen) - Paragon, D:A:D, Helloween & Judas Priest liveEventSteen6.615
320Pain of Salvation - Remedy LaneAlbum ReviewSteen6.612
321Wacken Open Air 2004 - Steen┤s Wacken reportEventSteen6.611
322Cain's Offering - Gather The FaithfulAlbum ReviewTommy6.610
323Tak Matsumoto Group - TMG 1Album ReviewMichael6.608
324Enuff Z'nuff - Enuff Z┤NuffAlbum ReviewMichael6.601
325Megadeth - Band informationBand InformationMads6.600
326Nuclear Valdez - In a Minute all Could ChangeAlbum ReviewMichael6.594
327Overkill - Wrecking everythingDVD ReviewSteen6.590
328Psychotic Waltz - Into the EverflowAlbum ReviewSteen6.586
329Hardcore Superstar - Hardcore SuperstarAlbum ReviewMichael6.569
330Thin Lizzy - Black RoseAlbum ReviewMichael6.566
331Virgin Steele - Guardians Of The FlameAlbum ReviewTommy6.557
332Bob Catley - ImmortalAlbum ReviewAlanna6.529
333L.A. Guns - Tales from the StripAlbum ReviewMichael6.523
334None - Staff Main page - MatthewStaffMatthew6.522
335Fate - A Matter of AttitudeAlbum ReviewMichael6.520
336Various Artists - Steen┤s All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 100 (Part Two - 50-1)ArticleSteen6.509
337Freedom Call - The Circle Of LifeAlbum ReviewNina6.507
338Kamelot - KarmaAlbum ReviewTommy6.495
339Love/Hate - Black out in the Red RoomAlbum ReviewMichael6.492
340Pain of Salvation - Remedy LaneAlbum ReviewTommy6.491
341Lordi - The Monster ShowAlbum ReviewNina6.486
342Stratovarius - StratovariusAlbum ReviewNina6.476
343Virgin Steele - Noble SavageAlbum ReviewTommy6.458
344Faster Pussycat - The Power and the Glory HoleAlbum ReviewMichael6.451
345Cans - Beyond the gatesAlbum ReviewSteen6.450
346Various Artists - Alanna┤s All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 100ArticleAlanna6.447
347Def Leppard - Live with Ricky Warwick, Hamburg, Germany - November 6th 2003EventMichael6.436
348Big Cock - MotherloadAlbum ReviewMichael6.412
349Firehouse - Prime TimeAlbum ReviewMichael6.408
350Edenbridge - ShineAlbum ReviewAlanna6.407
351Dragonland - StarfallAlbum ReviewJonah6.395
352Various Artists - Michael┤s Favorite Albums of 2005ArticleMichael6.368
353None - Staff Main Page - YoniStaffYoni6.349
354Piledriver - Metal InquisitionAlbum ReviewNina6.325
355L.A. Guns - Rips the Covers offAlbum ReviewMichael6.321
356Enuff Z'nuff - Animals with human intelligenceAlbum ReviewSteen6.319
357Virgin Steele - Interview With David DeFeisInterviewTommy6.319
358Bruce Dickinson - Balls To PicassoAlbum ReviewUlrick6.319
359Pride of Lions - The Roaring of DreamsAlbum ReviewAlanna6.318
360Stream of Passion - Embrace The StormAlbum ReviewSteen6.314
361Hardline - Live at The Gods 2002DVD ReviewMichael6.314
362Mors Principium Est - Interview with Ville ViljanenInterviewDavid6.309
363Forbidden - Twisted into formAlbum ReviewSteen6.300
364Stratovarius - VisionsAlbum ReviewTommy6.291
365Circle II Circle - The Middle of NowhereAlbum ReviewHashman6.289
366Passenger - Interview with Anders FridÚnInterviewMads6.283
367Talisman - World┤s best kept secretDVD ReviewMichael6.278
368King Diamond - Live with Loch Vostok and Secret Sphere at Train, Aarhus - April 17, 2006EventTajs6.278
369Evergrey - Interview with Tom EnglundInterviewYoni6.277
370Kip Winger - From the Moon to the SunAlbum ReviewAlanna6.272
371ProgPower USA V (2004) - Steen┤s Festival report Part 2/3 - Kamelot, Jon Oliva's Pain & Weapons of mass destruction, Dreamscape, Tad MoroseEventSteen6.262
372Pride of Lions - The Destiny StoneAlbum ReviewAlanna6.259
373Iron Maiden - Rock In RioAlbum ReviewUlrick6.254
374Jorn - StarfireAlbum ReviewAlanna6.252
375Axel Rudi Pell - Kings And QueensAlbum ReviewTommy6.234
376Sweden Rock Festival 2003 - Paul DiAnno & Killers, Ignition, Krokus and Mot÷rheadEventMichael6.219
377Various - Steen┤s Top 20 albums of 2003 and other highlightsArticleSteen6.216
378Blind Guardian - A Twist in the MythAlbum ReviewAlanna6.206
379X-Japan - JealousyAlbum ReviewMatthew6.205
380Crimson Glory - Crimson GloryAlbum ReviewSteen6.199
381Thunder - The Magnificent SeventhAlbum ReviewMichael6.188
382$ign of 4 - Dancing with St. PeterAlbum ReviewMichael6.187
383Saxon - Unleash The BeastAlbum ReviewTommy6.181
384Iron Maiden - A Real Live Dead OneAlbum ReviewUlrick6.176
385Vicious Rumors - WarballAlbum ReviewSteen6.150
386Sweden Rock Festival 2005 - Michael┤s Sweden Rock 2005 ReportEventMichael6.136
387Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion IIAlbum ReviewTommy6.134
388Fates Warning - The View From HereDVD ReviewHashman6.134
389Michael Monroe - Not Fakin┤ ItAlbum ReviewMichael6.125
390Jorn - The DukeAlbum ReviewAlanna6.121
391Yngwie Malmsteen - Facing the AnimalAlbum ReviewHashman6.118
392Star One - Interview with Arjen Anthony LucassenInterviewTajs & Steen6.114
393Project: Failing Flesh - Interview with Tim GutierrezInterviewDavid6.111
394Black Label Society - The blessed HellrideAlbum ReviewMichael6.099
395Evergrey - Recreation DayAlbum ReviewTommy6.094
396Savatage - Interview with Jon OlivaInterviewSteen6.085
397Metalium - Interview with Lars RatzInterviewHashman6.079
398Pretty Maids - SpookedAlbum ReviewTommy6.077
399Glenn Hughes - Soul MoverAlbum ReviewHashman6.068
400None - Staff Main Page - StuartStaffStuart6.057
401Michael Monroe - Whatcha WantAlbum ReviewMichael6.055
402Bon Jovi - Slippery When WetAlbum ReviewTommy6.052
403King Diamond - ConspiracyAlbum ReviewSteen6.052
404TNT - AtlantisAlbum ReviewBrian6.043
405Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way ComesAlbum ReviewTommy6.043
406Kaiser Music Festival 2003 - The Hellacopters, Sepultura and Deep Purple - Live September 20th, Pacaembu Stadium - Sao Paulo - BrazilEventRafael6.041
407Fates Warning - The Spectre within (Re-release)Album ReviewSteen6.040
408Beyond Twilight - Section XAlbum ReviewTommy6.037
409Various - Book review - Hammer of the Gods - The Led Zeppelin SagaArticleJonah6.034
410Edguy - Live with Nocturnal Rites & Tad Morose, Kňren, Gothenburg, Sweden - May 6th, 2004EventNina6.031
411After Forever - Invisible CirclesAlbum ReviewTajs6.029
412Sieges Even - The Art Of Navigating By The StarsAlbum ReviewSteen6.029
413Fates Warning - ParallelsAlbum ReviewSteen6.022
414AC/DC - Back In BlackAlbum ReviewTommy6.022
415Ayreon - Interview with Arjen Anthony LucassenInterviewHashman6.020
416Pure Inc. - Pure Inc.Album ReviewMichael6.020
417Edenbridge - AphelionAlbum ReviewSteen6.013
418At Vance - ChainedAlbum ReviewHashman5.995
419Nasty Idols - Interview with Dick Qwarfort of Nasty IdolsInterviewMichael5.982
420Tora Tora - Wild AmericaAlbum ReviewMichael5.966
421Obsession - Carnival of LiesAlbum ReviewAlanna5.956
422Manowar - Live At KB Hallen, Copenhagen - November 28th, 2002EventTommy5.936
423Tim Donahue - Madmen & SinnersAlbum ReviewHashman5.931
424Rage - SoundchaserAlbum ReviewSteen5.928
425Nightwish - Dark Passion PlayAlbum ReviewStuart5.925
426Spock┤s Beard - Feel EuphoriaAlbum ReviewHashman5.920
427Sweden Rock Festival 2004 - Day 1 (Michael) - TNTEventMichael5.917
428Stan Bush - In This LifeAlbum ReviewAlanna5.910
429Black Sabbath - DehumanizerAlbum ReviewStuart5.901
430Redemption - RedemptionAlbum ReviewSteen5.900
431Enuff Z'nuff - UK Tour, May 2001EventMichael5.900
432Cage - Hell DestroyerAlbum ReviewSteen5.873
433Running Wild - The RivalryAlbum ReviewTommy5.862
434UFO - ShowtimeDVD ReviewMichael5.855
435Helloween - The Dark RideAlbum ReviewTommy5.843
436Kamelot - DominionAlbum ReviewSteen5.839
437Vanilla Fudge - Live at Pumpehuset - Copenhagen, Denmark - October 9th - 2003EventAnders5.833
438Vox Tempus - In the Eye of TimeAlbum ReviewHashman5.818
439Iron Maiden - Best Of The BeastAlbum ReviewUlrick5.816
440James Christian - Meet the ManAlbum ReviewAlanna5.803
441L.A. Guns - L.A. GunsAlbum ReviewMichael5.802
442Thunder - Robert Johnson┤s TombstoneAlbum ReviewMichael5.801
443The Quireboys - Well OiledAlbum ReviewMichael5.794
444Dream Theater - Black Clouds And Silver LiningsAlbum ReviewTommy5.779
445Black Sabbath - Mob RulesAlbum ReviewTommy5.772
446Nasty Idols - The Swedish Sleaze CollectionAlbum ReviewMichael5.770
447Magnum - Princess Alice and the Broken ArrowAlbum ReviewAlanna5.769
448Neal Morse - ?Album ReviewHashman5.764
449Rhapsody (of Fire) - Power Of The DragonflameAlbum ReviewTommy5.762
450Ritchie Blackmore - Book review - Rainbow Rising - The Story of Ritchie Blackmore┤s RainbowArticleHashman5.755
451Slayer - South Of HeavenAlbum ReviewTommy5.743
452Withering Surface - W:O:A Wet Stage 2/8 2002EventAnders5.742
453Vision Divine - The Perfect MachineAlbum ReviewTommy5.733
454Iron Maiden - Live At Valbyhallen, Copenhagen - 12th November, 2003EventTommy5.728
455Street Talk - VAlbum ReviewAlanna5.721
456Pagan┤s Mind - Celestial EntranceAlbum ReviewTommy5.718
457Blanc Faces - Blanc FacesAlbum ReviewAlanna5.712
458Mike Tramp - Band InformationBand InformationMichael5.709
459House of Lords - Come to My KingdomAlbum ReviewAlanna5.707
460Manowar - The Dawn of Battle (Single)Album ReviewSteen5.706
461Harem Scarem - Mood SwingsAlbum ReviewAlanna5.706
462Tad Morose - Interview with Urban BreedInterviewHashman5.697
463None - Staff main page - RafaelStaffRafael5.686
464Mother Love Bone - AppleAlbum ReviewMichael5.683
465Y&T - Unearthed vol. 1Album ReviewMichael5.682
466Shy - Sunset and VineAlbum ReviewAlanna5.680
467Ayreon - Day Eleven: Love (Single)Album ReviewSteen5.680
468Kamelot - Interview With Thom YoungbloodInterviewTommy5.677
469Magnum - Brand New MorningAlbum ReviewAlanna5.672
470Project: Failing Flesh - A Beautiful SicknessAlbum ReviewDavid5.670
471Donnie Vie - This & ThatAlbum ReviewMichael5.665
472Virgin Steele - The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell - Part OneAlbum ReviewTommy5.664
473Dogpound - Band InformationBand InformationSteen5.661
474Hartmann - Out In The ColdAlbum ReviewAlanna5.659
475Bob Catley - Middle EarthAlbum ReviewSteen5.658
476Saxon - LionheartAlbum ReviewTommy5.651
477Labyrinth - FreemanAlbum ReviewMatthew5.648
478Rainbow - Inside Rainbow 1975-1979DVD ReviewAlanna5.647
479Blind Guardian - Band informationBand InformationMads5.642
480Shakra - FallAlbum ReviewMichael5.639
481Neal Morse - Sola ScripturaAlbum ReviewSteen5.637
482Steel Attack - EnslavedAlbum ReviewNina5.632
483Pain of Salvation - Live at TEX, CopenhagenEventSteen5.623
484Virgin Steele - Life Among The RuinsAlbum ReviewTommy5.617
485Dio - Strange HighwaysAlbum ReviewMorten5.614
486Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part IIAlbum ReviewTommy5.611
487Savatage - Sirens - Silver Anniversay EditionAlbum ReviewSteen5.610
488None - Steen┤s Favorite Bands, Albums, Movies and moreStaffSteen5.610
489Various - Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2003ArticleTommy5.609
490Pyramaze - Melancholy beastAlbum ReviewSteen5.608
491Mike Tramp - Live at Skanderborg Festival, Thursday August 7thEventMichael5.595
492L.A. Guns - "Loud and Dangerous" Live from HollywoodDVD ReviewMichael5.591
493Dream Theater - Systematic ChaosAlbum ReviewTommy5.591
494Nasty Idols - ViciousAlbum ReviewMichael5.587
495Evergrey - Recreation DayAlbum ReviewYoni5.583
496Whitesnake - Live...In the Shadow of the BluesAlbum ReviewMichael5.578
497Black Sabbath - Seventh StarAlbum ReviewHashman5.577
498Paul Gilbert - Acoustic SamuraiAlbum ReviewMichael5.576
499Firewind - Interview with Chity SomapalaInterviewJonah5.571
500Kamelot - Ghost OperaAlbum ReviewAlanna5.570
501Swedish Erotica - Too Daze GoneAlbum ReviewAlanna5.562
502Kashmir - Interview with Kasper EistrupInterviewMads5.554
503Iced Earth - Night Of The StormriderAlbum ReviewTommy5.546
504Sonata Arctica - Live with Platitude at The Rock, Copenhagen, 10th of November, 2004EventNina5.545
505Masterplan - AeronaticsAlbum ReviewTommy5.544
506Archetype - DawningAlbum ReviewSteen5.539
507Circle II Circle - The Burden of TruthAlbum ReviewAlanna5.529
508Bruce Dickinson - Live at Wacken Open Air 2002EventUlrick5.525
509Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of HellAlbum ReviewSteen5.524
510Jaded Heart - Helluva TimeAlbum ReviewAlanna5.520
511Mike Tramp - CapricornAlbum ReviewSteen5.520
512Journey - GenerationsAlbum ReviewAlanna5.513
513Jorn - Lonely Are the BraveAlbum ReviewAlanna5.513
514Government Cheese - Book review - The Cheese Chronicles: The True Story of A Rock and Roll Band You Have Never Heard OfArticleHashman5.508
515Danzig - III: How the Gods KillAlbum ReviewAlanna5.505
516Vain - No RespectAlbum ReviewMichael5.502
517Alien - Band InformationBand InformationSteen5.500
518Anthrax - Sound Of White NoiseAlbum ReviewTommy5.498
519Project: Failing Flesh - Band informationBand InformationSteen5.490
520Destruction - Live at Aalborg Metal Festival - November 1st, 2003.EventNina5.488
521Neal Morse - TestimonyAlbum ReviewDavid5.486
522Avantasia - The ScarecrowAlbum ReviewSteen5.485
523Hurricane - Take what you Want/Over the Edge/Slave to the thrillAlbum ReviewMichael5.484
524Blind Guardian Open Air 2003 - The festival reportEventSteen5.458
525Jorn - The GatheringAlbum ReviewAlanna5.453
526Rush - Rush in RioAlbum ReviewHashman5.450
527Skylark - FairytalesAlbum ReviewSteen5.449
528Riverside - Second Life SyndromeAlbum ReviewTommy5.445
529Nevermore - This Godless EndeavorAlbum ReviewTommy5.444
530Neal Morse - Studio Report: My time with Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy and Randy GeorgeArticleDavid5.441
531Devin Townsend - SynchestraAlbum ReviewTajs5.431
532None - Staff main page - UlrickStaffUlrick5.427
533Chris Caffery - FacesAlbum ReviewSteen5.424
534Dragonforce - Valley of the damnedAlbum ReviewSteen5.422
535Metallica - Live At Parken, Copenhagen - May 26th, 2004EventTommy5.419
536Hammerfall - Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, UnbrokenAlbum ReviewNina5.405
537Khymera - A New PromiseAlbum ReviewHashman5.393
538Vox Tempus - Interview with Vox TempusInterviewHashman5.390
539Jon Oliva┤s Pain - ┤Tage MahalAlbum ReviewSteen5.387
540Jorn - Spirit BlackAlbum ReviewAlanna5.387
541Led Zeppelin - How the West Was WonAlbum ReviewHashman5.385
542Russell Allen's Atomic Soul - Atomic SoulAlbum ReviewAlanna5.383
543Dio - Live At Lille Vega, Copenhagen - July 2th, 2003EventTommy5.376
544Pain of Salvation - My First Live Experience with PoSEventMads5.373
545Marcello-Vestry - Marcello-VestryAlbum ReviewAlanna5.366
546Saxon - Denim And LeatherAlbum ReviewTommy5.363
547Jag Panzer - Casting The StonesAlbum ReviewTommy5.359
548Iced Earth - Horror ShowAlbum ReviewTommy5.356
549Archetype - Interview with Chris MatyusInterviewSteen5.355
550Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far BeyondAlbum ReviewTommy5.354
551Wacken Open Air 2004 - Nina┤s Wacken reportEventNina5.341
552UFO - The Monkey PuzzleAlbum ReviewMichael5.335
553Drugdealer Cheerleader - Interview with HildaInterviewMichael5.330
554Rhapsody (of Fire) - Triumph or AgonyAlbum ReviewAlanna5.327
555Bon Jovi - Have A Nice DayAlbum ReviewTommy5.320
556Various Artists - Concept Albums Are No MindcrimeArticleMichael Terrax5.317
557Talisman - Cats and DogsAlbum ReviewMichael5.317
558Various - Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2002ArticleTommy5.317
559Volbeat - Beat the Meat (Promo 2003)Album ReviewHashman5.314
560Jeff Scott Soto - Lost in the TranslationAlbum ReviewHashman5.306
561Judas Priest - DemolitionAlbum ReviewTommy5.304
562My Chemical Romance - The Black ParadeAlbum ReviewSteen5.304
563Timo Tolkki - Hymn To LifeAlbum ReviewTommy5.300
564Pentagram - AnatoliaAlbum ReviewMorten5.299
565Northern Kings - RebornAlbum ReviewAlanna5.296
566Within Temptation - Live with Lithium / Tapping the Vein / Paradise Lost - Feb. 20, 2003, VegaEventSteen5.288
567Nocturnal Rites - Grand IllusionAlbum ReviewTommy5.286
568Eidolon - Apostles of DefianceAlbum ReviewHashman5.283
569Manowar - Warriors Of The WorldAlbum ReviewTommy5.280
570Neurosonic - Drama QueenAlbum ReviewBrian5.277
571Balance of Power - Heathen MachineAlbum ReviewHashman5.276
572Brother Firetribe - Heart Full Of FireAlbum ReviewBrian5.275
573Dark Fortress - Stab WoundsAlbum ReviewDavid5.273
574Platitude - NineAlbum ReviewTommy5.268
575Gilby Clarke - Live in LŘbeck, Germany, April 22. 2006EventMichael5.266
576Redemption - Interview with Nick Van DykInterviewSteen5.265
577Alleycat Scratch - Deadboys in trash CityAlbum ReviewMichael5.255
578Lizzy Borden - Visual Lies (Remastered/Expanded)Album ReviewHashman5.249
579Classic Rock Event - Deep Purple Jam, Zeppelin Experience and Black Sabbath Tribute - Live at Train, 23. September 2005EventMorten5.248
580Circus Maximus - The 1st ChapterAlbum ReviewSteen5.238
581Pyramaze - Legend of the Bone Carver - Pyramaze Studio ReportArticleSteen5.236
582Gamma Ray - Land of the FreeAlbum ReviewSteen5.224
583Jorn - Out to Every NationAlbum ReviewAlanna5.216
584Seventh Wonder - Waiting In The WingsAlbum ReviewTommy5.212
585Dead Soul Tribe - A murder of crowsAlbum ReviewSteen5.206
586Foreigner - Live in 05Album ReviewMichael5.197
587Ten - The Twilight ChroniclesAlbum ReviewAlanna5.183
588Mystic Circle - Interview with EzpharessInterviewAnders5.178
589Threshold - Dead ReckoningAlbum ReviewTommy5.174
590Danger Danger - RevolveAlbum ReviewAlanna5.173
591Sixx: A.M. - The Heroin Diaries soundtrackAlbum ReviewMichael5.171
592Helloween - Live With Rage, Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 9th December, 2003EventTommy5.158
593Richie Kotzen - Into the BlackAlbum ReviewMichael5.157
594Volbeat - Rock the Rebel/Metal the DevilAlbum ReviewMichael5.149
595Withering Surface - Scarlet SilhouettesAlbum ReviewAnders5.148
596The Last Things - Circles and ButterfliesAlbum ReviewSteen5.147
597Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2005PlaylistSteen5.136
598Sixty-10 - Interview with Adam Randall and Bunnie BlueInterviewMichael5.133
599Symphony X - Symphony XAlbum ReviewTommy5.131
600Burn - Global WarningAlbum ReviewBrian5.131
601Candlemass - CandlemassAlbum ReviewSteen5.126
602Various - Book Review - The Top 500 Heavy Metal Albums of All TimeArticleJonah5.123
603Various Artists - Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2004ArticleTommy5.118
604Starbreaker - StarbreakerAlbum ReviewAlanna5.111
605Dominici - 03 A Trilogy - Part 3Album ReviewTommy5.104
606Danger Danger - Live & NudeAlbum ReviewMichael5.104
607Fairyland - Interview with Philippe GiordanaInterviewTajs5.100
608Avantasia - The Metal Opera Pt.1Album ReviewTommy5.096
609Conception - FlowAlbum ReviewAlanna5.089
610Messiah┤s Kiss - Prayer For The DyingAlbum ReviewTommy5.077
611DreamsFall - Freedom┤s calling (3-track Demo)Album ReviewSteen5.066
612Sonata Arctica - SilenceAlbum ReviewTommy5.065
613Holy Mother - Interview with Tommy HellbentInterviewHashman5.065
614Sunstorm - House of DreamsAlbum ReviewAlanna5.057
615Tim Donahue - Interview with Tim DonahueInterviewHashman5.047
616Black Sabbath - Book Review - Black Sabbath: The Ozzy Osbourne YearsArticleJonah5.044
617Pagan┤s Mind - Enigmatic: CallingAlbum ReviewTommy5.043
618Primal Fear - Seven SealsAlbum ReviewSteen5.039
619Fair Warning - AuraAlbum ReviewBrian5.036
620Soul SirkUS - World PlayAlbum ReviewMichael5.017
621From the Inside - VisionsAlbum ReviewAlanna5.013
622John Norum - OptimusAlbum ReviewMichael4.994
623Edenbridge - Interview with LanvallInterviewSteen4.992
624Manowar - The Sons of OdinAlbum ReviewSteen4.985
625Love/Hate - Wasted in AmericaAlbum ReviewMichael4.982
626Evergrey - Live At Train, Aarhus - March 25th, 2004EventTommy4.979
627Evergrey - Live At Aalborg Metal Festival - November 1st, 2003EventTommy4.969
628Threshold - Critical massAlbum ReviewSteen4.969
629Northern Kings - RethronedAlbum ReviewAlanna4.969
630Enuff Z'nuff - FavoritesAlbum ReviewMichael4.967
631Rhapsody (of Fire) - Dawn of victoryAlbum ReviewTajs4.956
632Scar Symmetry - Pitch Black ProgressAlbum ReviewTajs4.953
633Threshold - SubsurfaceAlbum ReviewSteen4.946
634Derek Sherinian - MythologyAlbum ReviewHashman4.941
635Sweden Rock Festival 2007 - Michael┤s Festival ReportEventMichael4.928
636The Quireboys - One More for the RoadDVD ReviewMichael4.919
637Iron Savior - Interview with Yenz LeonhardtInterviewMatthew4.919
638Street Talk - DestinationAlbum ReviewAlanna4.913
639Hardline - Interview with Michael T. Ross (Hardline, Angel, Accomplice)InterviewMichael4.907
640Yngwie Malmsteen - Live at Train, Aarhus - April 9'th 2003EventTajs4.906
641Alice Cooper - Dragontown - Special editionAlbum ReviewMichael4.905
642Bob Catley - When Empires burnAlbum ReviewSteen4.903
643Metallica - Frantic (Ltd. Edition)Album ReviewMichael4.903
644Micki Free - ExperienceAlbum ReviewHashman4.895
645Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2005PlaylistAlanna4.891
646AC/DC - Book review - AC/DC - A Definitive HistoryArticleJonah4.885
647DGM - MisplacedAlbum ReviewTommy4.884
648Black Abyss - Angels Wear BlackAlbum ReviewNina4.879
649Iron Maiden - Edward The Great - The Greatest HitsAlbum ReviewUlrick4.878
650Paragon - Law Of The BladeAlbum ReviewTommy4.878
651Immortal Souls - Interview with Immortal SoulsInterviewDavid4.875
652Black Sabbath - Master Of RealityAlbum ReviewTommy4.874
653Roine Stolt - Wall Street VoodooAlbum ReviewHashman4.870
654TNT - Live in MadridDVD ReviewMichael4.865
655Various Artists - Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2005ArticleTommy4.861
656King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (30th Anniversary Edition)Album ReviewHashman4.858
657White Lion - Mane AttractionAlbum ReviewSteen4.857
658Shadow Gallery - Interview with Gary WehrkampInterviewSteen4.857
659Gamma Ray - Live at Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany - October 20th, 2005EventNina4.854
660Various Artists - Hollywood Hairspray IIIAlbum ReviewMichael4.854
661Accept - Restless & WildAlbum ReviewNina4.829
662Bruce Dickinson - Accident Of BirthAlbum ReviewUlrick4.828
663Kingdom Come - IndependentAlbum ReviewMichael4.826
664Vision Divine - Stream of ConsciousnessAlbum ReviewAlanna4.817
665Hammerfall - RenegadeAlbum ReviewTommy4.813
666Wildside - The Wasted YearsAlbum ReviewMichael4.809
667Amaran┤s Plight - Voice In The LightAlbum ReviewSteen4.808
668AC/DC - High VoltageAlbum ReviewTommy4.805
669King┤s X - Black Like SundayAlbum ReviewHashman4.801
670Thin Lizzy - Live at Train, Aarhus, Denmark April 5th 2006EventMichael4.799
671Girl - The Rare DVD CollectionDVD ReviewMichael4.795
672Lee Z - ShadowlandAlbum ReviewHashman4.785
673Vandenberg - The Definitive CollectionAlbum ReviewAlanna4.778
674Various Artists - Volume OneAlbum ReviewHashman4.777
675None - Staff main page - JonahStaffJonah4.775
676Jay Miles - 9 HoursAlbum ReviewAlanna4.770
677Guns N' Roses - Chinese DemocracyAlbum ReviewMichael4.769
678Edguy - MandrakeAlbum ReviewTommy4.762
679Consortium Project III - Terra Incognita (The Undiscovered World)Album ReviewHashman4.756
680Insidi÷us T÷rment - Release Party: "Live at die Budi Kate", Aarhus, Eforen - November 28th 2003EventAnders4.756
681Lanfear - The Art EffectAlbum ReviewSteen4.753
682Star One - Victims Of The Modern AgeAlbum ReviewSteen4.748
683Poverty's No Crime - The Chemical ChaosAlbum ReviewTommy4.747
684House of Lords - The Power and the MythAlbum ReviewAlanna4.747
685Metallica - MetallicaAlbum ReviewTommy4.743
686Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness TriumphantAlbum ReviewAnders4.741
687Anderson Laine Readman - ThreeAlbum ReviewAlanna4.738
688Hughes Turner Project - HTP 2Album ReviewHashman4.737
689Rhapsody (of Fire) - A conversation with Luca TurilliInterviewSteen4.735
690Black Label Society - Hangover Music: Vol. VIAlbum ReviewHashman4.732
691White Lion - Return of the PrideAlbum ReviewAlanna4.728
692Edguy - Rocket RideAlbum ReviewTommy4.722
693Star One - Space MetalAlbum ReviewTommy4.721
694Various Artists - Steen┤s Favorite Albums of 2005ArticleSteen4.720
695Trouble - Run to the LightAlbum ReviewHashman4.719
696Kiss - Rock The Nation LiveDVD ReviewMichael4.713
697Virgin Steele - The House Of Atreus Act IIAlbum ReviewTommy4.712
698Drugdealer Cheerleader - In the studio with Drugdealer CheerleaderArticleMichael4.708
699Edguy - Vain Glory OperaAlbum ReviewMatthew4.706
700Angra - Interview with Felipe AndreoliInterviewMatthew4.706
701Wacken Open Air 2003 - Anders┤ Wacken reportEventAnders4.704
702CrashD´et - Rest in SleazeAlbum ReviewSteen4.703
703ZZ Top - Live at Skanderborg Festival, Thursday August 7thEventMichael4.691
704None - Staff page Nina - Top ten listsStaffNina4.690
705Spock┤s Beard - OctaneAlbum ReviewTommy4.689
706Primal Fear - Black SunAlbum ReviewTommy4.685
707Rhapsody (of Fire) - The Dark Secret (Preview)Album ReviewSteen4.684
708Various - A view back at the highlights of 2002ArticleSteen4.681
709Iced Earth - Framing Armageddon, Something Wicked Pt. 1Album ReviewAlanna4.680
710Airbourne - Runnin WildAlbum ReviewBrian4.678
711Section A - The Seventh SignAlbum ReviewTommy4.678
712Damage Control - Damage ControlAlbum ReviewMichael4.677
713Zan Clan - We are Zan Clan, who the F**k are you??!Album ReviewMichael4.671
714Vanden Plas - Beyond DaylightAlbum ReviewTommy4.670
715Silent Force - Worlds ApartAlbum ReviewTommy4.666
716The Mob - The MobAlbum ReviewMichael4.664
717Piledriver - Piledriver - Band informationBand InformationNina4.662
718Masterstroke - ApocalypseAlbum ReviewBrian4.654
719MPG - Martie Peters GroupAlbum ReviewMichael4.649
720Primal Fear - Live with Shadowside - 7th December 2002, Via Funchal - Sao Paulo - BrazilEventRafael4.646
721Hammerfall - Crimson ThunderAlbum ReviewTommy4.630
722Heavenly - VirusAlbum ReviewAlanna4.627
723Graham Bonnet - Line UpAlbum ReviewMichael4.625
724Blackmore┤s Night - Ghost of a RoseAlbum ReviewHashman4.620
725Queensr che - The WarningAlbum ReviewSteen4.618
726Fate - VAlbum ReviewAlanna4.615
727Seventh Avenue - EternalsAlbum ReviewNina4.610
728Glenn Hughes - Soulfully Live in the City of AngelsAlbum ReviewMichael4.608
729The Poodles - Metal Will Stand TallAlbum ReviewBrian4.606
730Elegy - LostAlbum ReviewSteen4.599
731Code - The Enemy WithinAlbum ReviewAlanna4.599
732Michael Schenker Group - Tales of Rock N Roll - Twenty-Five Years CelebrationAlbum ReviewAlanna4.597
733Iced Earth - Tribute To The GodsAlbum ReviewMichael4.596
734Wacken Open Air 2006 - Steen┤s Festival ReportEventSteen4.589
735Flowing Tears - RazorblissAlbum ReviewHashman4.584
736Hello Madness - Light and Life After DuskAlbum ReviewSteen4.582
737Gamma Ray - No World OrderAlbum ReviewTommy4.580
738George Lynch - Scorpion TalesAlbum ReviewBrian4.565
739Wacken Open Air 2003 - Nina┤s Wacken reportEventNina4.559
740Abydos - The Little Boy┤s Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About The Inhabitants Of His DiaryAlbum ReviewTommy4.558
741Ricochet - Among The ElementsAlbum ReviewSteen4.557
742Various Artists - Rock the BonesAlbum ReviewMichael4.549
743Savatage - Dead Winter DeadAlbum ReviewTommy4.548
744TNT - The New TerritoryAlbum ReviewAlanna4.548
745Rage - Black In MindAlbum ReviewTommy4.546
746Ray Wilson & Stiltskin - SheAlbum ReviewSteen4.545
747Axel Rudi Pell - The Ballads IIIAlbum ReviewAlanna4.544
748Gypsy Pistoleros - Wild, Beautiful, DamnedAlbum ReviewMichael4.543
749None - Staff Main page - MortenStaffMorten4.543
750Tyla & Spike - Flagrantly Electrically Acoustically YoursAlbum ReviewMichael4.532
751Within Temptation - The Silent ForceAlbum ReviewSteen4.531
752Crazy Lixx - Loud MinorityAlbum ReviewMichael4.525
753Hanoi Rocks - Street PoetryAlbum ReviewMichael4.518
754Pink Cream 69 - In10sityAlbum ReviewTommy4.512
755Loverboy - Just Getting StartedAlbum ReviewTommy4.512
756The Tea Party - Seven CirclesAlbum ReviewHashman4.501
757Raise Hell - Interview with Raise HellInterviewNina4.489
758Brainstorm - Soul TemptationAlbum ReviewDavid4.484
759Pulse - Worlds ApartAlbum ReviewAlanna4.478
760As I Lay Dying - Frail Words CollapseAlbum ReviewDavid4.477
761Firewind - AllegianceAlbum ReviewTommy4.477
762Yngwie Malmsteen - Perpetual FlameAlbum ReviewAlanna4.473
763Andromeda - Interview with Johan ReinholdzInterviewYoni4.471
764JK Northrup - Wired In My SkinAlbum ReviewBrian4.468
765Vision Divine - The 25th HourAlbum ReviewTommy4.467
766Metal Church - The Weight of the WorldAlbum ReviewHashman4.465
767Freedom Call - Band informationBand InformationSteen4.460
768Hughes Turner Project - Live in TokyoAlbum ReviewMichael4.456
769Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2005PlaylistAlanna4.456
770Spin Gallery - Standing TallAlbum ReviewAlanna4.450
771Grave Digger - Heart Of DarknessAlbum ReviewTommy4.441
772Saga - Remember When (The Very Best Of Saga)Album ReviewBrian4.435
773Symphorce - GodspeedAlbum ReviewTommy4.434
774Fairyland - Of Wars In OsyrhiaAlbum ReviewTajs4.427
775Giant - Promise LandAlbum ReviewTommy4.427
776Sieges Even - ParamountAlbum ReviewTommy4.423
777Babylon Bombs - Doin┤ You Nasty┤Album ReviewBrian4.405
778Beautiful Sin - The UnexpectedAlbum ReviewBrian4.399
779Manowar - Fighting The WorldAlbum ReviewSteen4.394
780Zeno - Runaway to the GodsAlbum ReviewAlanna4.386
781Everon - NorthAlbum ReviewTommy4.382
782Saxon - Heavy Metal ThunderAlbum ReviewTommy4.380
783Cage - Science of AnnihilationAlbum ReviewSteen4.376
784Sunstorm - SunstormAlbum ReviewAlanna4.374
785L.A. Guns - Waking the DeadAlbum ReviewMichael4.371
786Shaman - Live with Shadowside - 30th November 2002, A.V.A. Club - S. J. do Rio Preto City - BrazilEventRafael4.370
787Nevermore - Enemies of realityAlbum ReviewSteen4.369
788Journey - 2 track sampler from 'Revelation'Album ReviewBrian4.366
789Valensia - Queen tributeAlbum ReviewAlanna4.364
790Wacken Open Air 2002 - The other other festival reportEventAnders4.357
791Sieges Even - A Sense of ChangeAlbum ReviewSteen4.353
792Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2005PlaylistSteen4.352
793Lanfear - aNother gOlden rAgeAlbum ReviewSteen4.352
794Wizard - Interview with Snoppi van HeekInterviewNina4.351
795None - Tommy┤s Favourite Bands/AlbumsStaffTommy4.351
796AOR - L.A. AttractionAlbum ReviewAlanna4.345
797Labyrinth - LabyrinthAlbum ReviewTommy4.344
798Sun Caged - Interview with Sun CagedInterviewSteen4.343
799Draconian - Where Lovers MournAlbum ReviewDavid4.342
800Krisiun - AssassiNationAlbum ReviewTajs4.336
801Deicide - Till Death Do Us PartAlbum ReviewStuart4.333
802Redemption - Snowfall On Judgment DayAlbum ReviewSteen4.328
803Threshold - Critical EnergyAlbum ReviewHashman4.313
804Europe - Secret SocietyAlbum ReviewBrian4.312
805Stan Bush - Dial 818 888-8638Album ReviewSteen4.310
806Skid Row - ThickskinAlbum ReviewMichael4.306
807Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - L.A.M.F. and Born too Loose (The best of Johnny Thunders)Album ReviewMichael4.304
808Highland Glory - Forever EndeavourAlbum ReviewNina4.304
809Enuff Z'nuff - ?Album ReviewSteen4.302
810Various - Steen's top 20 albums of 2004ArticleSteen4.301
811John Arch - A twist of fateAlbum ReviewSteen4.299
812Pegazus - Wings Of DestinyAlbum ReviewTommy4.293
813Warrant - Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking RichAlbum ReviewAlanna4.293
814None - Staff main page - PaulStaffPaul4.289
815Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2005PlaylistTommy4.289
816Various - Matt┤s Top 10 Albums Of 2004ArticleMatthew4.288
817Falconer - The Sceptre Of DeceptionAlbum ReviewNina4.287
818Ted Poley - Collateral DamageAlbum ReviewMichael4.281
819Voodoo Hill - Wild Seed of Mother EarthAlbum ReviewHashman4.280
820Consortium Project III - Interview with Ian ParryInterviewHashman4.280
821Sweden Rock Festival 2004 - Day 1 (Nina) - Paragon, D:A:D, Memory Garden, Helloween & Judas PriestEventNina4.277
822Harem Scarem - Human NatureAlbum ReviewBrian4.271
823Andromeda - II=IAlbum ReviewYoni4.268
824Paul Black's L.A. Guns - Black ListAlbum ReviewMichael4.266
825Doro - FightAlbum ReviewSteen4.265
826Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder GodAlbum ReviewStuart4.265
827Bonfire - Double XAlbum ReviewBrian4.263
828Winger - IVAlbum ReviewMichael4.259
829Helloween - Walls Of Jericho / Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Parts 1 & 2 / Pink Bubbles Go Ape (Re-issues)Album ReviewBrian4.258
830Khymera - Band InformationBand InformationSteen4.254
831Strapping Young Lad - The New BlackAlbum ReviewTajs4.253
832Warrant - Born AgainAlbum ReviewMichael4.251
833Tony O'Hora - Escape Into the SunAlbum ReviewAlanna4.244
834Eric Adams & Chester Moore - Wild Life & Wild TimesDVD ReviewAlanna4.242
835Taz Taylor Band - Welcome To AmericaAlbum ReviewBrian4.240
836Saxon - Killing GroundAlbum ReviewTommy4.236
837Various - Jonah┤s Top 20 Albums of 2004ArticleJonah4.236
838Uriah Heep - Between Two WorldsAlbum ReviewBrian4.229
839Doctor Butcher - Doctor ButcherAlbum ReviewTommy4.225
840Wolf - RavenousAlbum ReviewSteen4.222
841Wacken Open Air 2002 - The other festival reportEventMads4.220
842Knight Area - Interview with Gerben and Joop KlazingaInterviewHashman4.220
843MPG - Interview with Martie PetersInterviewMichael4.219
844Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2005PlaylistNina4.219
845Whitesnake - SnakebiteAlbum ReviewAlanna4.210
846Blackfield - BlackfieldAlbum ReviewHashman4.210
847Various Artists - Hey! That┤s What I call Sludge 1Album ReviewMichael4.205
848IQ - IQ20 - The Twentieth Anniversary ShowDVD ReviewHashman4.201
849Mot÷rhead - Kiss of DeathAlbum ReviewMichael4.199
850Impellitteri - System XAlbum ReviewSteen4.197
851Exmortem - Interview with SigtyrInterviewAnders4.197
852Giant - Live and AcousticAlbum ReviewMichael4.193
853Erol Sora - Demented HonourAlbum ReviewMichael4.193
854Donnie Vie - Extra StrengthAlbum ReviewMichael4.188
855Harem Scarem - Over:LoadAlbum ReviewAlanna4.185
856Various Artists - A tribute to Enuff Z┤NuffAlbum ReviewMichael4.184
857Harem Scarem - HopeAlbum ReviewAlanna4.180
858Joe Lynn Turner - Second Hand LifeAlbum ReviewAlanna4.180
859The Ring - Tales From MidgardAlbum ReviewDavid4.178
860Frameshift - Unweaving The RainbowAlbum ReviewTommy4.174
861Running Wild - The BrotherhoodAlbum ReviewTommy4.173
862Various Artists - Year in Review 2006 - The Best and WorstArticleAlanna4.172
863A.C.T - SilenceAlbum ReviewBrian4.171
864Gary Hughes - Once and future king - Part IIAlbum ReviewSteen4.168
865The Quireboys - 100 % Live 2002Album ReviewMichael4.161
866Spock┤s Beard - Interview with Neal MorseInterviewMads4.161
867Everon - BridgeAlbum ReviewTommy4.160
868Enuff Z'nuff - 1985Album ReviewSteen4.159
869None - Bonus Tracks Or Not Bonus Tracks... That is The QuestionArticleMads4.154
870Bon Jovi - Keep The FaithAlbum ReviewTommy4.153
871Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2006PlaylistSteen4.146
872Various Artists - Michael┤s Highlights Of The Year 2006ArticleMichael4.142
873Human Temple - InsomniaAlbum ReviewAlanna4.142
874W.E.T. - W.E.T.Album ReviewAlanna4.142
875Eidolon - Interview with Glen DroverInterviewMads4.139
876Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2005PlaylistAlanna4.137
877Royal Hunt - Collision Course - Paradox 2Album ReviewAlanna4.136
878Vains of Jenna - The DemosAlbum ReviewMichael4.134
879Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2005PlaylistAlanna4.133
880Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2005PlaylistAlanna4.127
881Pendragon - BelieveAlbum ReviewHashman4.126
882Queensr che - TribeAlbum ReviewSteen4.126
883Neal Morse - LifelineAlbum ReviewSteen4.124
884Leverage - Blind FireAlbum ReviewAlanna4.122
885Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2005PlaylistNina4.121
886Tramp┤s White Lion - Rocking in the USAAlbum ReviewMichael4.121
887Destruction - Metal DischargeAlbum ReviewNina4.121
888None - Staff main pageStaffMichael Terrax4.117
889Starbreaker - Love's Dying WishAlbum ReviewAlanna4.117
890Drugdealer Cheerleader - Enjoy the Time you WasteAlbum ReviewMichael4.111
891CrashD´et - The Unattractive RevolutionAlbum ReviewMichael4.105
892Khymera - The Greatest WonderAlbum ReviewTommy4.105
893Harem Scarem - The Early YearsAlbum ReviewHashman4.105
894Soilwork - Figure Number FiveAlbum ReviewTajs4.105
895James Byrd┤s Atlantis Rising - Crimes of VirtuosityAlbum ReviewHashman4.104
896Wacken Open Air 2002 - The festival reportEventSteen4.103
897Kiss - Alive IV (Kiss Symphony)Album ReviewHashman4.101
898White Lion - Big GameAlbum ReviewSteen4.101
899Hanoi Rocks - Back to Mystery CityAlbum ReviewMichael4.100
900Red Star Rebels - Too Young to CareAlbum ReviewMichael4.099
901L.A. Guns - Live AmmoAlbum ReviewMichael4.098
902Various Artists - Power of Metal: 20 Years in NoiseAlbum ReviewHashman4.098
903Iced Earth - Alive in AthensDVD ReviewStuart4.086
904Eyefear - Interview with Rob GorhamInterviewHashman4.076
905Primal Fear - 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) Album ReviewSteen4.071
906Pyramaze - Pyramaze Release Party, Mňnen, Haderslev - September 9th, 2004EventTommy4.057
907Eden's Curse - The Second ComingAlbum ReviewTommy4.054
908Freedom Call - EternityAlbum ReviewTommy4.052
909King Diamond - The Puppet MasterAlbum ReviewTommy4.049
910King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul.... PleaseAlbum ReviewSteen4.048
911Eternity X - Mind GamesAlbum ReviewSteen4.048
912Dogpound - The HellbumAlbum ReviewSteen4.045
913Blaze - Band informationBand InformationMads4.043
914Treat - Weapons of Choice 1984-2006Album ReviewMichael4.043
915Shark Island - Law of the OrderAlbum ReviewMichael4.041
916Gary John Barden - Agony & The XtasyAlbum ReviewAlanna4.037
917Masterplan - Dream Evil / Masterplan / Hammerfall live in Copenhagen, Feb 19, 2003EventSteen4.036
918Various Artists - Playlist - August/September 2005PlaylistAlanna4.025
919AC/DC - Stiff Upper LipAlbum ReviewTommy4.024
920Withering Surface - Force The PaceAlbum ReviewNina4.022
921Iron Fire - Live at The Rock, Copenhagen - February 10th 2005EventNina4.022
922Deep Purple - Come Taste the BandAlbum ReviewHashman4.020
923Pyramaze - ImmortalAlbum ReviewSteen4.010
924Wicked Sensation - ExceptionalAlbum ReviewAlanna4.001
925Heavenly - Live at The Underworld, London - February 13th, 2004EventSteen3.999
926Queensr che - TribeAlbum ReviewHashman3.998
927Blackboard Jungle - Welcome to Blackboard JungleAlbum ReviewMichael3.994
928Rhino Bucket - Band informationBand InformationSteen3.992
929Wacken Open Air 2005 - Tommy┤s Festival ReportEventTommy3.989
930Axel Rudi Pell - MysticaAlbum ReviewTommy3.989
931Spread Eagle - Spread EagleAlbum ReviewMichael3.982
932Sweden Rock Festival 2003 - Y&T and AnthraxEventMichael3.978
933Survivor - ReachAlbum ReviewAlanna3.977
934Gotthard - Domino EffectAlbum ReviewAlanna3.973
935Iced Earth - The Crucible of Man, Something Wicked Pt. 2Album ReviewAlanna3.967
936Vision Divine - 9 Degrees West of the MoonAlbum ReviewAlanna3.966
937Ten - XAlbum ReviewSteen3.965
938Cornerstone - Once Upon Our YesterdaysAlbum ReviewHashman3.964
939Wizard - OdinAlbum ReviewUlrick3.963
940TNT - TransistorAlbum ReviewAlanna3.962
941Warrel Dane - Praises To The War MachineAlbum ReviewStuart3.962
942Persuader - Interview with Emil NorbergInterviewNina3.961
943Blackmore┤s Night - The Romantic CollectionAlbum ReviewAlanna3.958
944Dark Moor - TarotAlbum ReviewAlanna3.956
945Kamelot - Reissues: Eternity / Dominion / Siege Perilous / Fourth Legacy / Expedition / Karma / EpicaAlbum ReviewBrian3.956
946Beyond Twilight - Interview With Finn ZierlerInterviewTommy3.956
947Heaven's Cry - Interview with Olaf Quinza˝osInterviewMads3.952
948Mister Kite - The Hunger (Single)Album ReviewSteen3.949
949Dragonslayer - EP (Demo)Album ReviewAlanna3.944
950Drugdealer Cheerleader - Band InformationBand InformationMichael3.944
951Sweden Rock Festival 2003 - TalismanEventMichael3.941
952TriggerDaddy - Stereosonic MeltdownAlbum ReviewMichael3.940
953Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2005PlaylistTommy3.934
954Sturm und Drang - Learning To RockAlbum ReviewBrian3.934
955Seventh Key - Live in AtlantaDVD ReviewAlanna3.930
956Place Vendome - Streets of FireAlbum ReviewAlanna3.930
957H.E.A.T. - HeatAlbum ReviewBrian3.930
958Thunder - The EP Sessions 2007-2008Album ReviewMichael3.929
959Thine - In therapyAlbum ReviewSteen3.929
960Bon Jovi - 100.000.000 Bon Jovi fans can┤t be wrongAlbum ReviewMichael3.929
961Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell III - The Monster Is LooseAlbum ReviewSteen3.928
962Magnum - Into the Valley of the MoonkingAlbum ReviewAlanna3.927
963Whitesnake - Good to Be BadAlbum ReviewAlanna3.923
964D:A:D - HelpyourselfishAlbum ReviewTommy3.923
965Glen Burtnik - Welcome to HollywoodAlbum ReviewAlanna3.923
966Heavenly - Interview with Pierre-Emmanuel PÚlissonInterviewSteen3.922
967Kick Axe - Rock the WorldAlbum ReviewAlanna3.922
968Sonata Arctica - UniaAlbum ReviewBrian3.920
969Masterplan - MK IIAlbum ReviewSteen3.915
970Saints of the Underground - Love the Sin, Hate the SinnerAlbum ReviewMichael3.915
971Passenger - PassengerAlbum ReviewDavid3.914
972Bob Catley - Spirit of ManAlbum ReviewAlanna3.912
973Mnemic - The Audio Injected SoulAlbum ReviewJonah3.909
974Jorn - Unlocking the PastAlbum ReviewAlanna3.908
975M÷tley CrŘe - Carnival of SinsAlbum ReviewMichael3.907
976Seventh Key - Live in AtlantaAlbum ReviewAlanna3.902
977Fate - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.900
978Various Artists - Nina┤s Favorite Albums of 2005ArticleNina3.898
979Whitesnake - Live in the Still of the Night 2004DVD ReviewAlanna3.897
980Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2006PlaylistTommy3.896
981King Diamond - Deadly Lullabyes LiveAlbum ReviewTajs3.895
982FM - IndiscreetAlbum ReviewAlanna3.894
983Doro - Fear No EvilAlbum ReviewSteen3.894
984Kamelot - The Black HaloAlbum ReviewPaul3.891
985Ray Wilson - Propaganda ManAlbum ReviewSteen3.887
986Manticora - The Black Circus Part 1 - LettersAlbum ReviewTommy3.886
987Ten - The Name of The RoseAlbum ReviewSteen3.882
988Enchant - Live at LastAlbum ReviewHashman3.879
989Sun Caged - Sun CagedAlbum ReviewSteen3.879
990Saviour Machine - IAlbum ReviewSteen3.878
991Immortal - Sons Of Northern DarknessAlbum ReviewAnders3.877
992Drugdealer Cheerleader - Promo 2005Album ReviewMichael3.877
993Victor Smolski - Majesty & Passion - J.S. BachAlbum ReviewTajs3.876
994Donnie Vie - DVieD-EPDVD ReviewMichael3.873
995Sweden Rock Festival 2003 - Twisted SisterEventMichael3.870
996Yngwie Malmsteen - Unleash the FuryAlbum ReviewHashman3.869
997Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2005PlaylistTommy3.868
998Dogpound - A Night In The GutterAlbum ReviewSteen3.868
999Kingdom Come - Kingdom ComeAlbum ReviewMichael3.868
1000Vitalij Kuprij - Glacial Inferno & RevengeAlbum ReviewAlanna3.866
1001Epitaph - Remember The DazeAlbum ReviewBrian3.858
1002Virgin Steele - IAlbum ReviewTommy3.858
1003Nevermore - NevermoreAlbum ReviewSteen3.857
1004Iron Maiden - The Final FrontierAlbum ReviewStuart3.857
1005Iron Fire - Live at ForbrŠndingen, Copenhagen - September 13, 2003EventNina3.856
1006Majesty - Reign In GloryAlbum ReviewNina3.853
1007Journey - RevelationAlbum ReviewAlanna3.852
1008Redemption - The Origins of RuinAlbum ReviewSteen3.850
1009Communic - Conspiracy In MindAlbum ReviewSteen3.850
1010Various Artists - Playlist - August/September 2005PlaylistTommy3.848
1011220 Volt - Eye to EyeAlbum ReviewHashman3.846
1012Grave Digger - Tunes Of WarAlbum ReviewTommy3.844
1013Wuthering Heights - Interview with Erik RavnInterviewTajs3.843
1014Various Artists - Hashman┤s Favorite Albums of 2005ArticleHashman3.843
1015Dio - Band informationBand InformationMads3.839
1016Rage - UnityAlbum ReviewTommy3.838
1017Various Artists - Hollywood Hairspray vol. 2Album ReviewMichael3.838
1018Firewind - The PremonitionAlbum ReviewSteen3.838
1019Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki┤s Neverland - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.837
1020Salem - Strings AttachedAlbum ReviewTajs3.835
10217thorns - Studio Report - The making of Glow Of DawnArticleNina3.835
1022Luca Turilli - Prophet of the last eclipseAlbum ReviewSteen3.834
1023Donnie Vie - Just Enough! (European version)Album ReviewMichael3.832
1024Alestorm - Captain Morgan's RevengeAlbum ReviewStuart3.829
1025UFO - ObsessionAlbum ReviewMichael3.828
1026The Forsaken - Traces Of The PastAlbum ReviewDavid3.827
1027Insidi÷us T÷rment - Interview with Insidi÷us T÷rmentInterviewAnders3.826
1028TNT - All The Way to the SunAlbum ReviewMichael3.826
1029Queensr che - The Art of LiveAlbum ReviewHashman3.825
1030Immortal Souls - Ice Upon The NightAlbum ReviewDavid3.821
1031Running Wild - 20 Years In HistoryAlbum ReviewTommy3.821
1032Kotipelto - Waiting For The DawnAlbum ReviewTommy3.820
1033Pretty Maids - Planet PanicAlbum ReviewTommy3.820
1034Magic Circle Festival 2008 - Steen's Festival ReportEventSteen3.819
1035Balance of Power - HeathenologyAlbum ReviewHashman3.817
1036Timeless Miracle - Into The Enchanted ChamberAlbum ReviewNina3.816
1037Lalu - Tommy Hash Speaks with Vivien LaluInterviewHashman3.815
1038Various - Album Of The Year and other Musical Discoveries of 2002ArticleMads3.813
1039George Lynch - Furious GeorgeAlbum ReviewMichael3.812
1040RPWL - Interview with Yogi LangInterviewHashman3.807
1041Grave Digger - RheingoldAlbum ReviewTommy3.807
1042Sun Caged - Live at Godset, Kolding - Nov. 15, 2002EventTajs3.805
1043Magic Circle Festival 2008 - Stuart's Festival Report - Days 3 & 4EventStuart3.805
1044To/Die/For - IVAlbum ReviewSteen3.802
1045Edenbridge - The Grand DesignAlbum ReviewAlanna3.801
1046Brazen Abbot - Guilty As SinAlbum ReviewHashman3.798
1047Hodson - This Strange WorldAlbum ReviewAlanna3.796
1048Pure Inc. - A New Days DawnAlbum ReviewMichael3.786
1049Various - Nina┤s Top Ten Albums of 2004ArticleNina3.781
1050Nightrage - Sweet VengeanceAlbum ReviewNina3.780
1051Phil Varone - Waking Up DeadDVD ReviewMichael3.780
1052Pretty Maids - PandemoniumAlbum ReviewSteen3.779
1053Stephen Pearcy - Rat AttackAlbum ReviewMichael3.778
1054Mystic Prophecy - RegressusAlbum ReviewNina3.778
1055Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2005PlaylistSteen3.777
1056Axel Rudi Pell - Tales of the CrownAlbum ReviewAlanna3.774
1057Crash Kings - Crash KingsAlbum ReviewBrian3.773
1058Kataklysm - Serenity In FireAlbum ReviewDavid3.773
1059Steel Prophet - UnseenAlbum ReviewTommy3.770
1060U.D.O. - Faceless WorldAlbum ReviewTommy3.768
1061Noel Redding and friends - Live from Bunkr, PragueAlbum ReviewMichael3.766
1062Deathstars - Synthetic GenerationAlbum ReviewDavid3.765
1063Molly Hatchet - Take No PrisonersAlbum ReviewMichael3.760
1064Ken Hensley - Blood On The HighwayAlbum ReviewBrian3.760
1065Battlelore - Sword┤s SongAlbum ReviewDavid3.759
1066Hell N┤ Diesel - Passion for PowerAlbum ReviewMichael3.758
1067Da Vinci - Da VinciAlbum ReviewAlanna3.753
1068MPG - Road to SalvationAlbum ReviewMichael3.751
1069Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2005PlaylistTommy3.747
1070Brainstorm - AmbiguityAlbum ReviewTommy3.744
1071Sonata Arctica - EclipticaAlbum ReviewMatthew3.738
1072Bon Jovi - Lost HighwayAlbum ReviewTommy3.737
1073Nasty Idols - Rejects on the RoadDVD ReviewMichael3.735
1074Meat Loaf - Bad AttitudeAlbum ReviewStuart3.735
1075W.E.T. - W.E.T.Album ReviewTommy3.735
1076Biomechanical - Eight MoonsAlbum ReviewTommy3.734
1077Emir Hot - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen3.733
1078Anvil - Back To BasicsAlbum ReviewHashman3.730
1079Enchant - Interview with Douglas OttInterviewHashman3.730
1080Demons & Wizards - Demons & WizardsAlbum ReviewTommy3.728
1081Various Artists - Playlist - August/September 2005PlaylistSteen3.726
1082Frontline - CirclesAlbum ReviewBrian3.724
1083Various Artists - Playlist - August/September - 2006PlaylistSteen3.724
1084L.A. Guns - Shrinking VioletAlbum ReviewMichael3.723
1085To/Die/For - JadedAlbum ReviewSteen3.721
1086Terra Nova - EscapeAlbum ReviewAlanna3.721
1087Angra - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.716
1088David Surkamp - Dancing On The Edge Of A TeacupAlbum ReviewBrian3.713
1089Kashmir - Live at Tobakken, Esbjerg - April 4'th 2003EventMads3.713
1090UFO - No Place to Run / The Wild The Willing and The InnocentAlbum ReviewMichael3.713
1091Dio - Stand up and Shout - The AnthologyAlbum ReviewHashman3.711
1092Ligeia - GloriaAlbum ReviewSteen3.710
1093Wacken Open Air 2007 - Steen┤s Festival ReportEventSteen3.710
1094Nevermore - Dead Heart In A Dead WorldAlbum ReviewStuart3.705
1095Magnum - VigilanteAlbum ReviewAlanna3.704
1096Opeth - WatershedAlbum ReviewTommy3.703
1097Various Artists - Playlist - August/September 2005PlaylistNina3.699
1098Elenium - Interview with JohannesInterviewDavid3.698
1099Dream Evil - The Book Of Heavy MetalAlbum ReviewNina3.693
1100Nocturnal Rites - ShadowlandAlbum ReviewTommy3.693
1101Angra - Live in Sao PauloAlbum ReviewRafael3.692
1102Dogpound - IIIAlbum ReviewSteen3.688
1103Unitopia - The GardenAlbum ReviewSteen3.680
1104Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2005PlaylistTommy3.678
1105Glenn Hughes - Different stagesAlbum ReviewMichael3.677
1106Primal Fear - Devils GroundAlbum ReviewHashman3.677
1107Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2005PlaylistHashman3.677
1108Demons & Wizards - Touched By The Crimson KingAlbum ReviewTommy3.673
1109Various Artists - Labour of Love - Ricky Parent Cancer Benefit projectAlbum ReviewMichael3.665
1110Nelson - Because They CanAlbum ReviewSteen3.663
1111Seventh Avenue - Between The WorldsAlbum ReviewTommy3.662
1112Blind Guardian - LiveAlbum ReviewHashman3.661
1113To/Die/For - Wounds Wide OpenAlbum ReviewSteen3.661
1114Honeymoon Suite - Feel It Again (An Anthology)Album ReviewBrian3.661
1115Poets Of The Fall - Revolution RouletteAlbum ReviewBrian3.659
1116Y&T - Down For the CountAlbum ReviewAlanna3.659
1117Paul Stanley - Live to WinAlbum ReviewMichael3.653
1118Tesla - Standing Room OnlyAlbum ReviewMichael3.650
1119Anthrax - We┤ve Come For You All (4 Track Sampler)Album ReviewTommy3.645
1120Lunatica - Fables & DreamsAlbum ReviewAlanna3.641
1121Kiske Somerville - Kiske SomervilleAlbum ReviewAlanna3.641
1122Riot - ThundersteelAlbum ReviewStuart3.641
1123Various - Alanna's Top 15 Albums of 2004ArticleAlanna3.637
1124Jon Oliva┤s Pain - Global WarningAlbum ReviewSteen3.635
1125Manowar - Gods of WarAlbum ReviewAlanna3.633
1126Pretty Maids - Live at the Skanderborg Festival 2006EventSteen3.630
1127Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2005PlaylistSteen3.630
1128Helloween - Mrs. God (Single)Album ReviewSteen3.630
1129Withering Surface - Withering Surface and Raunchy at MusikcafÚen, Aarhus 09/13/2002EventAnders3.630
1130Mercenary - 11 DreamsAlbum ReviewDavid3.629
1131Shadow Gallery - TyrannyAlbum ReviewSteen3.625
1132Sun Caged - ArtemisiaAlbum ReviewAlanna3.624
1133Running Wild - Rogues En VogueAlbum ReviewTommy3.623
1134Gary Hughes - Once and future king - Part IAlbum ReviewSteen3.623
1135Winger - KarmaAlbum ReviewAlanna3.621
1136Various Artists - Michael┤s Highlights Of The Year 2007ArticleMichael3.614
1137Riot - Army Of OneAlbum ReviewBrian3.609
1138Soul Secret - Flowing PortraitsAlbum ReviewAlanna3.605
1139Spike - So Called FriendsAlbum ReviewMichael3.601
1140Versover - House of BonesAlbum ReviewRafael3.601
1141None - Top ten lists - HashmanStaffHashman3.601
1142Rhino Bucket - Get Used To ItAlbum ReviewTommy3.601
1143Into Eternity - Buried In OblivionAlbum ReviewDavid3.597
1144Mercenary - The Hours That RemainAlbum ReviewTajs3.595
1145Thunder - The magnificent five do XmasAlbum ReviewMichael3.595
1146Brainstorm - Liquid MonsterAlbum ReviewTommy3.594
1147Edguy - King of fools (EP)Album ReviewSteen3.590
1148Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2005PlaylistNina3.587
1149Gilby Clarke - RubberAlbum ReviewMichael3.584
1150Val┤Paraiso - Band informationBand InformationSteen3.579
1151Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2005PlaylistSteen3.577
1152Harem Scarem - Live at The Gods 2002Album ReviewMichael3.570
1153Night Ranger - Midnight MadnessAlbum ReviewMichael3.569
1154Enuff Z'nuff - TweakedAlbum ReviewSteen3.569
1155Frederiksen/Denander - Baptism By FireAlbum ReviewAlanna3.567
1156Adagio - DominateAlbum ReviewAlanna3.565
1157Neil Turbin - Threatcon DeltaAlbum ReviewDavid3.565
1158Pyramaze - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.562
1159Judas Priest - Live In LondonAlbum ReviewTommy3.561
1160Jethro Tull - Thick As A BrickAlbum ReviewUlrick3.561
1161Cage - Darker Than BlackAlbum ReviewHashman3.561
1162Pink Cream 69 - ThunderdomeAlbum ReviewHashman3.559
1163Def Leppard - YeahAlbum ReviewMichael3.548
1164Night Ranger - Hole in the SunAlbum ReviewAlanna3.548
1165Kiske - Past In Different WaysAlbum ReviewStuart3.545
1166Icon - Night Of CrimeAlbum ReviewAlanna3.544
1167Pathfinder - Beyond the Space Beyond the TimeAlbum ReviewAlanna3.544
1168Dio - Master Of The MoonAlbum ReviewTommy3.544
1169Freak Kitchen - Freak KitchenAlbum ReviewMichael3.544
1170Eclipse - Second to NoneAlbum ReviewAlanna3.537
1171Under Radio - Bad Heir WaysAlbum ReviewHashman3.537
1172Thunder - Rock City 6 - The Smell of SnowAlbum ReviewMichael3.536
1173Rhapsody (of Fire) - Legendary TalesAlbum ReviewSteen3.535
1174Anubis Gate - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.534
1175Circle II Circle - Watching In SilenceAlbum ReviewSteen3.529
1176Candy - Teenage Neon JungleAlbum ReviewMichael3.525
1177Chalice - Shotgun AlleyAlbum ReviewAlanna3.523
1178Various - Tajs' Top 10 Albums Of 2004ArticleTajs3.522
1179Immortal - W:O:A Black Stage 3/8 2002EventAnders3.516
1180Metallica - Death MagneticAlbum ReviewAlanna3.516
1181The Cult - Live at Train, Denmark - June 25. 2006EventMichael3.512
1182King Kobra - Number OneAlbum ReviewMichael3.510
1183Benedictum - Seasons of TragedyAlbum ReviewAlanna3.510
1184Arch Enemy - Doomsday MachineAlbum ReviewTajs3.509
1185Fates Warning - Awaken The GuardianAlbum ReviewSteen3.508
1186Razamanaz - RazamanazAlbum ReviewMichael3.508
1187Logan's Heroes - War for #1 has just begunAlbum ReviewMichael3.505
1188Richie Kotzen - Return of Mother Head┤s Family ReunionAlbum ReviewMichael3.504
1189Token - PunchAlbum ReviewAlanna3.502
1190The Gathering - Sleepy Buildings - A Semi Acoustic EveningAlbum ReviewHashman3.502
1191The Tangent - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.501
1192Dave Evans - A hell of a NightAlbum ReviewMichael3.500
1193Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven┤s Last NightAlbum ReviewTommy3.499
1194Jag Panzer - Mechanized WarfareAlbum ReviewTommy3.496
1195Tobruk - Wild On The RunAlbum ReviewBrian3.491
1196Hybrid Ice - Minds EyeAlbum ReviewBrian3.491
1197Mike Tramp - Recovering the wasted yearsAlbum ReviewMichael3.490
1198DGM - FrAmeAlbum ReviewSteen3.486
1199Brett Walker - Spirit JunkyAlbum ReviewBrian3.484
1200Unravel - Interview with UnravelInterviewSteen3.480
1201Anubis Gate - PurificationAlbum ReviewDavid3.480
1202Lunatica - Edge Of InfinityAlbum ReviewBrian3.474
1203Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2005PlaylistHashman3.468
1204Ray Wilson - ChangeAlbum ReviewSteen3.468
1205Platens - Between Two HorizonsAlbum ReviewAlanna3.464
1206Nostradameus - HellboundAlbum ReviewMatthew3.462
1207W.A.S.P. - The Neon God - Part One - The RiseAlbum ReviewHashman3.460
1208Wolf - The Black FlameAlbum ReviewAlanna3.459
1209Paul Gilbert - Space Ship OneAlbum ReviewMichael3.458
1210Falconer - Among Beggars and ThievesAlbum ReviewSteen3.457
1211Loaded - Dark DaysAlbum ReviewMichael3.455
1212Doomshine - Thy Kingdom ComeAlbum ReviewDavid3.450
1213Zonata - Buried AliveAlbum ReviewTommy3.446
1214Robert Fleischman - World in you EyesAlbum ReviewMichael3.445
1215Cheap Trick - RockfordAlbum ReviewBrian3.441
1216Kotipelto - ColdnessAlbum ReviewTommy3.437
1217Stratovarius - Elements Part 1 (Reissue)Album ReviewBrian3.436
1218Richie Kotzen - ChangeAlbum ReviewMichael3.433
1219Various Artists - Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2006ArticleTommy3.433
1220Hardcore Superstar - Beg For ItAlbum ReviewMichael3.432
1221The Poodles - Sweet TradeAlbum ReviewBrian3.430
1222UFO - Walk on WaterAlbum ReviewMichael3.430
1223Alkemyst - Interview with Arnaud MenardInterviewDavid3.424
1224None - Staff - Top Ten lists - MichaelStaffMichael3.423
1225Various Artists - The Second Wave: 25 Years of NWOBHMAlbum ReviewHashman3.423
1226Cage - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.423
1227Dokken - Lightning Strikes AgainAlbum ReviewAlanna3.421
1228Old Man┤s Child - In Defiance of ExistenceAlbum ReviewAnders3.421
1229Wastefall - Self ExileAlbum ReviewSteen3.420
1230Control Denied - The Fragile Art of ExistanceAlbum ReviewMorten3.419
1231Old Man┤s Child - VerminAlbum ReviewTajs3.418
1232Thunderstone - Evolution 4.0Album ReviewBrian3.416
1233Falconer - NorthwindAlbum ReviewAlanna3.415
1234Saxon - Live at Pumpehuset, December 5th 2005, CopenhagenEventNina3.412
1235Eye - 2 HeartsAlbum ReviewBrian3.412
1236UFO - Phenomenon/Force it/No Heavy Petting Album ReviewMichael3.411
1237Accept - Blood Of The NationsAlbum ReviewStuart3.408
1238Great White - Revisiting Familiar WatersAlbum ReviewMichael3.407
1239Mike Portnoy - Prime CutsAlbum ReviewHashman3.403
1240Heaven and Hell - The Devil You KnowAlbum ReviewStuart3.403
1241Heed - The CallAlbum ReviewBrian3.399
1242Darren Smith Band - Keep the Spirit AliveAlbum ReviewAlanna3.395
1243Gamma Ray - MajesticAlbum ReviewTommy3.391
1244Angel Dust - Of Human BondageAlbum ReviewTommy3.387
1245Dare - Belief & Beneath the Shining WaterAlbum ReviewMichael3.385
1246Avian - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.384
1247The Quireboys - Homewreckers and HeartbreakersAlbum ReviewMichael3.383
1248Jeff Scott Soto - PrismAlbum ReviewMichael3.383
1249Secret Sphere - Scent Of Human DesireAlbum ReviewTommy3.379
1250Blackmore┤s Night - Past times with good companyAlbum ReviewMichael3.377
1251Dirty Penny - Take it SleezyAlbum ReviewMichael3.375
1252Royal Hunt - Paper BloodAlbum ReviewAlanna3.375
1253Virgin Steele - Life Among the RuinsAlbum ReviewAlanna3.371
1254Spiral Architect - A Sceptic┤s UniverseAlbum ReviewYoni3.371
1255Iron Savior - Condition RedAlbum ReviewTommy3.368
1256Astral Doors - Evil Is ForeverAlbum ReviewTommy3.367
1257Various - Book review - Hell Bent for LeatherArticleJonah3.366
1258Circle II Circle - Watching in SilenceAlbum ReviewRafael3.366
1259Pretty Maids - Live at Train - Aarhus Denmark, December 13th 2006EventMichael3.366
1260Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2005PlaylistMorten3.366
1261Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2006PlaylistSteen3.366
1262Hammerfall - Live with Sabaton and Bullet - Vega, Copenhagen - 26th of March - 2009EventNina3.365
1263Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - The Astral EpisodeAlbum ReviewHashman3.365
1264Lake of Tears - Black Brick RoadAlbum ReviewAlanna3.362
1265Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2005PlaylistMorten3.362
1266Primal Fear - New ReligionAlbum ReviewSteen3.360
1267XYZ - Letter to GodAlbum ReviewMichael3.359
1268Candlemass - King of the Grey IslandsAlbum ReviewSteen3.355
1269Poley/Rivera - Only HumanAlbum ReviewAlanna3.353
1270Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2005PlaylistAlanna3.350
1271Ian Ashley Hersey - Interview with Ian Ashley HerseyInterviewHashman3.350
1272Ureas - The Naked TruthAlbum ReviewAlanna3.349
1273Private Line - Evel Knievel FactorAlbum ReviewBrian3.347
1274The Richie Zito Project - AvalonAlbum ReviewAlanna3.345
1275Arwen - Memories of a dreamAlbum ReviewSteen3.344
1276Tuff - Live in the U.K.Album ReviewMichael3.342
1277Trixie - ShelterAlbum ReviewBrian3.335
1278Kamelot - One Cold Winter┤s NightAlbum ReviewAlanna3.334
1279Jesse Bolt - The RevelationAlbum ReviewHashman3.334
1280Brazen Abbot - A Decade of Brazen AbbotAlbum ReviewHashman3.333
1281Bad Habit - Above And BeyondAlbum ReviewTommy3.333
1282Heaven's Basement - Heaven's BasementAlbum ReviewMichael3.332
1283Amon Amarth - Versus The WorldAlbum ReviewAnders3.331
1284Spock┤s Beard - Band informationBand InformationMads3.327
1285Legs Diamond - Town Bad GirlAlbum ReviewMichael3.324
1286Brazen Abbot - My ResurrectionAlbum ReviewAlanna3.322
1287Iced Earth - Horror ShowAlbum ReviewAlanna3.319
1288Bonfire - The RauberAlbum ReviewBrian3.317
1289Poets Of The Fall - Carnival Of RustAlbum ReviewBrian3.317
1290Saviour Machine - Legend - Part IAlbum ReviewSteen3.314
1291Kissin Dynamite - Steel Of SwabiaAlbum ReviewBrian3.314
1292Rush - FeedbackAlbum ReviewHashman3.313
1293Mob Rules - Among the GodsAlbum ReviewHashman3.312
1294Nocturnal Rites - New World MessiahAlbum ReviewTommy3.310
1295Drama Queen Die - Drama Queen DieAlbum ReviewMichael3.308
1296Los Angeles - Los AngelesAlbum ReviewAlanna3.304
1297Dark Moor - TarotAlbum ReviewBrian3.301
1298Kristy Majors - Sex Drugs ┤N┤ Rock N RollAlbum ReviewMichael3.300
1299King Diamond - Live with Loch Vostok and Secret Sphere at Tobakken, Esbjerg - April 15th, 2006EventTommy3.300
1300Ill Ni˝o - One Nation UndergroundAlbum ReviewSteen3.299
1301Circle II Circle - Watching In SilenceAlbum ReviewTommy3.297
1302M÷tley CrŘe - Saints of Los AngelesAlbum ReviewMichael3.294
1303Treat - Coup De GraceAlbum ReviewTommy3.292
1304Angel Dust - Border Of RealityAlbum ReviewTommy3.292
1305John West - Earth MakerAlbum ReviewSteen3.291
1306Manigance - L┤Ombre Et La LumiereAlbum ReviewBrian3.289
1307The Von Hertzen Brothers - Stars AlignedAlbum ReviewBrian3.289
1308Sabaton - Coat Of ArmsAlbum ReviewSteen3.289
1309Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The LegacyAlbum ReviewTommy3.288
1310Iron Savior - Battering RamAlbum ReviewMatthew3.288
1311Revolution Renaissance - New EraAlbum ReviewAlanna3.287
1312Nightvision - NightvisionAlbum ReviewHashman3.286
1313Skanderborg Festival 2008 - Festival Report - Nightwish and Pretty Maids liveEventSteen3.286
1314Thunder - Rock City 8 - The Turkey strikes backAlbum ReviewMichael3.286
1315Wizard - GoochanAlbum ReviewAlanna3.283
1316Rockmachina Festival - Festival report, Friday 26 and Saturday 27 of July 2002EventTajs3.283
1317Moritz - City StreetsAlbum ReviewBrian3.281
1318Styx - Styx and The Contemporary Youth Orchestra Of Cleveland ┤One With Everything┤DVD ReviewBrian3.279
1319Poison - Look What The Cat Dragged InAlbum ReviewStuart3.277
1320Chris Caffery - Live at The Rock, Copenhagen - June 16th, 2005EventSteen3.276
1321None - Reviews And Ratings, Why Are We DifferentArticleTommy3.272
1322Various Artists - Playlist - December/January 2005/2006PlaylistAlanna3.268
1323Kip Winger - From The Moon To The SunAlbum ReviewBrian3.266
1324Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2005PlaylistTommy3.263
1325Faster Pussycat - Faster RemixesAlbum ReviewMichael3.262
1326Coldspell - Infinite StargazeAlbum ReviewAlanna3.262
1327ProgPower USA V (2004) - Hashman┤s Festival reportEventHashman3.259
1328Rikki Rockett - Glitter 4 Your SoulAlbum ReviewMichael3.258
1329Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2006PlaylistAlanna3.258
1330Dragonland - AstronomyAlbum ReviewBrian3.258
1331Waysted - Waysted plus..../The Good The Bad The WaystedAlbum ReviewMichael3.256
1332Dead Soul Tribe - Band informationBand InformationMads3.253
1333Saracen - Vox In ExcelsoAlbum ReviewAlanna3.252
1334Stride - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.247
1335Robin George - Crying DiamondsAlbum ReviewBrian3.246
1336Vintersorg - Till FjńllsAlbum ReviewAnders3.246
1337Stereo Gentleman - Rolling HeadAlbum ReviewSteen3.245
1338Various Artists - Blackmore┤s Castle Vol. IIAlbum ReviewHashman3.244
1339Nightwish - Live with Pain at Glasgow Carling Academy - March 31st 2008 EventStuart3.244
1340Various Artists - Playlist - February/March 2006PlaylistAlanna3.242
1341Evidence One - The Sky is the LimitAlbum ReviewAlanna3.240
1342Mama Kin - Rock n RollAlbum ReviewMichael3.240
1343Tad Morose - Modus VivendiAlbum ReviewHashman3.239
1344Jamie Walters - BelievedAlbum ReviewMichael3.238
1345Freedom Call - Live InvasionAlbum ReviewNina3.235
1346Big Cock - Year of the Cock & Big CockAlbum ReviewMichael3.235
1347Code of Perfection - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.234
1348Gun - SwaggerAlbum ReviewBrian3.234
1349Jones Street - Dancing with the DevilAlbum ReviewMichael3.233
1350Ten - The Essential Collection 1995-2005Album ReviewAlanna3.232
1351Face Face - Bridge To NowhereAlbum ReviewBrian3.231
1352Kee Marcello's K2 - Melon Demon DivineAlbum ReviewAlanna3.231
1353Harem Scarem - Interview with Harry HessInterviewMichael3.230
1354Lillian Axe - Live 2002Album ReviewMichael3.228
1355Da Vinci - Back In BusinessAlbum ReviewAlanna3.225
1356Various Artists - Playlist - August/September 2006PlaylistTommy3.221
1357Shakra - InfectedAlbum ReviewAlanna3.221
1358Europe - Last Look at EdenAlbum ReviewMichael3.219
1359The Ladder - SacredAlbum ReviewAlanna3.217
1360Tesla - Live in Hamburg, Germany Oct. 27th 2007EventMichael3.217
1361Wuthering Heights - To Travel For EvermoreAlbum ReviewTajs3.217
1362Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - Thirteen Quick Ones with Richard AnderssonInterviewHashman3.217
1363Various Artists - MTM Rock Ballads volume 4Album ReviewMichael3.216
1364Burning Point - Feeding the FlamesAlbum ReviewHashman3.213
1365Mad Margritt - AnimalAlbum ReviewMichael3.212
1366Seventh Wonder - BecomeAlbum ReviewHashman3.212
1367Symphorce - Twice SecondAlbum ReviewHashman3.209
1368The Flower Kings - Adam and EveAlbum ReviewDavid3.208
1369Place Vendome - Place VendomeAlbum ReviewSteen3.208
1370Various Artists - Alanna┤s Favorite Albums of 2005ArticleAlanna3.206
1371Meduza - Now And ForeverAlbum ReviewTommy3.205
1372Dominici - O3 A Trilogy Part 2Album ReviewBrian3.202
1373Redemption - The Origins of RuinAlbum ReviewAlanna3.201
13743 Doors Down - Live with Waltham in Horsens, Denmark, March 24th 2006EventMichael3.200
1375Gun Barrel - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.198
1376Bathory - Nordland IAlbum ReviewAnders3.197
1377Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2005PlaylistSteen3.196
1378Brother Firetribe - BreakoutAlbum ReviewBrian3.196
1379Karo - Heavy BirthdayAlbum ReviewAlanna3.195
1380Bulletboys - Greatest HitsAlbum ReviewMichael3.195
1381Overkill - RelixIVAlbum ReviewHashman3.195
1382Saga - Live at Skanderborg festival, August 12th 2005EventMichael3.192
1383The Erotics - RubbishAlbum ReviewMichael3.188
1384Division - TrinityAlbum ReviewHashman3.186
1385ProgPower USA V (2004) - Steen┤s Festival report Part 1/3 - The pre-partiesEventSteen3.186
1386Hanoi Rocks - FashionAlbum ReviewMichael3.184
1387Def Leppard - Pyromania & Adrenalize Deluxe Editions (Reissues)Album ReviewBrian3.184
1388Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2006PlaylistAlanna3.183
1389Eyes of Shiva - Eyes of the SoulAlbum ReviewAlanna3.182
1390Brides of Destruction - Here Come the BridesAlbum ReviewMichael3.182
1391Gun - The River SessionsAlbum ReviewMichael3.181
1392Loverboy - Just Getting StartedAlbum ReviewBrian3.181
1393Shameless - SplashedAlbum ReviewMichael3.178
1394Steel Prophet - BewareAlbum ReviewTommy3.176
1395Tomorrow┤s Eve - Mirror Of Creation 2 - Genesis IIAlbum ReviewTommy3.176
1396Final Frontier - High Tension WireAlbum ReviewAlanna3.175
1397Poison - The Best of Poison - 20 Years of RockAlbum ReviewAlanna3.173
1398Paul Gilbert - Paul the Young DudeAlbum ReviewMichael3.171
1399Jeff Scott Soto - Essential BalladsAlbum ReviewAlanna3.170
1400Doro - Classic DiamondsAlbum ReviewAlanna3.162
1401Epitaph - Dancing With GhostsAlbum ReviewBrian3.162
1402Eidolon - Sacred ShrineAlbum ReviewHashman3.161
1403Moonlight Agony - Silent WatersAlbum ReviewAlanna3.159
1404Edu Falaschi - AlmahAlbum ReviewAlanna3.159
1405Jeff Scott Soto - Believe In Me (EP)Album ReviewHashman3.157
1406Exmortem - Live at MusikcafÚen, Aarhus, 12. March 2003EventAnders3.155
1407Spastic Ink - Ink CompatibleAlbum ReviewYoni3.154
1408Eyefear - 9 Elements of Inner VisionAlbum ReviewHashman3.154
1409Michael Monroe - Band InformationBand InformationMichael3.153
1410Enuff Z'nuff - One More for the RoadAlbum ReviewMichael3.153
1411Morifade - ImaginariumAlbum ReviewNina3.152
1412Sweden Rock Festival 2004 - Day 2 (Nina) - Persuader, Brainstorm & ExodusEventNina3.149
1413Billy Idol - Live at Train, Aarhus, Denmark - November 23. 2005EventMichael3.148
1414Labyrinth - 6 Days To NowhereAlbum ReviewBrian3.148
1415Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2006PlaylistAlanna3.146
1416Cinderella - Live from the Gypsy RoadAlbum ReviewMichael3.146
1417Harem Scarem - HigherAlbum ReviewHashman3.144
1418Ballistic - BallisticAlbum ReviewHashman3.144
1419Johnny Crash - Unfinished BusinessAlbum ReviewBrian3.144
1420Various Artists - Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2007ArticleTommy3.142
1421Ross The Boss - New Metal LeaderAlbum ReviewAlanna3.141
1422Bronz - Carried By The StormAlbum ReviewBrian3.136
1423Novembre - Dreams d┤AzurAlbum ReviewAnders3.135
1424Persefone - Truth Inside the ShadesAlbum ReviewJonah3.132
1425Fastback - The pain of BeautyAlbum ReviewMichael3.129
1426Helloween - Live In Sao PauloAlbum ReviewBrian3.128
1427Vanden Plas - Far Off GraceAlbum ReviewTommy3.126
1428Silent Force - Walk the EarthAlbum ReviewAlanna3.125
1429Crash the System - The CrowningAlbum ReviewAlanna3.125
1430Lordi - The ArockalypseAlbum ReviewBrian3.123
1431Blaze - Blood And BeliefAlbum ReviewTommy3.123
1432D:A:D - Live At Tobakken, Esbjerg - October 14th, 2005EventTommy3.122
1433Unruly Child - UC IIIAlbum ReviewMichael3.121
14347th Heaven - USA-UKAlbum ReviewBrian3.120
1435Helloween - Expanded Reissues, Part Two: Chameleon; Master Of The Rings; Time Of The Oath; Better Than Raw.Album ReviewBrian3.119
1436Dokken - Japan Live ┤95Album ReviewMichael3.116
1437Sepultura - Roorback (2-Track sampler)Album ReviewMichael3.115
1438Mennen - FreakazoidAlbum ReviewAlanna3.114
1439China Blue - Twilight of DestinyAlbum ReviewAlanna3.113
1440Wetton/Downes - RubiconAlbum ReviewAlanna3.112
1441Jetboy - One more for Rock ┤N┤ RollAlbum ReviewMichael3.111
1442Faith No More - This is it: The Best of Faith No MoreAlbum ReviewHashman3.110
1443Bang Tango - Ready To GoAlbum ReviewMichael3.110
1444Stratovarius - DreamspaceAlbum ReviewSteen3.110
1445Helloween - 7 SinnersAlbum ReviewBrian3.109
1446Various Artists - Playlist - December/January 2005/2006PlaylistSteen3.109
1447Ted Poley - SmileAlbum ReviewAlanna3.106
1448Edge of Forever - Feeding the FireAlbum ReviewAlanna3.106
1449Mot÷rhead - InfernoAlbum ReviewHashman3.106
1450Places of Power - Now is the HourAlbum ReviewAlanna3.106
1451Gary Hughes - VeritasAlbum ReviewSteen3.103
1452Pretty Maids - PandemoniumAlbum ReviewAlanna3.102
1453Seven Witches - Passage To The Other SideAlbum ReviewTommy3.101
1454Katana - Heads Will RollAlbum ReviewNina3.100
1455Bathory - Nordland pt. OneAlbum ReviewNina3.095
1456Krokus - HellraiserAlbum ReviewBrian3.093
1457Mystic Circle - DamienAlbum ReviewAnders3.091
1458The Deviants - Dr. CrowAlbum ReviewMichael3.089
1459Moonlight Agony - Echoes of a NightmareAlbum ReviewJonah3.086
1460Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2006PlaylistAlanna3.086
1461Donnie Vie - Just Enough (Digital version)Album ReviewSteen3.083
1462Symphorce - Phorceful AheadAlbum ReviewTommy3.082
1463Metalium - Hero Nation - Chapter ThreeAlbum ReviewTommy3.081
1464Mercury Tide - Why?Album ReviewTommy3.081
1465Overkill - IronboundAlbum ReviewSteen3.081
1466Roine Stolt - The Hashman Speaks with Roine Stolt of the Flower KingsInterviewHashman3.080
1467Running Wild - Reissues (x8) - Part I (Gates to Purgatory - Branded and Exiled - Under Jolly Roger - Port Royal)Album ReviewBrian3.080
1468Vader - LitanyAlbum ReviewAnders3.078
1469Various Artists - Playlist - April/May 2007PlaylistSteen3.076
1470Vanden Plas - Band informationBand InformationTommy3.075
1471Blaze - As Live As It GetsAlbum ReviewTommy3.074
1472Various Artists - Progressive Rock for You: Volume OneAlbum ReviewHashman3.073
1473Arcturus - The Sham MirrorsAlbum ReviewNina3.073
1474Metalium - As One - Chapter FourAlbum ReviewHashman3.073
1475Pure Inc. - Interview with Gianni PontilloInterviewMichael3.073
1476Alkemyst - Meeting In The MistAlbum ReviewDavid3.072
1477Ricky Warwick - Tattoos and AlibisAlbum ReviewMichael3.072
1478Phenomena - PsychofantasyAlbum ReviewBrian3.069
1479King┤s X - Ogre TonesAlbum ReviewMichael3.067
1480Eric Martin - PureAlbum ReviewMichael3.066
1481Autograph - Sign In PleaseAlbum ReviewBrian3.066
1482Emir Hot - Sevdah MetalAlbum ReviewAlanna3.065
1483Kamelot - One Cold Winter┤s NightAlbum ReviewBrian3.064
1484Slamer - Nowhere LandAlbum ReviewBrian3.063
1485Affair - No substituteAlbum ReviewMichael3.063
1486Various Artists - Undressed - An unmasked tribute to KissAlbum ReviewMichael3.060
1487Time Requiem - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.060
1488Crazy Lixx - Do or DieAlbum ReviewMichael3.059
1489Fountain of Tears - FateAlbum ReviewAlanna3.059
1490Rough Silk - Roots of HateAlbum ReviewAlanna3.059
1491None - Staff Main PageStaffSandra3.058
1492Empire - LeechesAlbum ReviewHashman3.057
1493AOR - L.A. ConcessionAlbum ReviewAlanna3.052
1494Def Leppard - Songs From the Sparkle LoungeAlbum ReviewAlanna3.049
1495House of Lords - Cartesian DreamsAlbum ReviewAlanna3.049
1496Blanc Faces - Falling From the MoonAlbum ReviewAlanna3.047
1497L.A. Guns - Loud and Dangerous (Live from Hollywood)Album ReviewMichael3.047
1498The Loving Tongue - Distant DreamsAlbum ReviewDavid3.047
1499Axxis - Paradise in FlamesAlbum ReviewHashman3.046
1500One Way Mirror - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen3.046
1501Ken Tamplin - Wake the NationsAlbum ReviewMichael3.044
1502Green Carnation - A Blessing In DisguiseAlbum ReviewDavid3.041
1503Symphorce - Interview With Cede DupontInterviewTommy3.041
1504Bombay Black - Anger ManagementAlbum ReviewMichael3.041
1505Silent Rage - Four Letter WordAlbum ReviewAlanna3.040
1506Gene Simmons - AssholeAlbum ReviewMichael3.040
1507Moonspell - The AntidoteAlbum ReviewDavid3.039
1508Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Divine Right Of KingsAlbum ReviewDavid3.035
1509Ironware - Break OutAlbum ReviewNina3.034
1510Angeline - ConfessionsAlbum ReviewBrian3.034
1511Steve Vai - Fire GardenAlbum ReviewYoni3.031
1512Fair Warning - Brothers KeeperAlbum ReviewBrian3.031
1513Turisas - The Varangian WayAlbum ReviewSteen3.029
1514Mike Tramp - Rock ┤N┤ Roll AliveAlbum ReviewMichael3.029
1515Blaze - Silicon MessiahAlbum ReviewTommy3.028
1516Time Machine - Reviviscence - Liber SecundusAlbum ReviewHashman3.027
1517Mystic Prophecy - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen3.027
1518Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - Embrace the GalaxyAlbum ReviewHashman3.024
1519Power Quest - NeverworldAlbum ReviewHashman3.024
1520Wizard - ThorAlbum ReviewNina3.023
1521Snake Charmer - Backyard BoogalooAlbum ReviewHashman3.021
1522Overland - Break AwayAlbum ReviewAlanna3.020
1523M&R Rush - Keep On RockinAlbum ReviewBrian3.018
1524Inner Surge - Band InformationBand InformationSteen3.018
1525IQ - Dark MatterAlbum ReviewDavid3.018
1526Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The WakeAlbum ReviewDavid3.016
1527Poisonblack - EscapexstacyAlbum ReviewMichael3.014
1528Cirrha Niva - For Moments Never DoneAlbum ReviewSteen3.014
1529Various Artists - Beyond Inspiration - A Tribute to Uli Jon RothAlbum ReviewHashman3.013
1530Firenote - FirenoteAlbum ReviewBrian3.010
1531Agressor (now Magus Beast) - Say Your PrayersAlbum ReviewHashman3.009
1532Mors Principium Est - InhumanityAlbum ReviewDavid3.008
1533Secret Sphere - Heart & AngerAlbum ReviewTommy3.008
1534Wildkard - MegalomaniaAlbum ReviewAlanna3.008
1535Cosmo - AlienAlbum ReviewAlanna3.006
1536Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2006PlaylistAlanna3.006
1537Mob Rules - Ethnolution A.D.Album ReviewAlanna3.004
1538Various Artists - Mascot Records label portraitArticleMichael3.004
1539Lec Zorn Project - It Began In The UndergroundAlbum ReviewBrian3.003
1540Galloglass - Legends from now and nevermoreAlbum ReviewSteen3.002
1541Ari Koivunen - Fuel For The FireAlbum ReviewBrian2.999
1542Spiders and Snakes - MelodramaAlbum ReviewMichael2.998
1543Milan Polak - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.998
1544T Ride - T RideAlbum ReviewBrian2.998
1545Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2006PlaylistTommy2.997
1546Dragonhammer - Time For ExpiationAlbum ReviewNina2.997
1547Death Angel - The Art of DyingAlbum ReviewHashman2.995
1548Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2006PlaylistAlanna2.994
1549Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2006PlaylistMichael2.991
1550Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2006PlaylistSteen2.990
1551Faro - AngelostAlbum ReviewAlanna2.990
1552Halford - ResurrectionAlbum ReviewTommy2.990
1553Frederiksen/Denander - Baptism By FireAlbum ReviewBrian2.988
1554White Skull - The Dark AgeAlbum ReviewTommy2.987
1555The 69 Eyes - AngelsAlbum ReviewBrian2.985
1556Vitalij Kuprij - Forward and BeyondAlbum ReviewTajs2.984
1557Kreator - Hordes of ChaosAlbum ReviewStuart2.984
1558Sixty-10 - Sixty-10Album ReviewMichael2.983
1559Silver - GoldAlbum ReviewAlanna2.983
1560Corrosion Of Conformity - In the Arms of GodAlbum ReviewHashman2.982
1561Cheap Trick - Special OneAlbum ReviewMichael2.981
1562Over Us Eden - Over Us EdenAlbum ReviewSteen2.980
1563At Vance - VIIAlbum ReviewAlanna2.980
1564Uli Jon Roth - Live at Castle DonningtonAlbum ReviewMichael2.979
1565Stronghold - Prayers From A Yearning HeartAlbum ReviewDavid2.979
1566Metal Church - A Light In The DarkAlbum ReviewSteen2.978
1567Various Artists - Steen┤s Highlights Of The Year 2007ArticleSteen2.977
1568Skylark - WingsAlbum ReviewMatthew2.977
1569Silent Edge - The Eyes Of The ShadowAlbum ReviewTommy2.977
1570Street Talk - RestorationAlbum ReviewSteen2.976
1571Compos Mentis - Interview with Compos MentisInterviewNina2.975
1572Sinn - The Runes of OdinAlbum ReviewTajs2.974
1573Genius - Episode 2 - In Search Of The Little PrinceAlbum ReviewTommy2.971
1574Prism - Small Change & Beat Street (Double CD set)Album ReviewBrian2.971
1575Various Artists - Playlist - December/January 2005/2006PlaylistMichael2.968
1576Thine - Interview with PaulInterviewSteen2.968
1577Taake - TaakeAlbum ReviewStuart2.966
1578Pretty Boy Floyd - Size Really Does MatterAlbum ReviewMichael2.965
1579Pain of Salvation - ScarsickAlbum ReviewSteen2.964
1580Shadow Keep - A chaos TheoryAlbum ReviewTajs2.961
1581Gordian Knot - EmergentAlbum ReviewTajs2.960
1582Sodom - One Night In BangkokAlbum ReviewDavid2.960
1583Wizard - Band Profile and BiographyBand InformationNina2.959
1584Elend - Winds Devouring MenAlbum ReviewDavid2.959
1585707 - Mega ForceAlbum ReviewAlanna2.958
1586Shameless - Famous 4 MadnessAlbum ReviewMichael2.958
1587Sybilla - The Invisible SandglassAlbum ReviewBrian2.956
1588Jim Peterik - Rock America - Smash Hits LiveAlbum ReviewMichael2.956
1589Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2005PlaylistMichael2.953
1590Gotthard - Made in SwitzerlandAlbum ReviewMichael2.952
1591Alessi - Just Like ThatAlbum ReviewBrian2.949
1592Last Autumn's Dream - Saturn SkylineAlbum ReviewBrian2.947
1593Die - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.947
1594Animal - 900 lb SteamAlbum ReviewMichael2.947
1595Spi-Ritual - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.946
1596Hardline - Live at The Gods 2002Album ReviewMichael2.944
1597Lita Ford - Wicked WonderlandAlbum ReviewMichael2.943
1598Saga - NetworkAlbum ReviewHashman2.942
1599Blinded by fear - En Route To Pain (Demo)Album ReviewNina2.940
1600Dream Evil - Children Of The Night (single)Album ReviewNina2.938
1601W.A.S.P. - The Neon God Part II: The DemiseAlbum ReviewHashman2.937
1602U.D.O. - Live with Majesty in Vega, Copenhagen, October 5th 2004EventNina2.936
1603Korpiklaani - Spirit Of The ForestAlbum ReviewDavid2.931
1604Lita Ford - Greatest Hits LiveAlbum ReviewMichael2.931
1605Various Artists - GlamNation vol. 1Album ReviewMichael2.931
1606Threat Signal - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.931
1607Vintersorg - Cosmic GenesisAlbum ReviewAnders2.930
1608Naked Beggars - Naked BeggarsAlbum ReviewMichael2.929
1609Nickelback - All The Right ReasonsAlbum ReviewMichael2.928
1610D:A:D - Riskin' It AllAlbum ReviewSteen2.928
1611Michael Schenker Group - Heavy HittersAlbum ReviewMichael2.923
1612Various Artists - MTM Compilation volume 8Album ReviewMichael2.923
1613Limbonic Art - The Ultimate Death WorshipAlbum ReviewAnders2.922
1614Molly Hatchet - Locked and LoadedAlbum ReviewMichael2.921
1615Time Requiem - Time RequiemAlbum ReviewDavid2.920
1616D:A:D - Live At Open Air Varde - July 29th, 2006EventTommy2.919
1617Simone Fiorletta / Moonlight Comedy - Band informationBand InformationSteen2.918
1618Jon Oliva┤s Pain - Maniacal RenderingsAlbum ReviewSteen2.918
1619Jag Panzer - Decade of the Nail Spiked BatAlbum ReviewHashman2.915
1620Metal Majesty - This Is Not a DrillAlbum ReviewAlanna2.915
1621Various Artists - Playlist - August/September - 2006PlaylistAlanna2.914
1622Empty Tremor - The alien insideAlbum ReviewSteen2.912
1623Stephen Pearcy - Before and LaughterAlbum ReviewMichael2.911
1624While Heaven Wept - Of Empires ForlornAlbum ReviewDavid2.910
1625Toxic Holocaust - An Overdose Of DeathAlbum ReviewStuart2.910
1626Signal - Loud & ClearAlbum ReviewBrian2.910
1627John Waite - Downtown Journey Of A HeartAlbum ReviewBrian2.905
1628Talisman - Five Men LiveAlbum ReviewMichael2.904
1629Logan's Heroes - Logan┤s HeroesAlbum ReviewMichael2.903
1630TYR - By The Light of The Northern StarAlbum ReviewStuart2.903
1631New York Dolls - One Day it Will Please us to Remember Even thisAlbum ReviewMichael2.902
1632Jaded Heart - Sinister MindAlbum ReviewTommy2.902
1633Various Artists - MTM Compilation volume 9Album ReviewMichael2.901
1634Freternia - A Nightmare StoryAlbum ReviewTommy2.899
1635Various Artists - A Return to Fantasy - A Uriah Heep TributeAlbum ReviewHashman2.897
1636Takara - EternityAlbum ReviewAlanna2.895
1637Bjorn Berge - Live in EuropeAlbum ReviewMichael2.891
1638Stormwind - Rising SymphonyAlbum ReviewHashman2.889
1639Steve Grimmett Band - Personal CrisisAlbum ReviewBrian2.889
1640Diamond Dogs - Among The Non BelieversAlbum ReviewMichael2.886
1641Karmakanic - Who's the Boss in the Factory?Album ReviewAlanna2.883
1642Iron Fire - Band informationBand InformationNina2.881
1643Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2006PlaylistSteen2.879
1644John Waite - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.878
1645Talisman - 7Album ReviewMichael2.878
1646Corin & Edman - Roc de LightAlbum ReviewAlanna2.878
1647Sweden Rock Festival 2008 - Day 1 (Stuart) - Korpiklaani, Sabaton, SatyriconEventStuart2.876
1648Richie Kotzen - Acoustic CutsAlbum ReviewMichael2.875
1649TNT - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.874
1650The Lou Gramm Band - The Lou Gramm BandAlbum ReviewAlanna2.873
1651Zandelle - Twilight On HumanityAlbum ReviewTommy2.872
1652Abscess - Through The Cracks Of DeathAlbum ReviewAnders2.871
1653Monster Magnet - Monolithic Baby!Album ReviewMichael2.867
1654Andre Andersen - Black on BlackAlbum ReviewSteen2.866
1655Martin Page - In The Temple Of The MuseAlbum ReviewBrian2.864
1656Dante Fox - Under the Seven SkiesAlbum ReviewAlanna2.864
1657Magellan - Innocent GodAlbum ReviewBrian2.863
1658Highland Glory - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.863
1659Jack Starr's Guardians of the Flame - Under a Savage SkyAlbum ReviewHashman2.863
1660Iron Fire - The Underworld (Demo)Album ReviewNina2.862
1661Switchblade - Switchblade SerenadeAlbum ReviewMichael2.859
1662Philip Bardowell - In the CutAlbum ReviewAlanna2.859
1663Rhapsody (of Fire) - The Frozen Tears of AngelsAlbum ReviewSteen2.859
1664The Codex - The CodexAlbum ReviewAlanna2.857
1665Elenium - For Giving...For GettingAlbum ReviewDavid2.857
1666Honeymoon Suite - DreamlandAlbum ReviewMichael2.857
1667Taraxacum - RainmakerAlbum ReviewNina2.856
1668Uniklubi - KehaAlbum ReviewBrian2.855
1669Cheap Trick - From Tokyo To You (DVD) & Special One (CD) reissuesAlbum ReviewBrian2.854
1670Over the Edge featuring Mickey Thomas - Over the edgeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.854
1671Last Autumn's Dream - DreamcatcherAlbum ReviewBrian2.852
1672Ayreon - 01011001Album ReviewAlanna2.852
1673Aina - Living In A Boy┤s WorldAlbum ReviewAlanna2.851
1674Syth - The ReckoningAlbum ReviewStuart2.849
1675Pretty Wild - All The WayAlbum ReviewMichael2.848
1676Various Artists - Playlist - April/May 2006PlaylistSteen2.847
1677Lalu - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.846
1678Loud ┤N┤ Nasty - No one Rocks like YouAlbum ReviewMichael2.846
1679Reflexion - Out Of The DarkAlbum ReviewBrian2.845
1680Vengeance - Back in the RingAlbum ReviewAlanna2.845
1681Baltimoore - A Quick Conversation with Baltimoore┤s Bjorn LodinInterviewHashman2.841
16827thorns - Live at The Rock, Copenhagen - November 5th, 2005EventNina2.841
1683Voodoo Hill - Wild Seed of Mother EarthAlbum ReviewAlanna2.840
1684Cheap Trick - The LatestAlbum ReviewMichael2.840
1685Junkyard - Tried and TrueAlbum ReviewMichael2.839
1686Sonata Arctica - The Days of GraysAlbum ReviewAlanna2.832
1687Guilt Machine - On This Perfect DayAlbum ReviewSteen2.831
1688None - Staff - Favourite lists - AndersStaffAnders2.831
1689Kansas - Device - Voice - DrumAlbum ReviewMichael2.829
1690Omnium Gatherum - Spirits and August LightAlbum ReviewDavid2.828
1691Dirty Penny - Young and RecklessAlbum ReviewMichael2.826
1692Gothic Knights - Kingdom Of The KnightsAlbum ReviewTommy2.825
1693John West - Long Time...No SingAlbum ReviewAlanna2.824
1694Various Artists - Uncivil Wars (Tribute to Guns N┤Roses)Album ReviewMichael2.823
1695Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2006PlaylistMichael2.822
1696Alfonzetti - MachineAlbum ReviewMichael2.822
1697Jethro Tull - Minstrel In The GalleryAlbum ReviewUlrick2.820
1698Sacred Steel - Iron BlessingsAlbum ReviewNina2.818
1699Rob Rock - Holy HellAlbum ReviewHashman2.816
1700Orion Riders - A New DawnAlbum ReviewTommy2.814
1701Mad Margritt - New SensationAlbum ReviewMichael2.814
1702Tesla - Forever MoreAlbum ReviewBrian2.813
1703Whitesnake - Live....In The Shadow Of The BluesAlbum ReviewBrian2.812
1704Saga - MarathonAlbum ReviewMichael2.809
1705Bruce Turgon - Outside Looking InAlbum ReviewAlanna2.808
1706Last Autumn's Dream - Last Autumn┤s DreamAlbum ReviewHashman2.807
1707Overkill - HorrorscopeAlbum ReviewSteen2.807
1708L.A. Guns - Hellraisers Ball - Caught in the actAlbum ReviewMichael2.805
1709Napalm Death - Order Of The LeechAlbum ReviewAnders2.805
1710Various Artists - Buying Music Online. A Metal And Hard Rock Flavoured Shopping GuideArticleTommy2.805
1711None - Top ten lists - TajsStaffTajs2.804
1712Indwelling - And My Eye Shall WeepAlbum ReviewDavid2.804
1713Dogpound - The HellbumAlbum ReviewMichael2.801
1714707 - The BridgeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.801
1715Magnum - The River SessionsAlbum ReviewMichael2.801
1716Whitecross - Ninteen Eighty Seven (2005 ReRecording)Album ReviewAlanna2.799
1717Various Artists - Playlist - April/May 2006PlaylistMichael2.797
1718Michael Bormann - Capture The MomentAlbum ReviewBrian2.795
1719The Funeral Pyre - Immersed in the Flames of MankindAlbum ReviewTajs2.795
1720Val┤Paraiso - Footprints of angels (4 Track promo)Album ReviewSteen2.795
1721Various Artists - We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year Album ReviewMichael2.794
1722Seven Witches - AmpedAlbum ReviewHashman2.794
1723House of Games - Rise And ShineAlbum ReviewBrian2.793
1724Narnia - The Great FallAlbum ReviewSteen2.793
1725Kingdom Come - PerpetualAlbum ReviewAlanna2.792
1726Hardline - Leaving the End OpenAlbum ReviewAlanna2.789
1727Enuff Z'nuff - Tonight Sold outAlbum ReviewMichael2.787
1728Yngwie Malmsteen - EclipseAlbum ReviewAlanna2.786
1729Nothing More - The Few Not FleetingAlbum ReviewBrian2.783
1730Savage Messiah - Spitting VenomAlbum ReviewStuart2.780
1731Falconer - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen2.780
1732Dyecrest - The way of painAlbum ReviewSteen2.780
1733Molly Hatchet - 25th Anniversary Best of Re-RecordedAlbum ReviewMichael2.779
1734Zebra - No Tellin Lies / 3 V (2 on 1)Album ReviewBrian2.779
1735Cannata - Mysterium MagnumAlbum ReviewBrian2.777
1736Bill Leverty┤s Wanderlust - WanderlustAlbum ReviewMichael2.777
1737Mysterell - SensationalAlbum ReviewAlanna2.777
1738Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2006PlaylistSteen2.776
1739Khymera - A New PromiseAlbum ReviewAlanna2.776
1740Triumph - Just a Game / Allied ForcesAlbum ReviewMichael2.775
1741Various Artists - Blackmore┤s Castle - A Tribute to Deep Purple and RainbowAlbum ReviewHashman2.775
1742The Murder of My Sweet - DivanityAlbum ReviewAlanna2.775
1743Eric Martin - Destroy all MonstersAlbum ReviewMichael2.772
1744Pretty Boy Floyd - Leather Boyz With Electric ToyzAlbum ReviewMichael2.772
1745Saga - Chapters LiveAlbum ReviewHashman2.770
1746Lionsheart - AbyssAlbum ReviewAlanna2.769
1747Various Artists - The Spirit Lives On - The Music of Jimi Hendrix RevisitedAlbum ReviewHashman2.766
1748Iron Fire - Demo 2003Album ReviewNina2.766
1749Ian Ashley Hersey - The Holy GrailAlbum ReviewHashman2.765
1750Ayreon - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen2.765
1751Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2007PlaylistAlanna2.765
1752Rock Sugar - ReimaginatorAlbum ReviewBrian2.763
1753Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2006PlaylistSteen2.761
1754Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2006PlaylistSteen2.760
1755Various Artists - Playlist - February/March 2006PlaylistSteen2.759
1756Eyefear - A World Full Of GreyAlbum ReviewSteen2.759
1757Various Artists - Playlist - April/May 2006PlaylistTommy2.756
1758Myrkskog - Superior MassacreAlbum ReviewAnders2.755
1759Deep Purple - StormbringerAlbum ReviewMichael2.753
1760Harlequin - Waking The JesterAlbum ReviewBrian2.750
1761Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2006PlaylistAlanna2.749
1762Time Requiem - The Inner Circle of RealityAlbum ReviewHashman2.749
1763Angra - Holy LandAlbum ReviewSteen2.749
1764UnSun - The End of LifeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.748
1765Bon Appetite - A tribute to......the Bon Scott Years ofAlbum ReviewMichael2.744
1766Stormzone - Caught in the ActAlbum ReviewAlanna2.741
1767Tempestt - Bring ┤Em OnAlbum ReviewBrian2.740
1768Waysted - The Harsh RealityAlbum ReviewMichael2.739
1769Seven Witches - City Of Lost SoulsAlbum ReviewTommy2.739
1770Symphony X - Live in Markthalle, Hamburg - February 13th, 2008EventTommy2.736
1771Pride of Lions - Live In BelgiumAlbum ReviewBrian2.735
1772Hess - Just another DayAlbum ReviewMichael2.735
1773Pain Confessor - TurmoilAlbum ReviewHashman2.735
1774The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell and BackAlbum ReviewMichael2.732
1775Billy Idol - Devil┤s PlaygroundAlbum ReviewMichael2.731
1776Spock┤s Beard - Gluttons for Punishment - Live on ┤05Album ReviewHashman2.730
1777Cradle of Filth - Godspeed On The Devil's ThunderAlbum ReviewStuart2.730
1778Whiteflame - Tour Bus DiariesAlbum ReviewBrian2.730
1779Rose Tattoo - The best ofAlbum ReviewMichael2.729
1780Nazareth - The River SessionsAlbum ReviewMichael2.728
1781Enforcer - Into The NightAlbum ReviewNina2.728
1782Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2006PlaylistSteen2.725
1783Ben Jackson Group - All Over YouAlbum ReviewHashman2.725
1784Opus Atlantica - Opus AtlanticaAlbum ReviewNina2.725
1785Shortino/Northrup - AfterlifeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.725
1786Falkenbach - Ok Nefna Tysvar TyAlbum ReviewDavid2.725
1787Michael Schenker - Forever and More (Best of)Album ReviewMichael2.725
1788Turbonegro - Scandinavian LeatherAlbum ReviewMichael2.724
1789Sun Caged - Promo 2002Album ReviewSteen2.724
1790COG - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen2.722
1791Thunder - The Joy of SixAlbum ReviewMichael2.718
1792Arch Enemy - Tyrants of the Rising Sun: Live in Japan DVD ReviewStuart2.717
1793Taraxacum - Spirit Of FreedomAlbum ReviewTommy2.717
1794Royal Hunt - Live 2006Album ReviewAlanna2.716
1795Mojo Gurus - Shakin┤ in the BarnAlbum ReviewMichael2.715
1796Stryper - 7 Weeks Live in AmericaAlbum ReviewMichael2.714
1797Various Artists - Heavy Metal or Heavy Meaning?ArticleMichael Terrax2.712
1798John Arch - A twist of fateAlbum ReviewHashman2.711
1799Compos Mentis - Fragments Of A Withered DreamAlbum ReviewNina2.709
1800Various Artists - Playlist - April/May 2007PlaylistTommy2.708
1801Headrush - HeadrushAlbum ReviewAlanna2.708
1802Jack russell - For YouAlbum ReviewMichael2.707
1803Oratory - Beyond EarthAlbum ReviewTommy2.703
1804Kevin DuBrow - In for the killAlbum ReviewMichael2.703
1805Black Majesty - Silent CompanyAlbum ReviewAlanna2.703
1806Various Artists - Playlist - December/January 2005/2006PlaylistTommy2.703
1807Sister Sin - Smash The Silence (EP)Album ReviewSteen2.703
1808Cinderella - In ConcertDVD ReviewMichael2.702
1809Olympos Mons - ConquistadorAlbum ReviewNina2.699
1810Sabaton - Band InformationBand InformationNina2.698
1811American Heartbreak - Postcards from Hell / You will not be getting PaidAlbum ReviewMichael2.697
1812Alien - Dark EyesAlbum ReviewAlanna2.696
1813Paul Gilbert - Silence Followed by a Deafening RoarAlbum ReviewMichael2.696
1814Graveworm - Engraved in BlackAlbum ReviewAnders2.695
1815Bleed - BleedAlbum ReviewMichael2.694
1816Sturm und Drang - Rock 'n' Roll Children Album ReviewBrian2.694
1817Tribute to Van Halen - Best of both worldsAlbum ReviewMichael2.692
1818Radioactive - YeahAlbum ReviewMichael2.692
1819Book of Reflections - Book of ReflectionsAlbum ReviewHashman2.691
1820Bad Habit - Hear-SayAlbum ReviewAlanna2.691
1821Stephen Pearcy - StrippedAlbum ReviewMichael2.691
1822Kaos Krew - DevourAlbum ReviewBrian2.689
1823Chalice - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.689
1824Knight Area - The Sun Also RisesAlbum ReviewHashman2.689
1825Mennen - Planet BlackAlbum ReviewAlanna2.689
1826Lovex - Pretend Or SurrenderAlbum ReviewBrian2.688
1827Seventh Wonder - The Great EscapeAlbum ReviewSteen2.686
1828Shadows Fade - Shadows FadeAlbum ReviewHashman2.684
1829Kristy Majors - For those about to sniff some glue... We salute youAlbum ReviewMichael2.684
1830Various Artists - Playlist - December 2006/January 2007PlaylistSteen2.683
1831Fair Warning - Fair Warning and Rainmaker (Reissues)Album ReviewBrian2.683
1832Seven Witches - Year Of The WitchAlbum ReviewTommy2.681
1833Saruman - Ride On The DarksideAlbum ReviewDavid2.679
1834Finntroll - Jaktens TidAlbum ReviewAlanna2.677
1835Bang Tango - The Ultimate Rockers and ThievesAlbum ReviewMichael2.674
1836Astral Doors - Band informationBand InformationSteen2.673
1837Trivium - The CrusadeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.673
1838Dies Irae - The Sin WarAlbum ReviewAnders2.672
1839Canvas Solaris - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.667
1840Various Artists - Year in Review 2007 - The Best and WorstArticleAlanna2.666
1841Karmakanic - Entering the SpectraAlbum ReviewHashman2.666
1842Mot÷rhead - Live at Brixton AcademyAlbum ReviewMichael2.666
1843Stephen Pearcy - Social IntercourseAlbum ReviewMichael2.665
1844Asia - OmegaAlbum ReviewAlanna2.665
1845StormHammer - Lord Of DarknessAlbum ReviewNina2.664
1846Skanderborg Festival 2006 - Toto and Mot÷rhead live at the Skanderborg festival, Denmark - August 2006EventMichael2.663
1847Bret Michaels - Rock of LoveDVD ReviewMichael2.661
1848Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2005PlaylistMorten2.660
1849Invictus - Black HeartAlbum ReviewHashman2.660
1850Into Eternity - The Scattering of AshesAlbum ReviewTajs2.659
1851The Quireboys - Live at Kloften festival, Denmark June 30th 2007EventMichael2.659
1852Legs Diamond - Out on Bail/Land of The GunAlbum ReviewMichael2.659
1853Various Artists - Playlist - August/September - 2006PlaylistBrian2.657
1854Iron Maiden - Live At Godsbanepladsen, Horsens - July 27th, 2008EventTommy2.655
1855Sweden Rock Festival 2008 - Day 2 (Stuart) - Picture, Primal Fear, Judas PriestEventStuart2.655
1856Shannon - Angel In DisguiseAlbum ReviewAlanna2.652
1857Various Artists - Playlist - August/September 2007PlaylistSteen2.650
1858Reptilian - ThunderblazeAlbum ReviewTommy2.650
1859Tony Harnell - CinematicAlbum ReviewAlanna2.649
1860Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2008PlaylistSteen2.648
1861Mysterium - SoulwardsAlbum ReviewDavid2.648
1862MyLand - No Man's LandAlbum ReviewSteen2.646
1863Elvira Madigan - Angelis DeamonaeAlbum ReviewJonah2.644
1864Pat McManus - In my own timeAlbum ReviewMichael2.644
1865Various Artists - Playlist - February/March 2006PlaylistMichael2.644
1866Jughead - JugheadAlbum ReviewMichael2.643
1867Pavlov┤s Dog - Has Anyone Here Seen Siegfried?Album ReviewBrian2.642
1868Radio Earth - Gray matterAlbum ReviewMichael2.641
1869Missa Mercuria - Missa MercuriaAlbum ReviewTommy2.641
1870Asia - Live at KB Hallen, Copenhagen - December 3rd, 2005.EventNina2.640
1871Vains of Jenna - The Art of Telling LiesAlbum ReviewMichael2.638
1872Eldritch - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.637
1873Holy Mother - AgoraphobiaAlbum ReviewHashman2.635
1874Jim Peterik - Above the StormAlbum ReviewAlanna2.633
1875Millennium - The Best of... And MoreAlbum ReviewHashman2.632
1876Cryogenic - Parsifal 21Album ReviewDavid2.631
1877Big Balls - UnpluggedAlbum ReviewMichael2.630
1878Myrk - Icons of the DarkAlbum ReviewDavid2.629
1879Kelly Keagy - I┤m AliveAlbum ReviewBrian2.629
1880Helloween - Gambling With The DevilAlbum ReviewSteen2.625
1881Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2005PlaylistHashman2.624
1882Metallica - Metallica - Live At Vestereng, ┼rhus. July 13th, 2007EventTommy2.623
1883Pedestrians Of Blue - Crossing OverAlbum ReviewBrian2.622
1884Raise Hell - Band informationBand InformationNina2.621
1885Vox Tempus - 3 Song AdvanceAlbum ReviewHashman2.620
1886Reckless Love - Reckless LoveAlbum ReviewBrian2.619
1887Panzer Princess - Legacy of Ignorance (Demo)Album ReviewMichael2.617
1888Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2007PlaylistSteen2.616
1889Angel - Angel / Helluva BandAlbum ReviewBrian2.615
1890Various Artists - Playlist - February/March 2006PlaylistTommy2.611
1891Spock┤s Beard - A night with Spock┤s Beard at BB King┤s - May 10th 2006EventPaul2.610
1892Voyager - Element VAlbum ReviewHashman2.609
1893Altaria - The Fallen EmpireAlbum ReviewBrian2.608
1894Easy Rider - AnimalAlbum ReviewHashman2.602
1895Raise Hell - Not Dead YetAlbum ReviewNina2.602
1896Nazareth - RazamanazAlbum ReviewMichael2.602
1897Steel Panther - Feel the SteelAlbum ReviewMichael2.599
1898Desmond Child And Rouge - Runners In The NightAlbum ReviewBrian2.599
1899Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2006PlaylistTommy2.598
1900Feinstein - Third WishAlbum ReviewNina2.598
1901Silver - AddictionAlbum ReviewAlanna2.596
1902Imaginery - Long Lost PrideAlbum ReviewHashman2.595
1903Thunder - Six of OneAlbum ReviewMichael2.594
1904Tattooed Millionaires - The Band With No Fear & Armed and HammeredAlbum ReviewMichael2.594
1905Every Mother's Nightmare - Live Songs from SomewhereAlbum ReviewMichael2.593
1906Meldrum - Blowin┤ Up the MachineAlbum ReviewAlanna2.592
1907Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2007PlaylistTommy2.589
1908Baltimoore - Ultimate TributeAlbum ReviewHashman2.589
1909Wet Animal - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.588
1910Adrian Belew - A night with Adrian Belew at BB King┤s - August 8th 2006EventPaul2.588
1911Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2007PlaylistSteen2.586
1912Scorpions - Humanity - Hour 1Album ReviewBrian2.586
1913Exmortem - Pestilence EmpireAlbum ReviewAnders2.586
1914On the Rise - Beat of your heartAlbum ReviewMichael2.586
1915Forever Slave - Tales For Bad GirlsAlbum ReviewAlanna2.585
1916American Heartbreak - American HeartbreakAlbum ReviewMichael2.584
1917Alex Masi - In the name of MozartAlbum ReviewTajs2.583
1918Bloodlined Calligraphy - The Beginning Of The EndAlbum ReviewDavid2.583
1919Poisonblack - Lust Stained DespairAlbum ReviewAlanna2.581
1920Whitesnake - ForevermoreAlbum ReviewAlanna2.580
1921Winterlong - The Second ComingAlbum ReviewTommy2.579
1922Victory - InstinctAlbum ReviewHashman2.579
1923Knight Area - Under a New SignAlbum ReviewAlanna2.578
19247thorns - Artificial Night (Demo)Album ReviewNina2.574
1925Gemini Five - Black AnthemAlbum ReviewMichael2.573
1926Edguy - Tinnitus SanctusAlbum ReviewAlanna2.573
1927Nemesis - Eden ?Album ReviewTommy2.572
1928Earthcubed - The Dark and The DivineAlbum ReviewHashman2.572
1929Imperia - Queen of LightAlbum ReviewAlanna2.570
1930Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2006PlaylistMichael2.568
1931Wolverine - Cold Light Of MondayAlbum ReviewDavid2.568
1932Tears of Anger - Still aliveAlbum ReviewHashman2.566
1933Amberian Dawn - River of TuoniAlbum ReviewAlanna2.565
1934Mama Kin - PartytimeAlbum ReviewMichael2.562
1935Broken Teeth - Guilty PleasureAlbum ReviewMichael2.562
1936Destillery - Immortal SunAlbum ReviewTommy2.562
1937Gamma Ray - Land of The Free IIAlbum ReviewStuart2.560
1938Glyder - Playground for LifeAlbum ReviewMichael2.559
1939Richard Andersson's Space Odyssey - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.559
1940Wetton/Downes - IconAlbum ReviewHashman2.559
1941Thunder - Bang!Album ReviewAlanna2.558
1942Waysted - Save your Prayers - Special EditionAlbum ReviewBrian2.556
1943Mad Max - White SandsAlbum ReviewBrian2.555
1944Styx - Big Bang TheoryAlbum ReviewHashman2.551
19457thorns - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.550
1946Fair Warning - Brother┤s KeeperAlbum ReviewAlanna2.549
1947Death Machine - Death MachineAlbum ReviewDavid2.548
1948Tombs - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen2.548
1949Charlie - Kitchens Of DistinctionAlbum ReviewBrian2.547
1950Gasoline Queen - Gas for the UnderclassAlbum ReviewMichael2.547
1951Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2007PlaylistTommy2.547
1952Zero Hour - MetamorphosisAlbum ReviewTajs2.546
1953Jethro Tull - WarchildAlbum ReviewUlrick2.545
1954Various Artists - The Narrator's CurseArticleSteen2.545
1955Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2006PlaylistTommy2.545
1956Francesco Fareri - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.545
1957Wyvern - The Red Flame of PainAlbum ReviewAlanna2.543
1958Pretty Boy Floyd - Dirty GlamAlbum ReviewMichael2.542
1959707 - Greatest Hits LiveAlbum ReviewBrian2.542
1960PainmuseuM - Metal For LifeAlbum ReviewMorten2.541
1961Arcade - A/3 Live & unreleasedAlbum ReviewMichael2.540
1962Jorn - DioAlbum ReviewAlanna2.538
1963Saga - The Human ConditionAlbum ReviewBrian2.537
1964Boomerang - Balance of HateAlbum ReviewHashman2.537
1965Winger - Live (2-CD + DVD)Album ReviewMichael2.536
1966Tour De Force - World On FireAlbum ReviewAlanna2.535
1967Main Attraction - Keep On Coming BackAlbum ReviewAlanna2.534
1968F5 - A Drug for All SeasonsAlbum ReviewHashman2.532
1969Katagory V - A New Breed of RebellionAlbum ReviewHashman2.532
1970Blaze Bayley - Promise And TerrorAlbum ReviewStuart2.532
1971Lalu - Oniric MetalAlbum ReviewHashman2.530
1972Salem - Collective DemiseAlbum ReviewAnders2.529
1973Nightwish - Dark Passion PlayAlbum ReviewAlanna2.529
1974Life of Agony - River Runs Again: CompleteAlbum ReviewMichael2.528
1975Hubi Meisel - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.527
1976Circle II Circle - Delusions of GrandeurAlbum ReviewAlanna2.524
1977Hellacopters - Head OffAlbum ReviewMichael2.523
1978Alex Skolnick Trio - TransformationAlbum ReviewMorten2.523
1979Condition Red - IIAlbum ReviewDavid2.523
1980Konkhra - Reality CheckAlbum ReviewAnders2.522
1981Judas Priest - Live in concert 25th June 1980Album ReviewMichael2.522
1982Cheap Trick - SilverAlbum ReviewBrian2.520
1983R50 - All Time LowAlbum ReviewMichael2.520
1984Robin Beck - Do You Miss MeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.519
1985Starz - Come Out At NightAlbum ReviewBrian2.518
1986CrashD´et - Generation WildAlbum ReviewMichael2.518
1987Elegy - Labyrinth of Dreams (Reissue)Album ReviewAlanna2.518
1988Last Autumn's Dream - Winter in ParadiseAlbum ReviewAlanna2.517
1989Lynch/Pilson - Wicked UndergroundAlbum ReviewHashman2.517
1990King Diamond and Black Rose - Band informationBand InformationMads2.517
1991Stratovarius - ElysiumAlbum ReviewAlanna2.516
1992Grave - Back From The GraveAlbum ReviewAnders2.515
1993Madder Mortem - DeadlandsAlbum ReviewDavid2.514
1994Shortino - Chasing My DreamAlbum ReviewBrian2.514
1995Various Artists - Playlist - February/March 2007PlaylistTommy2.513
1996Y&T - Earthshaker and In Rock We TrustAlbum ReviewBrian2.512
1997ProgPower Scandinavia 2007 - Tommy┤s Festival ReportEventTommy2.512
1998Jizzy Pearl - Vegas Must DieAlbum ReviewMichael2.512
1999Debase - UnleashedAlbum ReviewHashman2.512
2000Event - Scratching at the SurfaceAlbum ReviewHashman2.511
2001Danny Vaughn - TravellerAlbum ReviewAlanna2.510
2002Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2007PlaylistSteen2.510
2003Stevie Salas - Be What It IsAlbum ReviewBrian2.509
2004Hibria - The Skull CollectorsAlbum ReviewStuart2.507
2005Nachtmystium - Assasins - Black Meddle Part 1Album ReviewStuart2.507
2006Dreamscape - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.507
2007Bowes & Morley - Mo┤s BarbequeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.505
2008Naked - This One Goes to ElevenAlbum ReviewHashman2.504
2009The Fallen - Front Toward EnemyAlbum ReviewAnders2.504
2010Dirty Looks - SuperdeluxeAlbum ReviewMichael2.503
2011Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2007PlaylistSteen2.502
2012Donnie Vie - Raw Memories Chapter I: A Tale of 12 BalladsAlbum ReviewSteen2.500
2013Various Artists - A Millennium tribute to David Lee RothAlbum ReviewMichael2.498
2014Tenebre - Electric Hellfire KissAlbum ReviewAnders2.496
2015Mark Sweeney - Slow FoodAlbum ReviewBrian2.495
2016Pretty Boy Floyd - Live at the Pretty Ugly ClubAlbum ReviewMichael2.493
2017Dungeon - One Step BeyondAlbum ReviewNina2.492
2018Mastedon - 3Album ReviewAlanna2.492
2019Terry Ilous - Here and GoneAlbum ReviewMichael2.491
2020Evergrey - TornAlbum ReviewAlanna2.491
2021Powergod - Long Live The Loud - That┤s Metal Lesson 2Album ReviewNina2.490
2022Various Artists - A look back at 2007ArticleBrian2.487
2023Seven Wishes - Destination: AliveAlbum ReviewAlanna2.487
2024Tuff - The history of TuffAlbum ReviewMichael2.487
2025Kaipa - KeyholderAlbum ReviewHashman2.487
2026Nickelback - Dark HorseAlbum ReviewMichael2.486
2027Peter Blast - ExplodeAlbum ReviewMichael2.485
2028Ambition - AmbitionAlbum ReviewAlanna2.482
2029Travers & Appice feat. T.M. Stevens - Live at the House of BluesAlbum ReviewMorten2.480
2030Frost - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.478
2031Iommi - The 1996 DEP Sessions (Featuring Glenn Hughes)Album ReviewHashman2.477
2032Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2008PlaylistSteen2.476
2033Various Artists - Playlist - April/May 2008PlaylistSteen2.474
2034We - SmugglersAlbum ReviewMichael2.473
2035Mikael Erlandsson - The giftAlbum ReviewSteen2.470
2036Fairyland - Score To A New BeginningAlbum ReviewSteen2.468
2037Far North - What!?Album ReviewMichael2.466
2038Misfits - Famous MonstersAlbum ReviewStuart2.464
2039Steelheart - Good 2B AliveAlbum ReviewMichael2.463
2040Saidian - PhoenixAlbum ReviewBrian2.463
2041Thulium - Band ProfileBand InformationTommy2.461
2042Running Wild - Reissues (x8) - Part II (Death Or Glory : Blazon Stone : Black Hand Inn : Masquerade)Album ReviewBrian2.459
2043Crash Kelly - Penny PillsAlbum ReviewMichael2.459
2044Fatal Force - Fatal ForceAlbum ReviewAlanna2.457
2045Honeymoon Suite - Clifton HillsAlbum ReviewAlanna2.456
2046ClusterheaD - Times of No TrustAlbum ReviewAlanna2.453
2047Nuclear Valdez - Band informationBand InformationMichael2.453
2048Tommy Funderburk - Anything For YouAlbum ReviewAlanna2.452
2049Blackmore┤s Night - Winter CarolsAlbum ReviewAlanna2.451
2050Michael Monroe - Sensory OverdriveAlbum ReviewBrian2.451
2051Thy Majestie - DawnAlbum ReviewAlanna2.450
2052Raise Hell - Wicked is my gameAlbum ReviewNina2.449
2053Isenburg - ErzgebirgeAlbum ReviewDavid2.448
2054Ricky Warwick - Love Many Trust FewAlbum ReviewMichael2.448
2055Galloglass - HeavenseekerAlbum ReviewNina2.448
2056Time Requiem - Optical IllusionAlbum ReviewAlanna2.443
2057Hardcore Superstar - Dreamin┤ in a CasketAlbum ReviewMichael2.442
2058Sons of Liberty - Brush-fires of The MindAlbum ReviewStuart2.442
2059Various Artists - Playlist - April/May 2008PlaylistTommy2.441
2060Asia - PhoenixAlbum ReviewAlanna2.440
2061Faces Of Black - Faces Of BlackAlbum ReviewHashman2.440
2062On the Rise - On the riseAlbum ReviewSteen2.439
2063Kotipelto - SerenityAlbum ReviewAlanna2.439
2064Kingbaby - Whole Lotta EasyAlbum ReviewBrian2.435
2065Every Mother's Nightmare - Deeper Shade of GreyAlbum ReviewMichael2.433
2066Richie Kotzen - Peace SignAlbum ReviewMichael2.433
2067Richard Andersson - The Ultimate Andersson CollectionAlbum ReviewHashman2.432
2068Terra Nova - Best Of +5Album ReviewAlanna2.432
2069Various Artists - Playlist - December 2006/January 2007PlaylistTommy2.432
2070Harlot - Room With A View (Re-issue)Album ReviewBrian2.430
2071God Forbid - IV: Constitution of TreasonAlbum ReviewMorten2.428
2072Kamelot - Poetry for the PoisonedAlbum ReviewAlanna2.426
2073Various Artists - Playlist - February/March 2007PlaylistSteen2.425
2074Anand - A Man┤s MindAlbum ReviewHashman2.424
2075Saga - A night with Saga at BB King┤s - July 15th 2006EventPaul2.420
2076Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2006PlaylistHashman2.419
2077Chris Laney - PureAlbum ReviewAlanna2.419
2078B-Joe - Ready To RideAlbum ReviewBrian2.417
2079Disbelief - Spreading The RageAlbum ReviewDavid2.417
2080Drive She Said - Real LifeAlbum ReviewHashman2.416
2081Michael Harris - Words CollideAlbum ReviewHashman2.415
2082Rattlesnake Remedy - Magic ManAlbum ReviewMichael2.414
2083Queensr che - American SoldierAlbum ReviewBrian2.414
2084Giuntini Project - IIIAlbum ReviewAlanna2.412
2085Miss Crazy - Miss CrazyAlbum ReviewBrian2.407
2086Crash Kelly - Waiting for an Alibi (Ltd. edition single)Album ReviewMichael2.407
2087Mistheria - Messenger of the GodsAlbum ReviewJonah2.407
2088Nevermore - The Obsidian ConspiracyAlbum ReviewStuart2.406
2089Nice Try - Band InformationBand InformationMichael2.405
2090Shadowman - Different AnglesAlbum ReviewAlanna2.404
2091Dark Sky - Empty FacesAlbum ReviewBrian2.403
2092Dew Scented - ImpactAlbum ReviewDavid2.398
2093None - Staff page - Top ten listStaffMatthew2.398
2094Dare - Arc of the DawnAlbum ReviewAlanna2.398
2095Ozzy Osbourne - Book review: Rudy Sarzo - Off The RailsArticleMichael2.397
2096Chain Collector - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.397
2097TRW - Rivers Of ParadiseAlbum ReviewBrian2.394
2098Trevor Rabin - I Can┤t Look Away (reissue)Album ReviewBrian2.393
2099Tempestt - Bring Em OnAlbum ReviewAlanna2.392
2100Mercury Rain - Dark WatersAlbum ReviewDavid2.392
2101Yes - Close To The EdgeAlbum ReviewSandra2.392
2102Nazareth - Close Enough for Rock N' Roll/Play N' the GameAlbum ReviewMichael2.391
2103Mister Kite - Box of fearAlbum ReviewSteen2.390
2104Echoes of Eternity - The Forgotten GoddessAlbum ReviewAlanna2.390
2105Aftershok - Burning ChromeAlbum ReviewHashman2.386
2106Leaded Fuel - Leaded FuelAlbum ReviewMichael2.384
2107Sinner - Crash & BurnAlbum ReviewAlanna2.384
2108Danko Jones - We Sweat BloodAlbum ReviewHashman2.383
2109The Funeral Pyre - My Final Autumn (Demo)Album ReviewDavid2.382
2110Aftershok - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.382
2111Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2006PlaylistTommy2.381
2112Beyond Twilight - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.379
2113PEO - Look What I┤ve StartedAlbum ReviewHashman2.379
2114Tesla - Real To ReelAlbum ReviewBrian2.378
2115Newman - DecadeAlbum ReviewBrian2.376
2116Broke[N]Blue - The WaitingAlbum ReviewAlanna2.376
2117Euphrosyne - Sum Of Choices (Demo)Album ReviewDavid2.375
2118Magnum - Wings of Heaven LiveAlbum ReviewAlanna2.373
2119Rival - State Of MindAlbum ReviewDavid2.372
2120Valentine - The Most Beautiful PainAlbum ReviewAlanna2.371
2121Osada Vida - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen2.371
2122Bon Jovi - Live At Messepladsen, Randers - June 19th, 2008EventTommy2.370
2123Lightspeed - WavesAlbum ReviewBrian2.370
2124Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2007PlaylistAlanna2.369
2125It Bites - The Tall ShipsAlbum ReviewMichael2.368
2126The Gathering - Mandylion (re-release)Album ReviewAlanna2.368
2127Brides of Destruction - Runaway BridesAlbum ReviewMichael2.368
2128Sammy Hagar & the Wabo's - Live HallelujahAlbum ReviewMichael2.368
2129Lanfear - X To The Power Of TenAlbum ReviewTommy2.367
2130Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2007PlaylistTommy2.367
2131Beggar┤s Pride - Boulevard of Broken DreamsAlbum ReviewAlanna2.365
2132Legion Of The Damned - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.361
2133Mikkel Schack Band - ...About To Destroy Something BeautifulAlbum ReviewTommy2.361
2134RPWL - World Through My EyesAlbum ReviewSteen2.360
2135Foreigner - Can't Slow DownAlbum ReviewAlanna2.359
2136Various Artists - Stuart┤s Highlights of The Year 2007ArticleStuart2.358
2137Tourniquet - Where Moth and Rust DestroyAlbum ReviewHashman2.357
2138Alexa - AlexaAlbum ReviewAlanna2.356
2139Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2006PlaylistMichael2.355
2140Power Quest - Wings Of Forever and NeverworldAlbum ReviewBrian2.355
2141John 5 - RequiemAlbum ReviewMichael2.354
2142Chris Laney - Only Come Out at NightAlbum ReviewAlanna2.350
2143Leverage - Circus ColossusAlbum ReviewBrian2.349
2144Time Machine - Dungeons of the VaticanAlbum ReviewHashman2.347
2145Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2006PlaylistMichael2.346
2146Masterplan - Far From The End Of The World (Single)Album ReviewSteen2.346
2147Crimson Altar - The Ghost Ship Sails (Demo)Album ReviewHashman2.345
2148Seven Seraphim - Believe in AngelsAlbum ReviewHashman2.344
2149Stephen Pearcy - FuelerAlbum ReviewMichael2.339
2150Baltimoore - FanaticalAlbum ReviewHashman2.339
2151Thought Chamber - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.338
2152Process - Pˇg mo thˇn (Demo)Album ReviewDavid2.337
2153Mord - MordeAlbum ReviewDavid2.335
2154Funny Money - Back AgainAlbum ReviewHashman2.334
2155Blue Tears - Dancin┤ On The BackstreetsAlbum ReviewBrian2.334
2156Banshee - Race Against TimeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.333
2157Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2008PlaylistSteen2.332
2158House of Shakira - First classAlbum ReviewAlanna2.332
2159Green - LifeAlbum ReviewHashman2.332
2160Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2006PlaylistTommy2.331
2161Carmen Gray - Welcome To GraylandAlbum ReviewBrian2.331
2162Fate - 25 years The Best of FateAlbum ReviewMichael2.328
2163Gamma Ray - Heading For Tomorrow / Sigh No More (2CD Set, Reissue)Album ReviewBrian2.327
2164Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2006PlaylistBrian2.327
2165Stillbirth - Trauma (Demo)Album ReviewDavid2.326
2166Duff McKagan's Loaded - Wasted HeartAlbum ReviewMichael2.325
2167Blackmore┤s Night - Secret VoyageAlbum ReviewAlanna2.324
2168Torn - The Path Less TraveledAlbum ReviewHashman2.323
2169Dreamtone - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.322
2170Stampede Queen - A Night at the CockfightsAlbum ReviewMichael2.321
2171Rain - StrongerAlbum ReviewAlanna2.318
2172Fairyland - The Fall Of An EmpireAlbum ReviewBrian2.316
2173Invocator - Through The Flesh To The SoulAlbum ReviewDavid2.316
2174Shining Line - Shining LineAlbum ReviewBrian2.314
2175Ephemeral Sun - Prototype 19.5 (demo)Album ReviewDavid2.313
2176The Quill - Hooray! It┤s a DeathtripAlbum ReviewHashman2.313
2177Tarsha - PropheciesAlbum ReviewMichael2.313
2178Alcatrazz - The best ofAlbum ReviewMichael2.313
2179Giuntini Project - IIAlbum ReviewAlanna2.313
2180Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2007PlaylistMichael2.312
2181Alleycat Scratch - Deadboys in trash City (Ltd. edition artwork) Album ReviewMichael2.312
2182KTD - TerritoryAlbum ReviewDavid2.308
2183The Duskfall - SourceAlbum ReviewJonah2.305
2184Amoral - Show Your ColoursAlbum ReviewBrian2.301
2185Various Artists - Butchering the BeatlesAlbum ReviewMichael2.300
2186The Duskfall - FrailtyAlbum ReviewJonah2.297
2187Proto-Kaw - Before Came AfterAlbum ReviewHashman2.294
2188Skid Row - Revolutions per minuteAlbum ReviewMichael2.294
2189Nightlight - Funeral of LoveAlbum ReviewSteen2.293
2190Ace Frehley - AnomalyAlbum ReviewMichael2.292
2191Tyla - As It Was As It Is volume IIAlbum ReviewMichael2.290
2192Kingdom Come - MagnifiedAlbum ReviewBrian2.289
2193Motochrist - Greetings From The Bonneville Salt FlatsAlbum ReviewMichael2.289
2194Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2006PlaylistTommy2.287
2195Hanoi Rocks - Book review: Sheriff McCoy - outlaw legend of Hanoi RocksArticleMichael2.287
2196Black Country Communion - Black Country CommunionAlbum ReviewBrian2.286
2197Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2008 PlaylistTommy2.283
2198Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2007PlaylistTommy2.283
2199Frozen Rain - Frozen RainAlbum ReviewBrian2.280
2200Mr Mister - PullAlbum ReviewBrian2.280
2201Soul Doctor - For A Fistful of DollarsAlbum ReviewAlanna2.279
2202Torben Enevoldsen - Flying SoloAlbum ReviewMorten2.279
2203Ivory - Ivory muzicAlbum ReviewMichael2.279
2204Mama Kin - In the CityAlbum ReviewMichael2.276
2205Anathema - JudgementAlbum ReviewSandra2.272
2206Gun - PopkillerAlbum ReviewBrian2.268
2207Immortal - All Shall FallAlbum ReviewStuart2.265
2208Paul Sabu - HeartbreakAlbum ReviewAlanna2.265
2209Tidfall - NucleusAlbum ReviewDavid2.263
2210Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2006PlaylistTommy2.252
2211April Wine - Roughly SpeakingAlbum ReviewBrian2.252
2212Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2007PlaylistAlanna2.251
2213Billy Klippert - Naked And The Simple TruthAlbum ReviewBrian2.251
2214Various Artists - Playlist - December 2007/January 2008PlaylistSteen2.248
2215Red Aim - NiagaraAlbum ReviewHashman2.247
2216Vicious - Vile, Vicious, & VictoriousAlbum ReviewDavid2.247
2217Metalforce - MetalforceAlbum ReviewStuart2.247
2218Pretty Maids - Live at Open Air Varde - July 27th, 2007EventTommy2.246
2219Pergamon - The Abyss BelowAlbum ReviewHashman2.245
2220Sixty Watt Shaman - Reason to liveAlbum ReviewMichael2.245
2221Glyder - Weather the StormAlbum ReviewMichael2.244
2222Vicious Delite - Vicious DeliteAlbum ReviewMichael2.242
2223Steve Smith & Vital Information - Come On InAlbum ReviewHashman2.240
2224Y&T - Incorrect SpeciesAlbum ReviewBrian2.240
2225Crash Kelly - Electric SatisfactionAlbum ReviewMichael2.238
2226Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2007PlaylistSteen2.236
2227Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2007PlaylistSteen2.234
2228Hanoi Rocks - Twelve Shots On The Rocks (Reissue)Album ReviewBrian2.232
2229Crank County Daredevils - Livin┤ in the RedAlbum ReviewMichael2.230
2230Windseeker - By The Seed of the Same GodAlbum ReviewHashman2.230
2231Dacia & The WMD - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.229
2232Pagan┤s Mind - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.228
2233Napalm Death - Time Waits For No SlaveAlbum ReviewStuart2.227
2234Various Artists - Lehigh Valley Rocks! The best of 1984 - 1994Album ReviewMichael2.223
2235Melodic Meltdown - Second SkinAlbum ReviewHashman2.220
2236King - You┤re with King now, BabyAlbum ReviewMichael2.219
2237Austrian Death Machine - Total BrutalAlbum ReviewStuart2.216
2238Various Artists - Playlist - August/September 2008PlaylistSteen2.214
2239Armageddon - The Money MaskAlbum ReviewAlanna2.208
2240Hardcore Superstar - BastardsAlbum ReviewMichael2.206
2241Uli Jon Roth - The Best OfAlbum ReviewBrian2.205
2242Innocent Rosie - Innocent Rosie (Demo)Album ReviewMichael2.204
2243Steve Hackett - To Watch the StormsAlbum ReviewHashman2.200
2244Reingold - UniverseAlbum ReviewAlanna2.200
2245Tesla - Cumin' Atcha LiveDVD ReviewMichael2.193
2246Johnny Monaco - Your Secret┤s Not Safe With Me (EP)Album ReviewSteen2.193
2247Various Artists - Playlist - February/March 2008PlaylistSteen2.192
2248Glorious Bankrobbers - The Glorious sound of Rock N┤RollAlbum ReviewMichael2.190
2249Kiss - Sonic BoomAlbum ReviewStuart2.188
2250The Oliver Wakeman Band - Mother┤s RuinAlbum ReviewSteen2.186
2251Towers of London - Blood Sweat and TowersAlbum ReviewMichael2.185
2252Bai Bang - Are You ReadyAlbum ReviewMichael2.185
2253Fireball Ministry - Their Rock is Not our RockAlbum ReviewMichael2.183
2254Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2007PlaylistSteen2.182
2255Night Ranger - 7 WishesAlbum ReviewBrian2.180
2256Wacken Open Air 2007 - Tommy┤s Festival ReportEventTommy2.176
2257Gypsy Rose - Gypsy RoseAlbum ReviewAlanna2.175
2258Vinci - VinciAlbum ReviewBrian2.173
2259Heavy Pettin - Prodigal SonsAlbum ReviewBrian2.172
2260Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2007PlaylistTommy2.170
2261Spawn of Possession - NoctambulantAlbum ReviewTajs2.170
2262Heaven's Cry - Band informationBand InformationSteen2.169
2263Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2007PlaylistMichael2.163
2264Misery Index - RetaliateAlbum ReviewDavid2.160
2265Gypsy Pistoleros - Welcome to the Hotel De La MuerteAlbum ReviewMichael2.160
2266Ritual - LiveAlbum ReviewHashman2.158
2267Eciton - OppressedAlbum ReviewTajs2.152
2268None - Staff page - Jonah - Top ten listsStaffJonah2.150
2269Wednesday 13 - Fang BangAlbum ReviewBrian2.147
2270Damage Control - Damage ControlAlbum ReviewBrian2.145
2271None - Morten┤s favorite bands, albums and moreStaffMorten2.142
2272Fate - Fate and Cruisin┤ For A Bruisin┤ (Re-releases)Album ReviewBrian2.140
2273Various Artists - Playlist - December 2007/January 2008PlaylistMichael2.138
2274Korn - See You On The Other SideAlbum ReviewBrian2.138
2275The Trophy - The Gift of LifeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.138
2276Heaven and Hell - Live From Radio City Music HallAlbum ReviewMichael2.134
2277The Storm - The Storm and Eye Of The StormAlbum ReviewBrian2.131
2278Various Artists - Playlist - September/October 2007PlaylistTommy2.127
2279Lovechild - Soul CollectorAlbum ReviewAlanna2.127
2280Black Raven - The Day of the RavenAlbum ReviewStuart2.126
2281Buckcherry - 15Album ReviewMichael2.126
2282House of Mirrors - DesolationAlbum ReviewBrian2.124
2283Zero Hour - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.124
2284Jukka Tolonen Band - JTBAlbum ReviewHashman2.122
2285Shooting Star - CirclesAlbum ReviewBrian2.121
2286Seventh Wonder - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.121
2287Shylock - Welcome to IllusionAlbum ReviewHashman2.121
2288Foreigner - No End In Sight : The Very Best Of ForeignerAlbum ReviewBrian2.118
2289AndrÚ Matos - Time to Be FreeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.116
2290China - The Very Best OfAlbum ReviewBrian2.116
2291Various Artists - Playlist - August/September 2007PlaylistTommy2.115
2292Air Raid - Air RaidAlbum ReviewBrian2.114
2293Various Artists - The State Of Power Metal MusicArticleTommy2.114
2294Sinner - Mask Of SanityAlbum ReviewBrian2.113
2295Pink Floyd - My top 10 Pink Floyd SongsArticleSandra2.112
2296Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2007PlaylistTommy2.111
22978084 - The Last Great TrainAlbum ReviewBrian2.108
2298Herman Frank - Loyal To NoneAlbum ReviewBrian2.106
2299Mojo Gurus - Hot DamnAlbum ReviewMichael2.105
2300Toys of Joy - One of these days (Reissue)Album ReviewBrian2.104
2301Various Artists - Michael's Highlights of the year 2008ArticleMichael2.104
2302Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Before the Bleeding SunAlbum ReviewTajs2.099
2303Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2008PlaylistAlanna2.097
2304SlingShotSuck - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen2.097
2305Marillion - Happiness is the RoadAlbum ReviewMichael2.096
2306Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2007PlaylistMichael2.095
2307Vertigo - 2Album ReviewAlanna2.095
2308Godyva - In Goood and EvilAlbum ReviewAlanna2.094
2309Elegy - LostAlbum ReviewBrian2.092
2310House of Mirrors - DesolationAlbum ReviewAlanna2.089
2311Crazy Lixx - Heroes are foreverAlbum ReviewMichael2.089
2312Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2007PlaylistMichael2.088
2313Kottak - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.088
2314Various Artists - Playlist - October/November 2007PlaylistMichael2.087
2315Stratus - Throwing ShapesAlbum ReviewBrian2.087
2316Overhead - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen2.085
2317Cellador - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.083
2318Poison - Poison┤dAlbum ReviewMichael2.082
2319Spike - It┤s a Treat to be aliveAlbum ReviewMichael2.081
2320Sweden Rock Festival 2008 - Day 4 (Stuart) - Stormwarrior, Primordial, AvantasiaEventStuart2.081
2321The Poodles - Sweet Trade (New Edition)Album ReviewBrian2.077
2322Nice Try - LiberationAlbum ReviewMichael2.077
2323Spin Gallery - EmbraceAlbum ReviewAlanna2.076
2324Sacred Steel - Carnage VictoryAlbum ReviewNina2.075
2325Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2008PlaylistAlanna2.075
2326Anubis Gate - The DetachedAlbum ReviewTommy2.075
2327Zion - ZionAlbum ReviewAlanna2.075
2328AgentZ - Stick To Your GunsAlbum ReviewBrian2.074
2329Pain of Salvation - Road Salt OneAlbum ReviewSteen2.073
2330Sweden Rock Festival 2008 - Day 3 (Stuart) - Accepted, Ace Frehley, SaxonEventStuart2.072
2331Slave To The System - Slave To The SystemAlbum ReviewBrian2.070
2332Rev°lver - TurbulenceAlbum ReviewMichael2.070
2333Breed 77 - En Mi Sangre (In My Blood)Album ReviewBrian2.069
2334Griffin - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.067
2335Robin Beck - Livin on A DreamAlbum ReviewAlanna2.066
2336Kingbaby - Find my WayAlbum ReviewMichael2.066
2337Stingray - Revisited Remastered (Reissue)Album ReviewBrian2.066
2338Steevi Jaimz - My Private HellAlbum ReviewBrian2.062
2339Tony Martin - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.061
2340Legs Diamond - Captured Live/The WishAlbum ReviewMichael2.060
2341Black 'N Blue - RaritiesAlbum ReviewMichael2.057
2342Panzer Princess - Oh no, Its Panzer PrincessAlbum ReviewMichael2.057
2343Magic Circle Festival 2008 - Stuart's Festival Report - Days 1 & 2EventStuart2.055
2344Great White - Back to the RhythmAlbum ReviewMichael2.051
2345Norway - Rising Up From the AshesAlbum ReviewAlanna2.050
2346Deacon Street - IIAlbum ReviewBrian2.049
2347Graham Bonnet - Underground and The Day I Went MadAlbum ReviewBrian2.049
2348Sebastian Bach - Angel DownAlbum ReviewMichael2.047
2349Wild Frontier - Bite The BulletAlbum ReviewBrian2.046
2350John Parr - Man In MotionAlbum ReviewBrian2.045
2351Lizzy Borden - Master Of DisguiseAlbum ReviewBrian2.042
2352Danger - Cal´forn´a Red/Shove it up your AzzAlbum ReviewMichael2.042
2353Bon Jovi - The CircleAlbum ReviewSandra2.042
2354Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2007PlaylistAlanna2.040
2355Rock Star Supernova - SupernovaAlbum ReviewMichael2.038
2356Vicious Mary - Vicious MaryAlbum ReviewMichael2.035
2357Powderhog - Live at Open Air Varde - July 28th, 2007EventTommy2.032
2358Jesse Damon - Rebel WithinAlbum ReviewBrian2.030
2359Various Artists - Playlist - February/March 2007PlaylistBrian2.029
2360Black Stone Cherry - Black Stone CherryAlbum ReviewMichael2.029
2361Superfly 69 - Dummy of the Day (sampler)Album ReviewMichael2.027
2362Kevin Lee - Flip The SwitchAlbum ReviewBrian2.026
2363Sacred Heart - ShakeAlbum ReviewAlanna2.026
2364Bulletboys - Behind the Orange CurtainAlbum ReviewMichael2.022
2365Roger Staffelbach's Angel of Eden - The End of NeverAlbum ReviewAlanna2.021
2366Hanoi Rocks - Buried AliveDVD ReviewMichael2.019
2367Frank Hannon - Gypsy HighwayAlbum ReviewMichael2.019
2368Jettblack - Get Your Hands DirtyAlbum ReviewBrian2.018
2369Biloxi - Biloxi III - In The Wake Of The StormAlbum ReviewBrian2.018
2370Synesthesia - 4 Song DemoAlbum ReviewHashman2.018
2371Nazareth - Expect No Mercy & No Mean CityAlbum ReviewMichael2.016
2372Various Artists - Playlist - June/July 2008PlaylistAlanna2.014
2373MyLand - No Man's LandAlbum ReviewAlanna2.011
2374Vegas Vampire - Love SickAlbum ReviewMichael2.007
2375Stage Dolls - AlwaysAlbum ReviewBrian2.006
2376Grand Design - Time ElevationAlbum ReviewAlanna2.005
2377The Oliver Wakeman Band - Band InformationBand InformationSteen2.003
2378Carmen Gray - The Portrait Of Carmen GrayAlbum ReviewBrian2.002
2379Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2007PlaylistMichael2.001
2380Downhere - Wide Eyed And MystifiedAlbum ReviewBrian1.997
2381Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2008 PlaylistTommy1.996
2382Various Artists - Stuart's Highlights of the Year 2008ArticleStuart1.995
2383Quiet Riot - Live and RareAlbum ReviewMichael1.994
2384The LoveCrave - The Angel and the RainAlbum ReviewAlanna1.993
2385Long distance Calling - Satellite BayAlbum ReviewBrian1.991
2386Roadfever - Wheels On fireAlbum ReviewBrian1.991
2387Virgin Steele - The Black Light BacchanaliaAlbum ReviewSteen1.988
2388Shineth - 11 Out Of 10Album ReviewBrian1.988
2389Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2008PlaylistBrian1.986
2390Philip Bardowell - Band InformationBand InformationSteen1.985
2391Dezperadoz - Eye For An EyeAlbum ReviewSteen1.984
2392Marty Friedman - Exhibit A, Live In EuropeAlbum ReviewBrian1.984
2393Various Artists - Playlist - March/April 2008PlaylistSteen1.983
2394Diphtheria - To Wait For FireAlbum ReviewSteen1.983
2395Nothin┤ To Lose - Band InformationBand InformationSteen1.981
2396American Angel - VanityAlbum ReviewBrian1.981
2397Gypsy Pistolero - Duende - Last of the PistolerosAlbum ReviewMichael1.979
2398Sword - MetalizedAlbum ReviewBrian1.978
2399Syrym - SyrymAlbum ReviewBrian1.976
2400UFO - Making Contact, Headstone & MisdemeanorAlbum ReviewMichael1.975
2401George Lynch's Souls Of We - Let The Truth Be KnownAlbum ReviewBrian1.974
2402Crystal Pistol - Crystal PistolAlbum ReviewMichael1.972
2403REO Speedwagon - Find Your Own Way HomeAlbum ReviewBrian1.969
2404Emerald Sun - Escape From TwilightAlbum ReviewAlanna1.968
2405Travers & Appice - It Takes a Lot of BallsAlbum ReviewHashman1.968
2406Various Artists - Playlist - August/September 2008PlaylistAlanna1.968
2407Danger - First TouchAlbum ReviewMichael1.966
2408Steel Tormentor - Return Of A KingAlbum ReviewStuart1.964
2409Chicago - Stone Of SisyphusAlbum ReviewBrian1.964
2410Sacred Dawn - Gears Of The MachineAlbum ReviewSteen1.963
2411Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki┤s Neverland - Reversing TimeAlbum ReviewSteen1.962
2412Saraya - SarayaAlbum ReviewMichael1.962
2413Nazareth - Loud N' Proud/Rampant/Hair of the Dog (Reissues)Album ReviewMichael1.960
2414A.C.T - Todays Report : Imaginary Friends : Last Epic (Re-issues)Album ReviewBrian1.960
2415Various Artists - Playlist - January/February 2008PlaylistTommy1.959
2416Various Artists - Playlist - July/August 2007PlaylistBrian1.958
2417Gaia Epicus - VictoryAlbum ReviewSteen1.956
2418Neal Morse - Testimony 2Album ReviewSteen1.954
2419Honeymoon Suite - Clifton HillAlbum ReviewBrian1.953
2420Hotwire - Devil In DisguiseAlbum ReviewAlanna1.953
2421S.E.X. Department - S.E.X. DepartmentAlbum ReviewMichael1.951
2422Violent Divine - In Harm's WayAlbum ReviewBrian1.951
2423Arkona - LeptaAlbum ReviewStuart1.950
2424Sweden Rock Festival 2009 - Nina's Festival report - Day 1 and 2EventNina1.950
2425Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Night CastleAlbum ReviewAlanna1.947
2426The Cult - Born into ThisAlbum ReviewMichael1.947
2427Stripsearch - StripsearchAlbum ReviewHashman1.946
2428Sieges Even - PlaygroundsAlbum ReviewSteen1.945
2429Mevadio - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen1.945
2430Legs Diamond - Legs Diamond/A Diamond is a Hard Rock/Fire PowerAlbum ReviewMichael1.945
2431Goddess Shiva - Goddess ShivaAlbum ReviewBrian1.940
2432Various Artists - Three new singles - KENJIRO: Unleashed. MORIAN: Away From The Sun. LIP SERVICE: Late Night Love AffairAlbum ReviewBrian1.937
2433Billy Sheehan - Holy CowAlbum ReviewMichael1.937
2434CreoZoth - Band InformationBand InformationSteen1.933
2435TYR - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen1.931
2436Bonfire - BrandedAlbum ReviewBrian1.930
2437Various Artists - Playlist - April/May 2008PlaylistAlanna1.930
2438Diphtheria - Band ProfileBand InformationSteen1.928
2439Sweden Rock Festival 2009 - Steen's Festival DiaryEventSteen1.928
2440Various Artists - Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2008ArticleTommy1.926
2441Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2008PlaylistSteen1.923
2442Various Artists - Playlist - November/December 2007PlaylistTommy1.923
2443Gemini Five - Sex Drugs AnarchyAlbum ReviewMichael1.922
2444The Order - Metal CasinoAlbum ReviewBrian1.920
2445Shining Fury - Band InformationBand InformationSteen1.918
2446Sabaton - Live with Grail Knights at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow - November 4th 2008EventStuart1.915
2447Various Artists - Playlist - December 2007/January 2008PlaylistTommy1.914
2448Blitzkrieg - Band InformationBand InformationSteen1.912
2449Johnny Monaco - OverratedAlbum ReviewMichael1.912
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2451String Cheese Incident - One Step CloserAlbum ReviewHashman1.908
2452Breed 77 - Un EncuentroAlbum ReviewBrian1.904
2453Dolly Daggers - Dolly Daggers (EP)Album ReviewAlanna1.902
2454Highest Dream - Far Away From HereAlbum ReviewAlanna1.902
2455Naughty Boys - R U Naughty EnoughAlbum ReviewBrian1.901
2456Cinderella - In ConcertAlbum ReviewBrian1.897
2457Chrome Division - Band InformationBand InformationSteen1.897
2458Burzum - BelusAlbum ReviewStuart1.896
2459After Hours - Against The GrainAlbum ReviewBrian1.895
2460Lickity Split - Stick it InAlbum ReviewMichael1.893
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2462Jeff Beck - Performing This week....Live at Ronnie Scott'sDVD ReviewMichael1.891
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2464Various Artists - Gotthard: The Call / Langhoff: Hollywood / Jimmy Martin: Love Somebody / Leverage: Follow Down That River / Poodles: Seven SeasAlbum ReviewBrian1.885
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2466Various Artists - Playlist - May/June 2008PlaylistTommy1.884
2467From the Inside - Interview with Danny VaughnInterviewAlanna1.880
2468Wacken Open Air 2008 - Tommy┤s Festival ReportEventTommy1.879
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2470Gotthard - Need to BelieveAlbum ReviewAlanna1.874
2471Backstreet Girls - Hellway to High/ Black Boogie Death Rock N' RollAlbum ReviewMichael1.871
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2473Edu Falaschi - Band InformationBand InformationSteen1.871
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2476Touch - TouchAlbum ReviewBrian1.867
2477Kiss - Kissology vol. 3DVD ReviewMichael1.866
2478Million Dollar Reload - Anthems of a DegenerationAlbum ReviewMichael1.866
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2480Whitesnake - Live at Train, Aarhus Denmark June 1st 2009EventMichael1.865
2481Easy Action - Easy ActionAlbum ReviewMichael1.863
2482Miss Crazy - Miss Crazy IIAlbum ReviewBrian1.861
2483Blaze Bayley - Live with Decadenze, Concept Of Time and Syth at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow - 24th May 2009EventStuart1.861
2484Enuff Z'nuff - DissonanceAlbum ReviewBrian1.860
2485Edguy - My obsession with EdguyArticleNina1.858
2486The Erotics - 30 Seconds over YouAlbum ReviewMichael1.856
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2500Requiem - Band InformationBand InformationSteen1.844
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2505Sweden Rock Festival 2009 - Day 3 (Stuart) - Destroyer 666, Unleashed, MotorheadEventStuart1.834
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2507Sweden Rock Festival 2010 - Steen's Festival ReportEventSteen1.831
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2519Slavior - SlaviorAlbum ReviewAlanna1.812
2520Dan Baird and Homemade Sin - Dan Baird and Homemade SinAlbum ReviewMichael1.812
2521Sweden Rock Festival 2010 - Day 4 - Epica, Watain, StratovariusEventStuart1.809
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2523Various Artists - Brian's Top Ten of 2008ArticleBrian1.805
2524Babylon Bombs - Babylon's BurningAlbum ReviewMichael1.805
2525Mike Tramp - Stand Your GroundAlbum ReviewMichael1.802
2526Lana Lane - Red Planet BoulevardAlbum ReviewAlanna1.802
2527Mary┤s Creek - Some Kind Of HateAlbum ReviewBrian1.801
2528Sweden Rock Festival 2009 - Day 4 (Stuart) - Riot, Immortal, Heaven And HellEventStuart1.798
2529Poets And Pornstars - Poets And PornstarsAlbum ReviewBrian1.794
2530Sweden Rock Festival 2009 - Day 2 (Stuart) - Rage, Candlemass, Twisted SisterEventStuart1.793
2531Black Sabbath - Born Again (deluxe version)Album ReviewMichael1.792
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2534Endeverafter - Kiss or KillAlbum ReviewMichael1.788
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2542Elegy - Reissues: Primal Instinct ; Manifestation Of Fear; Principles Of Pain (Reissue)Album ReviewBrian1.778
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2544Uriah Heep - Official Bootleg - Live at Sweden Rock festival 2009Album ReviewMichael1.776
2545Alleycat Scratch - EncoreAlbum ReviewMichael1.776
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2574Stevie Salas - The Essential . . . The Sun And The EarthAlbum ReviewBrian1.740
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2576Raine Maida - The Hunters LullabyAlbum ReviewBrian1.738
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2583Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum InsanusAlbum ReviewStuart1.729
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2586Tara's Secret - VertigoAlbum ReviewBrian1.727
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2588Bloodstock Open Air 2009 - Day 1 - Sodom, Saxon, CarcassEventStuart1.723
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2597Cobra - First StrikeAlbum ReviewBrian1.708
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2601Black Sabbath - Mob Rules & Live Evil (2010 Deluxe versions)Album ReviewMichael1.696
2602Alkemyst - A Meeting In The MistAlbum ReviewBrian1.696
2603Edguy - Edguy, H.e.a.t. and All Ends - live at Kulturbolaget, Malm÷, Sweden - February 5th 2009.EventNina1.695
2604Tony Harnell & The Mercury Train - Round TripAlbum ReviewAlanna1.691
2605Stryper - Murder By PrideAlbum ReviewBrian1.691
2606Signum Regis - Signum RegisAlbu