Toys of Joy - One of these days (Reissue)
Hard on the heels of Harlot's 'Room With A View' and BJoe's 'Ready To Ride', Denmark's Olafssong's have reissued another two classic AOR albums.

The TOJ album, originally released in 1991, is the better known, and very highly regarded among afficionados.
It's a slick, tasty mix of catchy, sophisticated Westcoast rock spiked with concentrated AOR.
The band, essentially a duo, was formed by vocalist and writer, Henrik Launbjerg and guitarist / writer, Hans Egestorp after a chance meeting at a Music Workshop in Elsinore, Denmark.
The first result of the collaboration was the single 'When The Rain Falls' - a wet dream for Lava fans - and it was on the strength of that song that the band got signed.
They subsequently released 'One Of These Days'.
History tells us that the album suffered the ignominy of being ignored by almost all but the world's bargain bins.
The wheel has turned full circle now and the recording has been resurrected and restored, revealing a clutch of outstanding songs, arrangements and production work.
Produced by writer/guitarist, Egestorp, the album shows his grasp of the pop stylings and FM radio friendly hooks that high profile bands like The LA Cowboys and Mr Mister, and to some extent, Toto used to project their own takes on the Westcoast genre.

The album is littered with outstanding songs, beautifully arranged.
The lilting title track 'One Of These Days', the breezy, bouncy 'Some People' and the lush, ornately urbane 'Hold On' are among the picks, though the margin is small.
Elsewhere, Danish band Hush has built a career around songs like opener 'Watching Your Moves', where the AOR feelgood factor has been torqued up to eleven and each and every heartstring has been tugged to breaking point.
Launbjerg's voice has an amazing resemblance to Don Henley's, with perhaps a twist of Richard Page adding to the attraction, arguably providing the band with an authenticity that could not readily be claimed by other European purveyors of the Westcoast sound.

Written by Brian
Thursday, November 15, 2007
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Review by Brian

Released by
Olafssongs - 2007

Watching Your Moves
Hold On
Bring On The Night
One Of These Days
Some People
When The Rain Falls
Cant Get Nobody Else
Make A Difference
Let It Out

Original released in 1991

Westcoast Rock

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