Interview with Kasper Eistrup - Kashmir
Written by Mads

I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite vocalists ever Kasper Eistrup, just before the show in Esbjerg on Tobakken 04-04-2003. It was an exclusive for our site and an honour to do this interview. Before reading it, I would like to point out that I did the interview in Danish and then translated the whole thing. So if I misquoted him, I'm very sorry and please forgive me. :)

Well it's a great album you have made, was it hard to create something new?
Yes, it been tough getting started I think. It's been getting started on the whole writing process that has been the hardest part. As we got started and had some of the first track down on tape, it was like the ideas came more or less by themselves. And that is often the way it is when we have made albums. It's always the first three or four tracks that have been the hardest to do, they are often the ones that start the direction, the album is going to take. At the same time, I'm afraid to do something that sucks. The fact that our last album was received so well by both press and fans, made it hard to start on a new album, because it had to live up to that standard.

I think that as an old Kashmir fan I am craving for some more rocking tunes, which you have left a bit and then again not because some of the tracks have those rock elements. Is that the new style you are aiming for?
It's not like we sit down and schematic plan the style of the album, we don't decide in advance which way it goes. I think what we experience when we are talking in the band about what we want to do, is where we go when we make the tracks. It's also hard to dictate the style, and say that we have to play some more rock. It's also what comes to you as ideas and let them be the way they are. And we have also grown as people, and have gotten other inspirations and want to do something else than "Jamie Fame Flame" and "Bring Back Superman". Those kinds of tracks are more a part of that time.

I've read and heard the Zitilites is a dark and gloomy album, but I think that The Good Life was very melancholic, how do you look upon that? Do you find the new album more melancholic?
Well one can say that the difference of the two albums is that The Good Life was more accessible than Zitilites. Zitilites is more experimental in it's sound, it's not a record that has those big stadium rock hits where everyone sings along. It's more an album where the listener has to think to get into the universe of the album. But what I have heard from people is that the more they have listened to the album the more they have started to like it more, it has grown on them.

Yes, that is my opinion as well; from the first couple of times I've listened to it and to just before I went here today, the album has changed a lot.
And that is how I think it should be, I think it's great that there is pop music in this world, and there is a lot of Pop rock in Denmark right now that the entire population likes. The music that I listen to is not Saybia, Carpark North or you name it Nik & Jay, I don't listen to those bands at home. And I don't feel that I am a part of Saybia and Carpark North's style. I think they are great at playing that kind of music, but that is not where Kashmir is any longer, perhaps on The Good Life we where more in the same family. But I am happy that we have grown and don't think that we belong there any more. I just want to add that I have nothing but respect for Saybia and Carpark North.

For me it's always been like Kashmir makes music for Kashmir, and not really for anyone else. It's always been what you wanted to do and not what the trend dictated and sell thousand of albums on that behalf.
Of course we don't just make music for ourselves, we like to communicate with people, and that people gets something out of what we do. We don't have any interest in playing concerts in our rehearsal room. I think it's also a job that we have to earn to a living with. Of course we want to go out and play live. But we don't sit and think that our singles have to be 3 minutes long to get play on the radio.

That is what I meant that you do it for yourselves that way.
We do what we like and that is what is important!

I was wondering about the one million versions of Zitilites or at least five cd versions you have released it in. was that your own idea or the one of the record company?
Yes it was.

So you are doing the Kiss thing?
Ha ha ha yes with their solo albums. It's because we are very interested in cover artwork. I think that it has to be a part of the experience when you buy a record you get something extra to look at as you listen to the music, something that feels good and something more that you are use to. And we demanded these versions was sent out, And we think it's cool to do those limited editions. I am a collector of old vinyl albums, and I think it's great when you find something special.

That is also a great thing, but as a fan that wants everything by a band it gets a bit expensive!
Yes! If you want to have everything it gets a bit expensive, but we don't force anyone to buy them.

Yes! My brother just bought the vinyl version and was going crazy over that.
You often use a higher level of English in your lyrics, is that something you do on purpose?
I don't really know about that! I don't think so. We are not interested in distancing ourselves from the people that listen to our records by use a higher level of English. English is very easy for me; I've been able to speak it before I was able to write in Danish. I don't think about it when I write. at the same time I think that playing with words is great, and being able to not sound so cliché all the time.

I know you wrote a track for Peter Belli called "I Stjerners Sted", and I know you have written in it English as well. Is that ever going to be a part of a Kashmir album?
No that is Peters track. I have written it for him and not with any intention of ever performing it myself. I made a local radio interview once and the title "I Bang By Head Against The Wall" was something I made up on the spot. And it was recorded in my kitchen but not a track that is destined to be released in a Kashmir version.

Last time I was at a Kashmir concert I was hoping for a few tracks from the first album but no, you didn't play any of those, have you stopped playing those tracks?
Let me put it this way; I can't say that we will never ever play them again. But when we make a set list, we take the tracks that we want to play. We don't want to play a big parade of our 'hits'. I know it sounds a bit egotistic, but on the other hand I don't want the fans to get a poor performed version of a track that takes the pleasure away from the listener. So when we sit down and think about what we want to play, it's done out of love for the tracks and because that is where we are in our lives right now.

Well I think that tracks like "Rose" and "Christians Dive" could be played with the new track with out hurting the overall flow of the show:
Yes perhaps you are right. but we are not saying that we will never play those tracks ever again.

I was wondering if you are going to do a live album?
Well we have talked about doing a live DVD instead, but if it will ever come to be, I don't know yet. I think it will come out just before Christmas if it comes. It will probably become a DVD instead of a live album!

How about singles? You didn't send any single out ahead of time in the shops this time around. Will you release any singles from the Zitilites album?
I think that "Rocket Brothers" should be the next single from the album and it will become available in the shops as well.

Also I was thinking that a lot of the old singles feature the same songs over and over again. Do you have something special for the new singles?
I don't know? We have made plans to release an EP at some point. We have always been fond of making EPs, and putting out tracks that are not normally heard on a Kashmir album. As well as the fact that the EPs are often the end of the album with some outtakes. We have tons of material lying around, a lot of things that aren't finished and a lot of instrumental passages. We have been experimenting a lot with instrumental music for a while now.

Perhaps there will be an instrumental album someday?
That is very likely; it's not that unrealistic at all in fact.

That was about all I had for now.
Well it was great that you would come. if there is anything else you would like to know now is the time.

Well I have to think. a track like "Daddy's Cabaret" is hard to come by. The EP is sold out. And a lot of people would like that tracks will it be available again?
I think that perhaps we will reprint the EP or put the track on a cd with some of the older stuff.

I think it's one of the best tracks you have made, especially the version that is on the EP with the strings. Well that was that. Thanks for your time.
You are very welcome.

Written by Mads - 4/10/2003

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RevelationZ Comments

Comment by micado (Anonymous) - Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Great interview

Comment by Mads (Anonymous) - Wednesday, April 16, 2003
@Micado: thanks it was a great experience for me to interview Kasper Eistrup... what a nice man he is...

Comment by Tine (Anonymous) - Monday, June 2, 2003
Kasper Eistrup is the best! I just love that man ! And... HE is SO hoT!!!

Comment by Daisymou (Anonymous) - Friday, August 1, 2003
I am in the UK and really want to buy the Carpark North album but I can't find it anywhere. If you can help please let me know at

Comment by Bob (Anonymous) - Sunday, August 24, 2003
Well.... Higher lever of english? Several parts are not even correct... it doesn't matter, the music sounds good anyway.... but advanced english? nah..

Comment by mads (Anonymous) - Sunday, August 24, 2003
@bob: well i was meant that most danish bands don't use the english language in the same kind of way Kashmir does... so that is what I meant by higher level of english...

Comment by MIchelle (Anonymous) - Wednesday, November 19, 2003
The man is a genius.

Comment by Martin Ross (Anonymous) - Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Hej Mads.

Cool interview. Er det muligt at få en kopi af den danske udgave? Hvis, må du meget gerne skrive til mig på

Comment by Elise (Anonymous) - Friday, January 23, 2004
Thanks for the interview!
Really great!
Here in Germany you don't get much of Kashmir, so I'm very thankful for any piece of information I can get! :)

Oh and Kasper just sounds as nice and intelligent as I had thought and hoped!

And I know what you mean by higher level of English, the lyrics are full of metaphors and mysteries - and that's what I love!!!
I really like to think it over and over again and it's great what you get out of it!

Comment by Iliana (Anonymous) - Monday, April 18, 2005
This page is perfect

Comment by Lisa (Anonymous) - Saturday, July 15, 2006
Best regards from NY!

Comment by Emma (Anonymous) - Sunday, January 21, 2007
I think Kasper Eistrup is the BEST!! I really enjoy listen to his music. I think it's so relaxing and beautiful! He is a genius!
I especially like this song "every one should have a mummy in love, and a daddy in space"! That is the best and yesterday, I had thought of it, the entire day, and in the evening it came in radio. That is faith!
LOVE YOU KASHMIR!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Lots of love Emma (DK)

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