Piledriver - Metal Inquisition
Piledriver's Metal Inquisition from 1985 provides a perfect balance of humorous lyrics, powerful riffing, old school attitude and just overall kick ass Metal!

The Canadian act only released two records, then vanished into oblivion, and to this day there's quite a bit of confusion as to who these guys were exactly. The truth is, that Piledriver was never really a band, but a project, only consisting of two persons: Leslie Howe, who played all instruments and penned the songs, and Gord Kirchin doing the vocals. And a drum machine. (For more information, check out the Piledriver band page)

Nevertheless, this album (re-released in 1997) deserves some more attention; it really is a high class, uncompromising Heavy Metal slap in the face for all old school rockers!

The brilliant title track featuring the immortal line "If you're not a Metalhead, you might as well be dead!" sets the mood and reveals the musical talents and lyrical style of Piledriver immediately. A perfect mix of old 80's Metal and dynamic thrash riffs, this song delivers metal attitude in the purest, most fun and ass kicking way!

The nature of this style is very simple, on the verge of being primitive, but that it is still a joy to listen to and doesn't get boring is both it's strength and it's charm. Sex With Satan is a perfect example of this, straightforward but powerful.

Sodomize The Dead is a short song, containing only a chorus, a lot of screams and grunting and other nice sounds. It's a cool little, unserious break.

Witch Hunt is absolutely one of the records coolest tracks. A slow, ultra heavy rhythm section provides the backbone. Soaring well-played guitars and snarling, rough vocals help complete this embodiment of real Metal. This track makes me feel like I'm in the middle of the 80's Heavy Metal scene; it's just so damn cool!

Piledriver is a solid, dirty rocker, and one of my favorites. The driving riffs and the snarling hard vocals make this a track worthy of some headbanging action!

After this, I feel like the best part of the album is over, and the two last songs don't quite live up to the high standard of the rest of the album. Human Sacrifice is close to being down right bad, with its generic, non-catchy structure.

It gets a bit better with Alien Rape, the spectacular and intense screaming, along with some great guitar moments save the song, but it would have been better if shortened down a few minutes.

The re-released version of the album ends on a funny note, as an old Piledriver interview is included. Rock Hard journalist Götz Kühnemund apparently mailed the Piledriver some questions, and his responds was quite extraordinary. He made a tape with all kind of whacked out sound effects, vocal distortions and far out stories and sceneries. I won't go into detail here, this is something that has to be heard! It's almost like a little radio play, with one wild story after the other! A hilarious journey into pure madness!

All in all the album is politically incorrect, dirty, vulgar and uncompromisingly raw. It's everything an old school record could hope to be!

Written by Nina
Monday, July 4, 2005
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Nina: 8.5/10

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RevelationZ Comments

Comment by 666beers=InfernalHangouver (Anonymous) - Monday, August 22, 2005
This albun's a must have, needless to say.

As for the upcoming gig, It seems that recreating a fake thing isn't a simple thing to do.
Even the less to see a old fat guy with a spoiled voice with his fellow no-metaheads(by the pics on the official page).
This so called reunion is a shit, someone call that man to his senses.

Comment by Nina - RevelationZ (Anonymous) - Monday, August 22, 2005
Hail 666beers!
You are right,it isn't simple...I had high hopes for this reunion for once (and still do I guess), but you are right about the pictures...the band look like Gwar on a bad day! But then again, I don't know what else I should have expected...

Piledriver live pics:

Comment by King Cosmic Metal Master (Anonymous) - Tuesday, January 23, 2007
You are so wrong about Human Sacrifice!!! This is one of the best songs on the album, and its lyrics, a tongue-in-cheek ode to everyone's experience of drinking and smoking to excess, are brilliant and hilarious. I bought this LP new off the shelf in '84, and have listened to it hundreds of times. Every song is great, but Human Sacrifice just has something special for me. Give it another listen.

In addition, I had the pleasure to see Piledriver live with Anvil in a sports bar here in Toronto the night before new years (3 1/2 weeks ago). Fat, yes. Costume, yes. Hilarious, yes. But his voice was actually in great shape. The band, complete with skull masks all around, played the songs exactly, and it was a damned pleasure to be able to sing along with all these songs live. Not 100% serious, obviously, but man what a great time.

Review by Nina

Released by
Ghetto Records - 1984

1. Metal Inquisition
2. Sex With Satan
3. Sodomize The Dead
4. Witch Hunt
5. Pile Driver
6. Human Sacrifice
7. Alien Rape
8. The Master Hath Spoken - A Piledriven Interview

Re-released by Maximum Metal in 1997

80´s Heavy Metal

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