Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman vs. No More Tears
It wasn't too many years ago, that when you said the two words Ozzy Osbourne, you knew that you were talking about the integrity of heavy metal, but a few years ago that all changed and Ozzy went from being the one of the godfathers of metal to a household name and a man with his own docu-soap run money machine decorated with a manipulating wife and moronic and misbehaved children. Well what we don't know is if it always have been like that? It probably has, but back then we didn't know about all this, and the life of The Prince of Darkness was still mystic and surrounded with tales and legends.
I mean for god sake my grandmother aged 79 watch The Osbournes, how rock'n'roll can that be?

All this has made me dream back to the days of Ozzy being a metal hero, and not a cartoon like person screaming for his wife while tottering around in his sweat pants.
And when I try to think of the essential Ozzy album, two very different albums come to mind, Diary of a Madman and No More Tears, but then again are these two albums really that different, are there similarities even though that they have been written and recorded by totally different people a decade apart?

So what are the similarities?

- They were both released a year into their decade (1981 and 1991)
- Both albums are landmark Ozzy recordings.
- Both had some of the best musicians of their time
- They were both the second album with Ozzy for the two most respected, influential and idolised guitar heroes Ozzy has used.
- The title tracks are two epics that really stand out on the two albums.

For me Dairy and Tears both mark a comeback for Ozzy as the undisputed king of metal, true there are a lot of other huge acts around, but none have made it quite as long or done it the way Ozzy has. Some would clime that this honour falls to Blizzard of Ozz and No Rest for the Wicked, but I feel that while being good albums, they only assured that Ozzy was on his way back, but he hadn't quite made it back yet.

Ozzy has always managed to surround himself with great musicians, and I guess that is why his albums always and still are of such high quality both musical but also when it comes to the actual playing.
On Diary Ozzy's 81 ensemble consists of guitar wiz Randy Rhoads, metal first call bassist Rudy Sarzo and the always steady Doug Aldridge on drums.
Ten years later on Tears Ozzy's ranks are guitar monster Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillio behind the drums and Bob Daisley and Mike Inez on bass, it doesn't get much better than that in 91.

One thing you can always count on with an Ozzy recording, is that the guitar work will always be of the highest quality, nothing is left to chance here, and when you look over the time since Ozzy were "asked" to leave Sabbath, he has made sure to have top nudge six stringers around, Randy Rhoads, Brad Gillis, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde and Joe Holmes.

On these two recordings we have the two guitarists that will forever be linked to Ozzy (and with good reason); Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde.
Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde has both created their own unique style and are instantly recognisable. The classic trained Rhoads has a more orchestral approach to his playing, but still remains a savage during his solos while keeping fresh and alive in the rest of the tune with his very alive playing, which is a bit different to the balls to the wall but still highly technical way of Zakk Wylde, with his trademark overtones and heavily detuned, EMG stacked Les Pauls wall of pure metal.

Both have managed in their own way to give Ozzy an edge that no one else had or has, and both were/are an icon in their own time.
But as both albums were each guitarist's second album with Ozzy you can hear a growth in the playing and writing, though Ozzy had a bit more people to help him on Tears, both guitarists are the main men along with Ozzy with regards to the music on the albums. With that growth both guitarists shine more than on their debut Ozzy albums, and both remain as a testament of the two amazing guitarists' huge talent.

The track Diary of a Madman is very different to the track No More Tears, but they are both epics in their own way and both due to the unique playing and writing style of Rhoads and Wylde.
Diary of a Madman is a huge sounding track with layers of acoustic guitars, a huge build up to the solo and choir to back up the atmosphere created by the music but also Ozzy's frantic vocals. This is Randy Rhoads' master class, of how to do the Randy Rhoads thing.
No More Tears is also a big track but in a different way. Whereas layers of acoustic guitars and a choir were used for making the big sound on Diary of a Madman, a keyboard is used here with great skill, and then there is that riff, probably the most ballsy riff ever played, and to think that some if it is done by playing slide.

So apart from being landmark recordings for Ozzy, and two iconic guitarists delivering their best performances of their life, these two albums are very high quality music from the first to the last track with timeless classics (apart from the two mentioned above) such as: Mr Tinkertrain, Flying High Again, Over the Mountain, Mama, I'm Coming Home, Hellraiser, Time After Time, Believer, Zombie Stomp and I could go on.

Diary of a Madman - 8/10
No More Tears - 8/10

Written by Morten
Friday, September 9, 2005
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Rating: 9/10
No More Tears was the last great Ozzy album. Diary of a Madman is Ozzy's best solo album o... · Read more ·

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RevelationZ Comments

Comment by Alanna (Staff) - Saturday, September 10, 2005
RevelationZ Staff

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I'd have to give the nod to "No More Tears" if choosing between these two. Mr. Tinkertrain and Road to Nowhere were awesome songs, and bookends for some great stuff inbetween. It's probably the last Ozzy album that I enjoyed in its entirety.

Posted by Alanna (Staff)
Saturday, September 10, 2005

Comment by alex (Anonymous) - Sunday, September 11, 2005
man desire is a masterpiece the riff of zombie stomp is catchy and heavy at the same time no more tears with one of the greatest solos ever I think.
And the hymn mamma I`m comming home is simple with a great chorus and harmonies from zakk wylde

Comment by Phil (Anonymous) - Sunday, September 11, 2005
I think Diary has the upperhand here. Allthough I'm not saying it's a better album (I think they're both egually good) but Diary hit harder then and was the album besides Blizzard that build the trademark Ozzy sound. Zakk Wylde is a great guitar player but Randy was THe guitar player and the only one who would near his skills were EVH and if you think about it, No Randy probably no Yngwie, and no Yngwie then there would be very few guitarist coming out of the 80's and that means Zakk too.
Besides I think nothing can top Flying High which is the ultimate Ozzy tune and best crafted solo ever made.

Comment by Theo (Anonymous) - Thursday, September 22, 2005
I think it's a shame you mention Sarzo and Aldridge. They didn't create Diary. They were hired by Sharon to play on the cd, so they didn't have to pay Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake who played and co-wrote Dairy.

To me Dairy is more magical than Tears. Sorry that Ozzy turn into this marionet/clown.

Comment by Morten - revelationz (Anonymous) - Friday, September 23, 2005

you are right, but that does not make either performence any worse. :) (what happened is that I have both versions, and the one I used truned out to be the re-recorded one...)

Comment by Shredman (Anonymous) - Saturday, October 1, 2005
I agree with Theo.. I love No More Tears but there is something really special about Diary...try listening to the title track with headphones on in the dark. It freaks me out! I lost a lot of respect for Ozzy when I heard what happend to Daisly/Kerslake. Morton burn your re-recorded version.

Comment by Migs (Anonymous) - Sunday, October 2, 2005
Hi Morten, I have to tell you that there's an error in this review, regarding the line-up who record the album "diary".

The real players on that record where Bob Daysley and Lee Kerslake : they didn't only written the record, they also PLAYED in that record, all of the songs! Sarzo and Aldridge didnt play a singole note!

You can read it here

Comment by Migs (Anonymous) - Sunday, October 2, 2005
Oh ok, you knew it already! sorry!

Comment by Rob (Anonymous) - Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Gotta go with "Diary" here for two reasons. I think Rhoads was an amazing player that probably influenced Wylde.You can argue the point of the best players but really it is only opinion.
Also the bigger impact on metal music was made with "Diary".If you don't think so then tell me how metal was changed after "Tears".

Comment by Miguel (Anonymous) - Wednesday, March 7, 2007
ok one quick point u said "They were both the second album with Ozzy for the two most respected, influential and idolised guitar heroes Ozzy has used." Jake E. Lee is a thousand times better than Zakk Wylde and i think many realy Ozzy fans would agree. I dont think "No more Tears" is the right album to compare with "Diary". "Diary" was inovative and very different "Tears" needed Lenny Kravitz and other pop people to help write good tracks something Randy nor Jake would have needed. "Diary" is by far the better album.

Comment by Kris (Anonymous) - Sunday, May 6, 2007
Miguel....Lenny Cravitz was not a part of this album... Lemmy Kilmeister from Motorhead was though.

Morten...Miguel...anyone else writing a term paper or review...

This is a little admonishment for all you young dudes and dudettes... If you dont really know what you are talking about when it comes to Rock and Roll History, go to wikipedia.com and look it up! They have quite the extensive library and after some time of reflective reading you wont be likely to spread untrue rumors about who, wha,t when, and where our Fathers of rock have been. Good day!

Comment by joe satan (Anonymous) - Saturday, August 11, 2007
no more tears is an album of loud sounds mixed in with peacefullness of sick piano and is longer than diary of a madman. yet diary of a madman is just a load of bollocks (exept for diary of a madman the song). also the cover pf no more tears was develeped from the outskirts of hell yet diary of some random mad bloke was developed from the outskirts of ozzys basement. no more tears 8.5/10 diary of someone random 5.5/10

Comment by ThraX (Member) - Tuesday, September 18, 2007
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Comments: 135
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I love both albums 10/10 for me and I agree with Theo's comment, but I do love "No More Tears" just as much as "Diary Of A Madman"

Posted by ThraX
Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Comment by notrap (Member) - Monday, September 29, 2008
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Comments: 55
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Hummm..comparing Diary and No More Tears..
Well written Morten, but please let me disagree about the similarities.
"Diary" it's not the best release of the Randy's era. It's "Blizzard of Ozz". This debut album
It's Ozzy's most important record.
It's rather difficult to compare such completely opposed records.
One, was the first, with a british Heavy sound and concept. The other, more commercial and "american".
If we erase Ozzy's voice, we found 2 different bands. One from England, with an American Guitar Player, other
From USA with a slight British accent.

I believe it's more honest to compare the releases from the 3 big Ozzy's periods:

Blizzard of Ozz - 9/10
Diary of a Madman - 8/10
Bark at the Moon - 9/10
Ultimate Sin - 9/10
No Rest for the Wicked - 8/10
No More Tears - 8/10

Mr. Jake E Lee was always extremely rejected. I never understood why. He did a great job.

Good review Morten, I only disagree with the similarities. I find really few.

Posted by notrap
Monday, September 29, 2008

Review by hardrockfanatic (Member) - Thursday, May 6, 2010
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Comments: 1
Ratings: 10
No More Tears was the last great Ozzy album. Diary of a Madman is Ozzy's best solo album overall.

Rating: 9/10

Posted by hardrockfanatic
Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review by Morten

Released by
Sony Music Entertainment - 1981


Diary of a Madman:
Over the Mountain
Flying High Again
You Can't Kill Rock and Roll
Little Dolls
Diary of a Madman

No More Tears:
Mr. Tinkertrain
I Don't Want to Change the World
Mama, I'm Coming Home
No More Tears
Time After Time
Zombie Stomp
Road to Nowhere

Heavy Metal

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Ozzy Osbourne - Official Website

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