Helloween - Live In Sao Paulo
Actually the full title of this double CD set is: 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006, Live On Three Continents / Live In Sao Paulo'. Try asking for that in your local megastore.

It tells the story though. The source album was welcomed by critics and fans alike, worldwide, and subsequently led to a 100 concert journey through 40 countries.
The Tokyo and Sofia gigs were also recorded and may also lead to CD/DVD releases at some point in the future.

It was maybe appropriate that the Sao Paulo concert got to the front of the queue. An ecstatic, vociferous, 6000 crowd recognise each song instantly and join in immediately. This level of adulation is impressive, and just a little scary. No question, Helloween are big in Brazil.

Arguably, this is how live albums should be, raw, imperfect, exciting, engaging, with plenty of audience participation. Sound and mix are pretty good if you overlook the sometimes intrusive crowd noise. Guitars, rhythms and voice are keenly balanced, with Weikath's and Gerstner's pumped up, amped up axework just about edging it.
Having said that, Andy Deris is impressive here. His voice soars through every song, hitting sonorous low notes and bat troubling highs with apparent ease. However, nothing out of ten for his laboured, faintly embarrassing between song banter. Let's ignore that.

As with every live album there'll be favourites missing and tracks included that surprise you.
Disc 1 highlights include a pounding version of 'The King For A Thousand Years', a huge, ultra-powerful version of 'If I Could Fly' and a majestic 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys'.

If the arena had a roof it would have been raised significantly by the roar that greeted 'Future World', the opening track on Disc 2. Frankly, it's not one of Helloween's better songs and extending it to 10 minutes exemplifies the variable quality of the band's decisions over the years.
Major league redemption comes in the form of a blistering version of 'The Invisible Man', a breezily bouncy 'Mrs God', a punchy, hard hitting 'I Want Out' and a sharp, concise version of personal favourite 'Dr.Stein', enlivened by Deris's theatrical vocal performance.
Disc 2 closes with lifts from the other continents. 'Occasion Avenue' from the Vicowice gig and 'Halloween' from the Tokyo concert. Tasters of future live releases, no doubt, and a neat way to finish.

All round great value.

Written by Brian
Thursday, April 12, 2007
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Comment by tenaka (Member) - Wednesday, November 14, 2007
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I just would like to correct you. Helloween was actually recorded in Masters of Rock in Vizovice, CZ (great open air festival by the way ;) )and in Tokyo

Posted by tenaka
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Review by Brian

Released by
SPV - 2007

Disc 1
The King
Eagle Fly Free
Hell Was Made In Heaven
Keeper Of The Seven Keys
A Tale That Wasn't Right
If I Could Fly

Disc 2
Future World
The Invisible man
Mrs God
I Want Out
Dr Stein
Occasion Avenue


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