Interview with Glen Drover - Eidolon
Written by Mads

How did your band start, I know that it is a rather old band, but when and where did you start as Eidolon?

We (me and Shawn) started Eidolon back in 93. we were an instrumental out fit back then.

I like the heaviness of the metal you play; you don't sound like every other power metal band, would you consider yourself a Power metal band?

In certain ways yes, but i think we have a lot to offer in metal. from speed to epic and everything in between. we cover a lot of ground within Heavy Metal.

Eidolon got a new lead singer, why and how did you find the new singer?

We parted ways with our original vocalist Brian Soulard for Musical reasons. we realized that we needed a more powerful and more dynamic singer to better suit the band, and so through the auditions, we found Pat Mulock who resides here in Toronto, Canada with the majority of the band. he is a great addition to the band, and things are going great.

On your new album "Coma Nation" it seems to me that you are back in the style of "Nightmare World" with not only fast tracks but also a more melodic vibe to it, did you feel the need for different styles songs on this album?

We never really plan out what we are going to do, we pretty much go with the flow and write how we feel for the most part, but we do realize that the band is more about diversity and dynamics, and will probably continue, and expand in this direction for sometime to come.

"Within the gates" is a pretty amazing song with some great riffs. Did you just start out by saying "Lets write a 19 minute song" or how did it come alive?

Yeah, thats about it. Shawn and I wanted to do a real long song for some time now, and i guess we felt that this was the time to do it. we are all very proud of that song. it is probably my favorite Eidolon song to date.

Are you planning to do some kind of European tour? What are your plans for the future?

No plans for European tour at this point unfortunately, but we will be doing some dates in Canada to support the album this summer. thats all we have plans for right now.

Written by Mads - 7/24/2002

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RevelationZ Comments

Comment by Effie Drover (Anonymous) - Sunday, May 9, 2004
Hi Glen,
I am happy for you! I am trying to locate a picture of you guys! Last time I saw you boys you were about six and Shawn was a bit older. I hope you get to read this so you'll know I'm thinking of you.
Love Auntie Effie.

Comment by steve m (Anonymous) - Saturday, April 21, 2007
hey glen thanks for giving me some music lessons in grade 6..its great that your doing well in your profession were great back then and great now ..take care stevie

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