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Mads is no longer part of the RevelationZ staff. As long as his articles are available on the site, this page will be here.

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Daily Spotlight
Queensrÿche - Rage for order
CoverAhh good old Queensrÿche... Rage for order was released back in 1986 and of all their albums this one is my favorite along wi....
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Retro Reviews

Anthrax - Among The Living
CoverAnthrax is a band you can call a lot of things; one of them is not being static in their musical approach. Among The Living is one of their strongest and most integrated releases, combining trashing, ....
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Harem Scarem - Mood Swings
CoverHarem Scarem seem to reinvent themselves every other album, going from the keyboard filled Def Leppard meets Honeymoon Suite debut and sliding all the way into the depths of nu-breed "modern" rock and....
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