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My top 10 Pink Floyd SongsPink FloydSandra2/9/2011
Michael's Top 10 - 2010Various ArtistsMichael1/13/2011
Brian's Top 10 Albums of 2010Various ArtistsBrian1/13/2011
My favorite workout music lately!Various ArtistsSandra1/11/2011
Stuart's Highlights Of The Year 2010Various ArtistsStuart1/10/2011
Steen's Favorite Albums of 2010Various ArtistsSteen1/2/2011
RevelationZ Top 20 Dio Tracks - A TributeDioStuart6/5/2010
21 Albums Of The 2000s Various ArtistsAlanna2/17/2010
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2009Various ArtistsTommy2/10/2010
Nina's Albums Of The Year - 2009Various ArtistsNina1/22/2010
Alanna's Year In Review - 2009Various ArtistsAlanna1/20/2010
Brian's Pick of 2009Various ArtistsBrian1/16/2010
Stuart's Highlights of the year 2009Various ArtistsStuart1/14/2010
Michael's Highlights of Year 2009Various ArtistsMichael1/7/2010
Steen's Favorite Albums of 2009Various ArtistsSteen1/5/2010
Book review: Sheriff McCoy - outlaw legend of Hanoi RocksHanoi RocksMichael9/30/2009
Best of 2009, so far . . . -Various ArtistsBrian8/11/2009
My obsession with EdguyEdguyNina3/13/2009
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2008Various ArtistsTommy2/23/2009
Book review: Rudy Sarzo - Off The RailsOzzy OsbourneMichael2/17/2009
Alanna's Highlights 2008Various ArtistsAlanna1/27/2009
Steen's Highlights of 2008Various ArtistsSteen1/19/2009
Michael's Highlights of the year 2008Various ArtistsMichael1/18/2009
Brian's Top Ten of 2008Various ArtistsBrian1/15/2009
Stuart's Highlights of the Year 2008Various ArtistsStuart1/10/2009
The State Of Power Metal MusicVarious ArtistsTommy12/30/2008
Rock Band 2 - Game ReviewRock Band 2Alanna10/20/2008
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2007Various ArtistsTommy3/30/2008
Mascot Records label portraitVarious ArtistsMichael3/12/2008
The Narrator's CurseVarious ArtistsSteen2/4/2008
A look back at 2007Various ArtistsBrian1/17/2008
Year in Review 2007 - The Best and WorstVarious ArtistsAlanna1/11/2008
Stuartīs Highlights of The Year 2007Various ArtistsStuart1/9/2008
Michaelīs Highlights Of The Year 2007Various ArtistsMichael1/7/2008
Steenīs Highlights Of The Year 2007Various ArtistsSteen1/4/2008
Heavy Metal or Heavy Meaning?Various ArtistsMichael Terrax10/23/2007
Buying Music Online. A Metal And Hard Rock Flavoured Shopping GuideVarious ArtistsTommy8/1/2007
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2006Various ArtistsTommy4/5/2007
Michaelīs Highlights Of The Year 2006Various ArtistsMichael1/29/2007
Year in Review 2006 - The Best and WorstVarious ArtistsAlanna1/23/2007
The Swedish Glam and Sleaze sceneVarious ArtistsMichael10/14/2006
London Calling! - A look at London's Rock/Sleaze/Hard Rock sceneVarious ArtistsMichael8/18/2006
Studio Report - The making of Glow Of Dawn7thornsNina6/6/2006
Alannaīs All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 100Various ArtistsAlanna5/31/2006
Ninaīs All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 50Various ArtistsNina5/30/2006
Steenīs All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 100 (Part Two - 50-1)Various ArtistsSteen5/29/2006
Steenīs All Time Favorite Songs - The Top 100 (Part One - 100-51)Various ArtistsSteen5/15/2006
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2005Various ArtistsTommy3/27/2006
In the studio with Drugdealer CheerleaderDrugdealer CheerleaderMichael3/3/2006
Concept Albums Are No MindcrimeVarious ArtistsMichael Terrax2/15/2006
Hashmanīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsHashman2/5/2006
Alannaīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsAlanna2/2/2006
Michaelīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsMichael1/30/2006
Ninaīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsNina1/27/2006
Steenīs Favorite Albums of 2005Various ArtistsSteen1/27/2006
What is the deal with the metal-vest?NoneMorten7/30/2005
Legend of the Bone Carver - Pyramaze Studio ReportPyramazeSteen4/23/2005
Tajs' Top 10 Albums Of 2004VariousTajs2/26/2005
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2004Various ArtistsTommy2/19/2005
Book Review - Metallica - So What: The Good, the Mad, and the UglyMetallicaJonah1/27/2005
Book review - AC/DC - A Definitive HistoryAC/DCJonah1/22/2005
Alanna's Top 15 Albums of 2004VariousAlanna1/21/2005
Mattīs Top 10 Albums Of 2004VariousMatthew1/12/2005
2004 in review: Michaelīs Top 20 albums and best concertsVariousMichael1/10/2005
Book review - Hammer of the Gods - The Led Zeppelin SagaVariousJonah1/9/2005
Book Review - Black Sabbath: The Ozzy Osbourne YearsBlack SabbathJonah1/8/2005
Ninaīs Top Ten Albums of 2004VariousNina1/6/2005
Jonahīs Top 20 Albums of 2004VariousJonah1/4/2005
Book review - TommylandTommy LeeJonah12/31/2004
Steen's top 20 albums of 2004VariousSteen12/26/2004
Book Review - The Top 500 Heavy Metal Albums of All TimeVariousJonah12/23/2004
Dimebag Darrell rememberedDamageplanHashman12/10/2004
Book review - Hell Bent for LeatherVariousJonah12/6/2004
Book review - Rainbow Rising - The Story of Ritchie Blackmoreīs RainbowRitchie BlackmoreHashman8/22/2004
Studio Report: My time with Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy and Randy GeorgeNeal MorseDavid6/15/2004
Movie review - Metallica - Some kind of monsterMetallicaSteen4/15/2004
Book review - The Cheese Chronicles: The True Story of A Rock and Roll Band You Have Never Heard OfGovernment CheeseHashman3/15/2004
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2003VariousTommy3/9/2004
Steenīs Top 20 albums of 2003 and other highlightsVariousSteen1/15/2004
Book Review - Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All TimeVarious ArtistsHashman10/17/2003
Book Review - Sound of the Beast - The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy MetalVariousHashman6/16/2003
Internships, a gateway into the recording industryNoneHashman5/10/2003
Reviews And Ratings, Why Are We DifferentNoneTommy3/20/2003
Bonus Tracks Or Not Bonus Tracks... That is The QuestionNoneMads3/17/2003
Ratings explained...NoneSteen2/9/2003
Tommy's Highlights Of The Year 2002VariousTommy1/20/2003
A view back at the highlights of 2002VariousSteen1/11/2003
Album Of The Year and other Musical Discoveries of 2002VariousMads1/11/2003
My view on Heavy MetalNoneMads7/7/2002

Daily Spotlight
Elegy - Labyrinth of Dreams (Reissue)
CoverHaving sold more than a quarter of a million albums in their career, it often seems that the Netherlands pro....
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Retro Reviews

Zakk Wylde - Book of Shadows
CoverI remember working a record store during the summer of '96 and getting a promo copy of this record to play in the store, I thought, "I'm ready to rock," and to my surprise, instead of the cranking rus....
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The Almighty - Soul Destruction
Cover"Soul Destruction" was the second studio album from The Almighty. Originated in Scotland the band took the world by storm with their dirty biker/Sleaze Rock. The bands visual image was raw personified....
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