Kingdom Come - Kingdom Come
Ok - Don't bash this album without having heard it or at least make an effort to hear it again before any harsh comments. This is Kingdom Come's debut album, which unfortunately suffered from Polydor Records' marketing strategy trying to fool the consumers that this was a new Led Zeppelin. Polydor send out white label promos of the single Get it On out to American radio with no info. A lot of people thought this was a Led Zeppelin reunion and when the album came out everyone realized it was the unknown band Kingdom Come and even though the album got lots of attention the strategy backfired with press and other musicians calling Kingdom Come copycats.

Of course I am not gonna deny the Led Zeppelin resemblance. Especially in Lenny Wolf's voice - but in my book it is not so bad to sound like Robert Plant. Get it On is structured around a riff very similar to Led Zeppelin's Kashmir and it has emotions very similar to Zeppelin. However, I think that it is among the weakest tracks on "Kingdom Come". The acoustic Lovin' You builds on Celtic influences ala Led Zeppelin III - the arrangement is good and bombastic.

The music is Heavy Rock founded on 70's Rock bands and not just Led Zeppelin. The record is quite diversified with guitar, bass and drums providing the basics for Lenny Wolf expressive voice. James Kottak's potent and thunderous drumming provides the album with a very solid foundation.

Kingdom Come actually sounds best when they play energetic and straightforward riff based melodic rock. The best example of that straightforward formula is album opener Living out of Touch, which is driven by an irresistible bouncing riff. It has a great emotion by the use of string sounding keys. On the excellent Pushin' Hard Wolf sounds sharp and he hits some high notes. The aforementioned rockers are along with the melodic riff driven Now Forever After and Shout it Out the albums founding stone and what makes this a great album.

Hideaway and The Shuffle are a bit anonymous on the album. The absolute stand out track is What Love Can Be, which is the album's masterpiece. It's a beautiful, grandiose and timeless ballad drenched with emotion, soulful vocals and great playing from the guitar duo Danny Stag and Rick Steier.

This is a re-mastered package containing all original tracks, sleevenotes by Malcolm Dome and the 12 inch promo version of Get It On - originally only available on the promo white label records at the time of release. The production is done by Bob Rock and he provided the album with lots of muscles which makes it sound pompous even today.

Written by Michael
Sunday, March 6, 2005
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Comment by Deenfan (Anonymous) - Tuesday, March 8, 2005
It's strange to read this. After all this years with only bull to be found about this classic masterpiece, Michael manages to set it straight. I actually agree with everything, only I've always had a strong sense of a special mood in "Hideaway", and to a degree in "The Shuffle" too. Maybe I have an overall greater experience when listening to it, so for me it's an absolute 10/10. And that's rare.

Comment by Deenfan (Anonymous) - Tuesday, March 8, 2005
...these years...

Comment by Alanna (Staff) - Thursday, March 10, 2005
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This was a pretty good cd, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it til I read this review. Bravo for forcing my mind into remembering! Hideaway had this weird, chilling mood and What Love Can Be was a great ballad.

Posted by Alanna (Staff)
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Comment by nj23nut (Anonymous) - Tuesday, May 10, 2005
This band was never worth the hype nor the vinyl wasted to print their music on. Classic? Classic GARBAGE. 0/10

Comment by Nicolás. (Anonymous) - Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Thank you. You know, i was trying to find some information about Kingdom Come. First, i didn't get it, but some days later, i finally found it via google. The first (and, up to now, the only) page i opened was yours.
I am from Argentina. The only theme i think i know by Kingdom Come is "Get It On" (i like it very much).

Nicolás Nisnik,,

Review by Michael

Released by
Polydor - 1988

01 - Livin' Out of Touch
02 - Pushin' Hard
03 - What Love Can Be
04 - 17
05 - The Shuffle
06 - Get it On
07 - Now Forever After
08 - Hideaway
09 - Lovin' You
10 - Shout it Out
Bonus Track:
11 - Get it On [USA Promo Remix]

Supplied by Lemon Recordings

Re-issued in 2003 by Lemon Recording

Heavy Rock

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