Withering Surface - Scarlet Silhouettes
This album is one of the first melodic death metal albums I ever bought. It is also still one of my absolute favorites in my collection. To be honest I don't know anyone who is just as fascinated by this album as I am. Therefore I will try to explain what it is I feel there is so special about it.

Scarlet Silhouettes was Withering Surface's first full length album - it is also still the best of all the ones they have made in my opinion. The style is melodic death metal, and the music resembles that of Swedish In Flames and At The Gates a bit. People have mistakenly categorized Withering Surface as a black metal band because of Michael Andersen's screaming vocals - but it really is melodic death. Michael switches between two styles of singing - a screaming "black-like" vocal and a more traditional growl vocal.

The songs are not about death and carnage (sorry to disappoint you) - they are all about love and sex, and they have sort of a sadomasochistic theme I might add. The lyrics are really great, and it is nice to see some inventiveness in this matter.

The first track is the title number Scarlet Silhouettes - it is also maybe the best known Withering Surface number of all time. When you think of Withering Surface you think of this track. It has a really cool intro, and some very catchy guitar riffs. Jesper Str÷mblad (In Flames) does a guest solo in this track - it is a true classic. The next song is called Beautybeast and it just as brilliant as the previous. The drums in this song are extremely cool - relatively simple yet perfect. Jacob Gundel (drummer) certainly knows what he is doing. A lily white sign, . And she blossomed and Majestic mistress are also near perfect - they have catchy refrains and some really catchy guitar riffs. I don't know what went wrong with the next song Farewell - it really isn't good at all. The idea with using female vocals is good enough, but it just doesn't work in this song. Also the growling vocal sounds bad. Fortunately the next songs Behind the other side and Pitiful emblems are back to the amazing Withering Surface standard. The last song Your shadow my shelter is very experimental just as Farewell, but this time it works really well. There are some clean goth vocals in this number, and it doesn't seem misplaced at all this time. It is a really great song!

Overall this is a fantastic album - nothing less. With exception of a single track all the songs are extremely well put together. All the music is written by Alan Tvedebrink (lead guitar) and he has certainly done a great job with this album. If you are not into growling and screaming this is maybe not an album for you, but else I urge you to go out and buy this album.

Best Songs: Scarlet Silhouettes, Beautybeast, A lily white sign

Written by Anders
Sunday, August 25, 2002
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Anders: 9/10

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Review by Anders

Released by
Euphonious Records - 1997

1. Scarlet Silhouettes
2. Beautybeast
3. A Lily White Sign
4. . And She Blossomed
5. Majestic Mistress
6. Farewell
7. Behind The Other Side
8. Pitiful Emblems
9. Your Shadow, My Shelter

Melodic Death Metal

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