White Lion - Mane Attraction
White Lion's last studio album opens with a certain dark atmosphere that is shared by several songs on the album. Going through difficult times and moving on are themes that run through many songs and it gives the album a slightly melancholic atmosphere at times. As shrill notes flow from Vito's guitar Lights and Thunder proves to be a rather atypical album opener. The 8 minute song is unpredictable and includes some great riffs, an extensive instrumental section and a vocal performance by Mike Tramp that has a spellbinding quality to it. The song has a strong beat and a slightly psychedelic vibe to it that is very captivating. A definite grower.

White Lion play hard rock and their songs are varied in both musical and lyrical content. Subjects range from political and world issues through to love and partying. Usually the lyrics take a serious angle. The genius guitarist Vito Brata and Mike Tramp's expressive voice are the two most immediate ingredients that set the band apart from the rest. The tight rhythm section with Greg D'Angelo on drums and James Lomenzo on bass also deserves a special mention.

Broken Heart is a personal favorite and sums up very successfully some of the feelings that go through your mind when you're left scratching your head wondering "where the fuck did that girl go?" The catatonic opening introduction is successfully portrayed by Mike's emotional voice, while the guitar notes provide a comfortable embrace. As the monster guitar riff slaps you in the face, you will have no choice but to jump up, stand proud, see the light and move on to greener pastures. The song really hits its stride as Vito's guitar provides a great drive in the verse while Mike's determined voice cruises along. Broken Heart is a re-recording of the song that appeared on the White Lion's hard to find debut "Fight to Survive".

Leave me alone is an aggressive, guitar driven rocker that gets out some frustration, but lacks the melodic element that could have made it really special.

Love don't come easy has an absolutely wonderful build-up to the first chorus. From here on the song tries hard to live up to its fantastic beginning. The memorable chorus is a highlight and Vito Brata nails the solo completely. In the end it is a satisfying song with highly relatable lyrics.

You're all I need is hopelessly romantic, sugary sweet and feels like a distant dream that is impossible to fulfill. A very close to perfect ballad I don't think I will ever tire of listening to. Mike's voice is as tender and fragile and Vito's solo is highly emotional and fits the mood perfectly.

It's Over opens with a tense guitar melody before a great riff sets the song in motion. Mike's voice is a highlight and he conveys the emotion of the song in a convincing way.

The first part of Warsong has a hectic beat, tense vocals and a mean, heavy riff that glues the song together. The gloomy middle section adds a special sadness to the song and Vito's chilling guitar solo here is extremely heartfelt. Another highlight.

Unfortunately the last part of the album loses a bit of steam. She's got everything is a breezy party tune that doesn't have much to offer except some momentarily funny lyrics while Out with the boys has a chorus that quickly becomes tiresome. These two are too static to ever become favorites.

Till Death Do Us Part is a sweet ballad that feels like it was destined to be played at a wedding.

The instrumental Blue Monday leaves a sadness lingering in the air. The emotional guitar playing is heartfelt and makes the music crawl under the skin. This piece is a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Farewell to You is a fitting end to the album and ends up working on several levels.

Through the album Vito Brata's guitar playing is seriously impressive and you wouldn't want to miss any of the solos he offers here.

Mane Attraction is not White Lion's best effort, a few songs could have been cut to give the album a better flow, but overall it is a solid, high quality offering with a predominant amount of outstanding songs, which make you forget its shortcomings.

Written by Steen
Thursday, October 12, 2006
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Comment by Alanna (Staff) - Friday, October 13, 2006
RevelationZ Staff

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I used to love this album. Havent heard it in about six years or so but many of these songs are so good that they are unforgettable. The opener is especially quite..special. It is so very different from their other works. What fire, energy and a metallic edge!

Posted by Alanna (Staff)
Friday, October 13, 2006

Comment by Jovanz (Anonymous) - Friday, November 10, 2006
Whitelion is the best. I love listening all the guitar styles of Vito and playing it with myself. And also watching their live performances in DVD. The bass guitar did well and the drums and the vocals all blend in one great band. So Great. It's so funtastic. I can't stop listening many of their songs like You're all i need, Little fighter, Broken Heart, Fight to survive, Wait, Farewell to you, 'Til death do us part, Radar Love, Love don't come an easy. Where the hell are they???? Theres no present band exists like them.

Review by Steen

Released by
Atlantic - 1991

1. Lights And Thunder
2. Broken Heart
3. Leave Me Alone
4. Love Don't Come Easy
5. You're All Need
6. It's Over
7. War Song
8. She's Got Everything
9. Till Death Do Us Part
10. Out With The Boys
11. Blue Monday
12. Farewell To You

Hard Rock

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