The Almighty - Soul Destruction
"Soul Destruction" was the second studio album from The Almighty. Originated in Scotland the band took the world by storm with their dirty biker/Sleaze Rock. The bands visual image was raw personified by lead singer/rhythm guitarist Ricky Warwick, who was heavily tattooed and didn't exactly look the son-in-law a mother wanted. However, he was married to Vanessa Warwick, who was hosting the legendary "Headbangers Ball" on MTV Europe. Being married to Vanessa Warwick gave Almighty some publicity, but I think Vanessa on purpose didn't play Almighty much on the show, because she was afraid of being accused of overexposing her husband's band.

No matter what. The Almighty earned a place in Rock history and "Soul Destruction" is the album, where everything falls into place for the Scottish group. "Soul Destruction" is the most diverse Almighty album spanning through fast power songs, dirty rockers and beautiful ballads. The album is intense and loud, but still with melody in focus.

Album opener Crucify is a dirty rock song, which has punk tendency. Free 'N' Easy was my introduction to Almighty and still among my favorite songs on this album. Free 'N' Easy is riff driven biker rock mixed with classic Rock 'n' Roll, especially heard on the guitar solo.

The melodic elements is in focus on "Soul Destruction", which is perfectly exemplified on Joy Bang One Time and Praying To the Red Light. The choruses for both songs are brilliant and both songs have pretty raw verses. Love Religion has a great mid-tempo groove until the heavy chorus kicks in. The lyrics deal with religion and the line "I believe in Nothing" is a repetition from Free N' Easy.

Andy Taylor has produced the album and he also plays acoustic guitar on the power ballad Bandaged Knees. Ricky Warwick's voice suits this song perfectly, especially the change from acoustic till electric on the chorus. The song deals with fate and questions whether you are happy with the "the hand you have been dealt" from god. Sad lyrics about a sad fate and abuse, as Ricky sings "Which one is more righteous Chivas Regal or Cocaine". Definitely my personal highlight on "Soul Destruction".

Sin Against the Light is another song dealing with Religion, which is a frequent topic throughout the record. A great song with a pumping verse and a more mellow chorus.

Little Lost Sometimes is a breathing space on the record. The half-acoustic ballad builds up for climax. The addition of choir, electric guitar and an up-tempo finish makes this an epic ballad with a playing time of 7 minutes.

Slide guitar starts the intro to Devil's Toy. It's predictable that the song blows up hard Rock style soon after. However, it works great and it's among the best tracks. The lyrics suits the rough style, since its an anti love song. The swamp atmosphere continues with harmonica on Hell To Pay. Loaded rounds off the album with class - music for hard drinkers.

Frontman Ricky Warwick's raw attitude and Rock 'n' Roll charisma suits the music perfectly. Take a look at Warwick, since he is a visual reflection of Almighty's kick ass music.

Later Almighty took the punk rock path. I wish that they stuck to the raw sleaze-style, because this album is magnificent.

Written by Michael
Tuesday, November 4, 2003
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Michael: 8.5/10

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Review by Michael

Released by
Polydor - 1991

1. Crucify
2. Free 'N' Easy
3. Joy Bang One Time
4. Love Religion
5. Bandaged Knees
6. Praying To the Red Light
7. Sin Against the Light
8. Little Lost Sometimes
9. Devil's Toy
10. What More Do You Want
11. Hell to Pay
12. Loaded


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