Events and Reports - Kashmir - Live at Tobakken, Esbjerg - April 4'th 2003
Written by Mads

WOW. what a great concert this was!!! Kashmir in top form and a set filled with almost the entire new album, Zitilites. It was a great pleasure to be a part of this experience. I never thought that Kashmir could play so unbelievable hard and rocking, but they did. But let me start by telling a little something about the atmosphere at Tobakken just before the concert:

I went to the Kashmir concert with my mother, father and big brother who are all big fans of Kashmir. At the concert hall I meet up with Ulrick and Bjarne Pe (a former freelance writer for Revelationz). We started to talk and before long the concert hall was filled to the rim. We talked about how many people there were. Some qualified guesses were around 30.000, but as the capacity for Tobakken is only about 1200 it must have been more in those lines. The buzz of the people was positive and when Kashmir went on stage, the crowd went crazy.

The first track was an acoustic track from the latest album Zitilites. The track was entitled "New Gold" and most of the people sang along with it. Ulrick and I were impressed by the magnitude of the vocals of Kasper Eistrup (lead singer and Guitarist), and the way Mads Tunebjerg (bass) was smiling and truly happy to play for the crowd in Esbjerg. Also the two other members of Kashmir, Asger Techau (drums) and Henrik Lindstrand (keyboards and guitar) played some of the best, I have ever seen them play live. With this first song Kasper proved that he is not only a great singer in a studio, but that his real talent lies in his live performances. The second track they played was one of my favourites from the latest album called "Ruby Over Diamonds". I must admit that I sang along with that track, from the top of my lungs.

As the set went on, the music became harder and harder. At one point I had to look at the stage to see if it was another band up there. But no it was the brilliant performance of Kashmir that had taken my breath away.

The fact that they played some of the tracks from The Good Life was great, as most of the fans in the crowd knew these tracks best. And I know that Ulrick and I were particularly happy to hear some of the harder tracks from The Good Life. But also the brilliant version of Lampshade helped Kashmir to prove that they kick ass when playing live.

Also the tracks "Kiss Me Goodbye" and "Miss You" brought the crowd to a point of near ecstasy. It was great to be part of the energy surge that was at Tobakken. The before mentioned tracks are favourites of Ulrick, Lars (my brother), Pe and myself. So we played some air guitar to those.

And then there was the track "Mom In Love, Daddy In Space" a favourite of my parents. So to see the joy in my parent's faces as Kashmir played this track was great. But they were not the only ones who enjoyed that track. When they started to play it people went crazy and roared. It was pretty amazing to see so many people go that crazy.

Another highlight for me was "Small Poem For Old Friend" which is one of the tracks from Zitilites I love the most. It rocks on the album, but this night it was unbelievable and so damn good that you have to have been there to understand how brilliant it was.

After the show we stood around and waited for a while talking about the show, and most of the reactions were positive. The thing that was most annoying was the fact that they didn't play for more than 1½ hour. And the fact that the older tracks didn't make it on to the live set. But I didn't really care because it was one of the best concerts in my life.

I don't know If I can rate this concert, but If I had to I would probably give it 9/10, due to the fact that Kashmir is such a great live band that knows how to get people going. I also love the fact that Kashmir looked liked they had a lot of fun on stage, and the energy of the band went into the crowd and spread as quickly as a bush fire.

Set List: (I'm not sure this is the right order, but it's the right tracks)
1. New Gold
2. Ruby Over Diamonds
3. Surfing The Warm Industry
4. Rocket brother
5. Melpomene
6. Lampshade
7. Ramparts
8. The push
9. Petite Machine
10. Kiss Me Goodbye
11. Big Fresh
12. In The Sand
13. Mom In Love, Daddy In Space
14. Small Poem For Old Friend
15. The Aftermath
16. Miss You

Written by Mads
Thursday, April 10, 2003

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RevelationZ Comments

Comment by Krølle (Anonymous) - Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Hvor er jeg træt af jeg ikke var der!!

Comment by Mads (Anonymous) - Thursday, May 1, 2003
@ Krølle:
Ja det var sgu en fed koncert... Kashmir sparker pænt meget røv når de spiller LIVE...
Mads Erdland Aanum

Comment by Tine (Anonymous) - Monday, June 2, 2003
Tror seriøst at Kashmir er et af verdens bedste live bands. Elsker dem... KAsper E 4ever... ;)

Comment by Mads (Anonymous) - Wednesday, June 4, 2003
helt sikkert Tine...
Kashmir er mega fede live... nogle af de bedste jeg har set live nogensinde... jeg så dem på i aarhus i 95 tror jeg det var, og har været total fan af dem siden... Kasper E er også en flink fyr at snakke med... han er meget nede på jorden... og ikke "...In Space" hvis man lige forstår sådan en lille en der...

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