Article - My view on Heavy Metal

Written by Mads

Well this is my first real article, and it will be on a subject that I feel, I know a lot about, namely the Heavy metal scene anno 2002.

In this article I will aim towards the pros and cons of the nu-metal (New Metal) bands, and the pros and cons of the "true" metal bands.

Well in my opinion the new wave of metal is not in my taste, I don't like the things they do to the metal, don't get me wrong I like Progressive metal but, I don't like the fact that many bands have a need to rap and scratch on every track, I think many of the American bands that are popular today, is some of the worst bands in the history of metal. I like some of them, not so much that I would invest my hard earned money on them, but they are ok to listen to at a party, where they are the only chance to hear some guitars, instead of those irritating techno tracks, that seem to be the fashion these days.

Some of the bands that I find ok are: Korn and A System Of A Down. These band don't rap as much as some of the other bands, and these two bands seem to have a political message, I know that many of the others may also have political messages, but I don't like the way the play, and I don't want to sound like a total idiot, but I won't ever review any new metal bands in that genre.

Another thing is that I know that we need to provoke to create something new, and I am very aware of this point, that is why I bring it up here. With out someone trying something new, we would still be listening to men beating on hollow trees, I would like to bring your attention to the musicians of the late 60s and early 70s without them, we would probably not have any heavy metal today.
Just take a keyboard/Harmon organ player John Lord of Deep Purple with out his innovative musical skills there might not be any of the progressive metal giants we have today, like Dream Theater and Fates Warning, both are favourites of mine with in this genera.

And another example is Jimi Hendrix with out him there would be no real rock and many of the things he did, helped to create a new kind of music, not because he ever played it, but because of the many people that were inspired by his guitar handling.

And that brings us to today, where we are at a cross road, because I think that it is ok to re-invent the metal scene but not to destroy it with a new genre of music Like Hip-hop I don't like that way of progression, but it seems to me that many do like that kind of music, and that is ok for me, I just don't think it's ok to call themselves for metal fans or even metal bands because it's not metal, it is a hybrid of metal and hip-hop, then go back and call it rap metal, like in the 90s, and let the label Metal be the genre we all hear and love, and let all others be sub-genres.

I like all sorts of different metal like Trash, true metal, power metal, speed metal and progressive metal, and I know that many of the bands I hear may be out of date, but to me their music never will be, and to many others this is also a truth, or else there would be no market for this kind of music, and there is a big market for this music, bigger than I first thought.

Well this is my view on the metal scene at the moment, perhaps in a few years time, I will changes my way, that is the funny thing about taste, it can changes so rapidly that you head will spin.

Stay Heavy.

Written by Mads
Sunday, July 7, 2002

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Comment by Ceydn Boxall (Anonymous) - Tuesday, December 10, 2002
All this shit with gay fucking hip hop being integrated into distorted 'heavy' riffs is just that - shit.

It should never have happened, but all those rappers and hip hoppers wanted to become more extreme, and all their fans crossed over. They don't know what metal is - they probably haven't even heard a Manowar song in their lives. It disgusts me.

I'm 16, yet the bands I listen to are Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, RATT, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, even Spinal Tap! This lot are EXTREMELY talented, unlike bloke who wear over-sized clothes and seem to bop up and down to every single snare hit.

All faith is not lost though, there are some good bands out there still, such as Iced Earth, In Flames, and a fair few Black Metal bands like Agathodaimon and Cradle of Filth.

I just wish that the hip hoppers should stick to their own music, and not try and cross the border, because that is when the trouble starts.

Comment by David (Anonymous) - Tuesday, October 22, 2002
Ya shouldn't shit on hip hop because alot of great music has come from that genre aswell. As for good rap-metal, check out Rage Against the Machine's self titled debut and "Battle for Los Angelos" where it does everything right between both mergers.

Comment by Ulrick (Anonymous) - Wednesday, November 27, 2002
in 1777.on the 7th day of july.yyyyyyy...

Only this is in 2002? Is that a coincidence? First Abigail.225 years later this comes. Is evil reborn again in Nu Metal?

Comment by Mads (Anonymous) - Tuesday, March 12, 2002
Well David...
I don't like Hip hop I like metal... So I won't give Hip hop a change, in my opinion it's not music, and that's just the way I feel, you are alowed to think otherwise... Just don't tell me what to think... Mads...
Oh and Ulrick that is a paradox at best... eller...

Comment by RJT (Anonymous) - Friday, April 12, 2002
Well I prolly agree with the overuse of hip-metal. I personally love the classic 80's albums and some 90's stuff. I also like Rap, however I don't think they should be mixed too often. I prefer them as seperate entities which I listen to in different moods. But 'old-school' metal will always be my no.1 love.

Comment by Mads (Anonymous) - Thursday, September 12, 2002
well as I stated I like metal and rock and not hip hop and this is why I wrote the article in the first place, you can feel what ever you want, I just don't like hip- hop at all...

Comment by Dean (Anonymous) - Tuesday, January 28, 2003
The problem with nu-metal the obvious jealousy that many of us feel when we turn on the radio and hear tons of uninspired muted power chords with some untalented bozo rapping and screaming. This kind of music wasn't as bad when it was a few bands doing it and it was another alternative to the music that was popular(90's-grunge,80's-glam) But the frustation i feel is the fact that many of my favorite bands can't even make a living off of playing metal yet all these bands who don't even sound they know how to tune a guitar are making lots of money playing so called music that literally reeks of jumping on some kind of trendy bandwagon. I personally think Slipknot could be called metal because i don't hear much rap and i do hear some talent. Bands like Linkin Park, Limp Biscuit, Powerman 5000, blah,blah,blah are just plain horrible. It's like angry pop music with guitars. Sorry about this very disorganised rant but when i see bands like Nevermore barely able to pack a club and bands like Linkin Park going on huge tours it just doesn't seem right.

Comment by MAG 5 Rifle (Anonymous) - Wednesday, March 19, 2003
mads isright the metak history is going down the drain because of all this gay bull shit that
people call metal I mean theres also christian metal which is totally gay because all there doing
is yelling jesus until there lungs bust open its just so gay it sickens me to even hear someone
say that there punk or gothic or even rock its stupid just plan out stupid real metal is like
slipknot,cradle of filth the only other kind of music that i think should have the word metal in it
is evil music you know like slayer,at the gates you get what I mean but this all is what i think.

Comment by MAG 5 Rifle (Anonymous) - Wednesday, March 19, 2003
mads is right the metal history is going down the drain because of all this gay bull shit that
people call metal I mean theres also christian metal which is totally gay because all there doing
is yelling jesus until there lungs bust open its just so gay it sickens me to even hear someone
say that there punk or gothic or even rock its stupid just plan out stupid real metal is like
slipknot,cradle of filth the only other kind of music that I think should have the word metal in it
is evil music you know like slayer,at the gates you get what I mean but this all is what i think.

Comment by Toxik Shark (Anonymous) - Friday, May 23, 2003
You gotta welcome the innovations, Mads.

Rap metal, is still metal, but it's not HEAVY metal. I agree with you there.

But, like it or not, it IS part of the offspring- part of the same branch of the musical family tree.

I hate it when people say, "Hey, you can't mix these two styles together! You. . .just. . .DON'T!"

If we all went by that mindset, heavy metal wouldn't even exist. In fact, rock music itself wouldn't exist, either because rock (the father of heavy metal), is a combination of different styles.

If you don't like a style, no one's putting a gun to your head and telling you to love it, but don't start running off at the mouth saying, "Hey, asshole, quite being so damn experimental! You're gonna ruin the style!" Then, you're no different than the old snobs of the past who tried 2 kill rock-n-roll.

Comment by Yoni - staff (Anonymous) - Friday, May 23, 2003
Toxik Shark, i like the way you think.

However, i think what you need to reflect on is that in the past, bands weren't selling out to their fans by creating socially conforming music.
I won't go into specifics, but some bands these days change their path because of pressures from marketing agencies and record companies.

Dream Theater came close to splitting up for this particular reason - MP was going to leave the band during the Falling into Infinity album because of pressures to conform. But, the world is fortunate to have people with such integrity in the metal music business.

So i think when people attack genres like 'rap - rock', i think it's their unique way of making people like you realise that if the trends of rapmusic in metal music continue, then in ten years time, great bands won't exist anymore.

Can you honestly say that you'd want the new market of limp bizkits and system of a down's to dominate? The music itself has no soul, no depth - it's extremely 2 dimensional.
I think that's what these protesters are campaigning against.
Lets put it this way, with each new generation, old music is put to the ultimate test. If we simply lie down and let popular metal dominate, then you can say bye bye to all the steve vai's and all the yngwie malmsteen's. The fans of true musicians are a dying breed, i think we're all becoming extinct because there is a lack of appreciation.
This is basically attributed to things outside our control, economic factors, war/peace, advertising, the voices of new generations...
it's no longer cool to be a 'greaser,' those days died in the late 80s, and we all miss them terribly!
So, sure people are allowed to listen to whatever they want. But, you can't expect metal fanatic's to accept genuine garbage? You can polish something till it looks like gold, but what is it in the end?

That's how i see nu-metal, it's polished, manufactured and sold to a mindless, passive audience who don't know any better. These marketers think they've gotton within out (teenagers) heads and 'tapped into us' by using nu-metal to market clothes (baggy pants, singlets, visors...etc), and this coincides nicely with the whole rap thing which is 'from the ghetto'..and yo uknow how kids are these days - everyone wants to be a badass.

I guess being a greaser also meant being a badass... but essentially, when it boils down to it - people were PLAYING their instruments! Back then it wasn't about a slick image and choreographed stage moves!

So if you want, you can let the new kids take over with their nu metal. But think of the ramifications! Have you noticed how artificial the music is sounding? almost seems like 5 years from now the music will be so overrun with synthetic noises, that eventually it will be just that - TRANCE, TECHNO.

It's really society in its essence. Techno is about drugs, and drugs are jusT SO cool. So the music promotes the drugs, and the drugs make the kids look cool.
Kids with iron maiden t-shirts don't look so cool anymore because what do they have to offer to girls? not much, unless they have a gun in their back pocket.
But if you play mind-games with your skin colour....WOW...that is attractive.

So through a lot of tangents and rambling, i think i've proven not a great deal - but i think the main point i'm addressing is that with the right amount of encouragement...the new music will dominate, and is that really what you want?

I hope this was pizza delivering brain needs a rest :)

RevelationZ Magazine

Comment by Matt Fitzgerald (Anonymous) - Tuesday, August 12, 2003
There is good and bad in all genres of music. I listen to the whole spectrum from extreme death/black metal right up to Goa trance like Astral Projection and everything in between. Personally, my all time favourite is Carcass closely followed by Bad Religion and The Cure. Astral Projection & Dead Can Dance are at my easy listening end... I just love music, if it's good I'll listen... it appears though that there was more good music in the metal scene, I think it's still true today!

Comment by Beewax (Anonymous) - Friday, September 12, 2003
MAG 5 Rifle - dude... get over it... and say satan again - the satan will make you eat his shit so shuddup and get a life!

Comment by nelchee (Anonymous) - Wednesday, December 10, 2003
hmmm... ceydn boxal said "They don't know what metal is - they probably haven't even heard a Manowar song in their lives. It disgusts me."

well.. let me illustrate a manowar song:
"yeah, for metal, were fighters for real metal, were riding the heavy horses, yeaaah, were raping the virgins... for real metal \../ "

so.. if that's the REAL METAL than i don't want to hear it :)
i like old metallica and blind guardian though..
and yeah i like nu but just the good bands.. linkin park and limp bizkit are just selling themselves off.

and yeah, toxic shark - thumbs up ;)

Comment by Pat (Anonymous) - Monday, November 22, 2004
"If you don't like a style, no one's putting a gun to your head and telling you to love it, but don't start running off at the mouth saying, "Hey, asshole, quite being so damn experimental! You're gonna ruin the style!" Then, you're no different than the old snobs of the past who tried 2 kill rock-n-roll."

It's not like that. There's nothing wrong with experimenting in any way. The problem is, rap, in general, doesn't have musical qualities... hell, there aren't any instruments. A rap song is basically just a beat, and that on it's own, isn't music... it's been stated a million times. This wouldn't bother me very much if it weren't for the fact that those who listen to it are completely ignorant. They'll only listen to what the media feeds them. If they in fact did mix both styles, then people would find something of interest in both of them... but no, metal's always pushed aside, since it's not created for people with short attention spans when it comes to music. Rap Metal... is rap. It's still a beat, with a few repetitive notes thrown in there, that hardly make for half a composition. They could do a whole lot more with those short catchy notes instead of ruining a potentially great song.

Sure, there used to be good hip hop. Think early Beatles. They just massacred the genre.

Real music has complexity. It's a law of physics... the more complicated a sound wave is, the better it sounds, right? That's how you get a musical note. When you break it down, it's complexity.

One thing's for sure, there is hope. I've heard the theory that people will eventually get bored of today's music, or better yet, discover something that surpasses it. We'll be going back to the old, I think, so that's one thing to look forward to. I'd try to speed up the process though... introduce metal to everyone you know, after playing it often enough, they'll get a taste for it, believe me. Everything is aquired taste. No one can hate something just because it's "not their style" when the musicianship is great.

Comment by Adam (Anonymous) - Monday, January 17, 2005
Nu metal, rap metal, whatever the fuck you call it - its all shit. ALL OF IT.

I love good hip-hop (none of that fucking chart shit which sounds like its been produced in my bowels). I also love good metal (sabbath, early metallica, maiden).

All this nu-metal gayness is shit from both hip-hop and metal perspectives. There is no musical quality in there, just a bunch of dumb cunts who can't play.

Comment by Dutch Metallicafan (Anonymous) - Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Ok, before I'm gonna say anything, I would like to hear some definitions of the word 'music' first, please:)

After this I will tell you guys a funny story about a huge Limp Bizkit fan(me), aged 15 in 2003, who bought a Metallica album(St. Anger, as some would say, the "oildrum" album) on the advice of some friend of mine. After listening to it, I decided to still like Limp Bizkit(and i still do), but Metallica will be forever my taste when it comes to metal. The album fucking rocked!

Now, 2 years later, aged almost 17, I have become aware of the quality of Metallica before there St. Anger album, and I realised I've bought the worst album they ever made.

Why? Well, Metallica has been trying (still is trying actually) to grow with the new generation of heavy metallovers by changing there style (it began with their haircuts and stuff) I don't know why they did this (some would call it 'smart', i would call it incertain)move, but it worked for me! Thanks to St. Anger, I have become aware of the great Heavy Metal market in the world, and now i see what garbage metalbands are making, it saddens me.

These are my favourite bands(some of them are a little odd, but somehow i like the sound or message of them, By the way i don't possess the music of all bands, im just givin some names, thats all, because a lot of these bands, i only know one song, and there i base my prejudice on, yeah im sorry.)

Limp Bizkit
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Rage Against The Machine & Audioslave
Skindred(I only know one song)
Rob Zombie
Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne
Red Hot Chili Peppers(sometimes)
Quiet Riot
Twisted Sister
The Cult
Killing Joke(I only know one song)
Within Temptation(sometimes)

Michael Jackson
Neophyte(Dutch Hardcore)

And I could go on forever, but i think you'll get the point.

Now, the metal and non-metalbands i dislike/hate or just dont pay attention to:

Puddle Of Mud
System Of A Down
Marilyn Manson
Drowning Pool
50 Cent, Jean Paul and all those fat rapping negro's with plastic babes on their lap, yegh!
Robbie Williams(yeah he can sing big deal!)
Almost everything in the commercial charts actually!


Other bands where I still have to find out if I like them or not:

The Offspring
Motley crue
Linkin Park

Well, I really cracked my mind the last couple of minutes, so im gonna put it to an end for now.
By the way has anyone of you ever heard the Outro on the "significant Other" Album(Limp Bizkit)? I really agree with what the 'bald guy'(Matt Pinfield) has to say. I'm gonna quote him:

"Hey, it's the bald man, and I'm here to tell you why the new Limp Bizkit album's so important. That's because CD's like this will spare you from all the chart-toppin, teenie-boppin, disposable, happy horse shit that brings up the bile from the back of my neck. I have no time or tolerance for all shitty wack acts like that. I wouldn't piss on their CD's to put out a fire. And I'm tired off all those lame-ass, tame-ass, pre- fabricated, sorry excuses for singers and musicians who don't even write their own songs! What the world needs now is a musical revolution. We need some rock, we need somethin ass- boss. We need something with substance, with depth, somethin with soul, some edge, some passion, some power! SHIT, if it's gonna be mellow, FUCK, MAN, it better have somethin, it better mean somethin! I'm tellin you, you gotta hit em with somethin hard. You gotta stick em with somethin limp, like Limp Bizkit. I'm so fuckin tired of this shit that I'm hearin on the radio. RADIO SUCKS!! The same fuckin songs over and over again, all the weak ones, all that disposable crap that isn't gonna matter in three months, its just SHIT. (Hey, Matt, calm down) It's crap, Fred. Fred, I'm tellin you, there's nothin but shit goin on and we need some new music. (But, well, what about Limp Bizkit?) Limp Bizkit is fuckin cool, you guys are cool, the new records great, but FUCK ALL THAT OTHER SHIT!!! I'm so sick of all that week shit that's takin space on the charts (hey, Matt, calm down, man). Fuck this shit, I'm outta here. (Fuck, dude. Fuckin Pinfield is pissed. Oh man I gotta go find that bald bastard. Hey Matt!)"

Anyway hope to get a response
later man.

Comment by Dutch Metallicafan (Anonymous) - Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Ow shit, i forgot to mention Guns'n Roses in my "bands i like" list!


Comment by Dutch Metallicafan (Anonymous) - Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Oh yeah, and I also forgot Tesla and Alcatrazz in that same list;)

Comment by metalchik4u420 (Anonymous) - Thursday, March 24, 2005
Hey the name on here is my AIM name.. some one im me sumtime about this .. now back to wjhat i was typing

Im doign a paper for school on the affect of metal in americas society, and the turning points of it etc. i was wondering about everyones opinion on this... so if u can WRITE A COMMENT back to me or IM me.. iight

thanx ttyl:

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