Events and Reports - Pain of Salvation - My First Live Experience with PoS
Written by Mads

Well, right now I am sitting here waiting for the night to come, it is Friday the 12th of July 2002, and I am going to see Pain Of Salvation tonight at "Tex" a metal bar in Copenhagen, so right now I am not even close to the place where the concert will be played, I am in the opposite side of Denmark, which means, I have to take the train to our capital Copenhagen, half way there I will be Joined by my co-worker Steen Jepsen, and we will travel together to Copenhagen. We will be in good time so we can go out and get something to eat, it will properly be Burger King food, and afterwards we will quench our thirst with some nice cold beers. Then at 23:45 the concert is set to start, and we are both ready to tear down the house, we have been preparing to sing along with the band, and we have made some silly requests, but have no hope in hell that they will play those tracks.

Right now I am sitting in my room, rather sleepy and listening to "Remedy Lane" by Pain Of Salvation, a brilliant album, and the song I am hearing is called "Fandango" and this is a song I am sure that they will play tonight, I hope for a lot of the songs they have made, but most of all, I hope to have a great time with a great band.

I am sort of nervous of going to see this band, I love them on CD, so naturally I have some expectations of what they have to do live, and I hope that I won't be disappointed by their live skills.

But for now I will just sit back and enjoy the power of the tracks, and I will read some of the lyrics to get just some words right tonight J.

Well fast forward to Wednesday, still a bit overwhelmed over the magnitude of the brilliant performance that is Pain Of Salvation live, and that greatness I will try to bring alive in this report, at first my idea with this was to tell you of everything that went on that day in my life, within as well as outside my head, but I have decide not to go so far.

Well here I go from the point of me meeting Steen in the train, on our way to Copenhagen, we started off with some beers, or at least I did, Steen drank some ice tea (he is strange that one) and some thing he tried to pass of as a Beer called Thor he tried to trade it for one of my beers but I was tough and said no. We got to talking and one thing lead to another and we entered Copenhagen, very hungry. Where to eat when in the big city, ah Steen told me that we could eat at Tex the place where the concert was to he later that night.

So we eat a meal fit for a king and his whole army, Chicken wings and spare ribs all you could eat, and served with that a great size beer, two litres in one pitcher, and we drank almost everything, I was too weak to drink all of mine, so Steen made fun of me like he always does.

Tex was hot and we went outside to wait for the show, and Steen drank some of my beers and got very silly, and started to talk about something his friends and him use to do when they got drunk. too weird for me to get into here E-mail him for that story.

Finally the show started or so it would seem, it should have started at 23:30 but due to the rules of Tex they had to wait until 23:00 to do sound check, and they didn't start until 00:15 I think and then it really started to cook in that little room.

About 100 people stood in front of the stage hungry for Pain Of Salvation to play, someone behind me said that he hoped that they would be good, because they where so great on album, well I hope he left with the same impression as I did, they rule live too.

The first words I heard from Daniel was "we will do something from all of our albums, and we will start with Entropia, this song is called "Revival" and the concert was on, the other guitarist had been very calm before the show, but as the first riff was struck, so was the switch of his energy, he was jumping and dancing like a mad man, it was great, the set list of the first half of the show was brilliant, and nothing like what I had expected.

The tracks were hard and brilliant, the band seemed to like what they played, and there is only one other band I have seen that plays with the same kind of joy for music and that is Kashmir. Whatever the track hard and dark like "Used", or soft and mellow as the track "Oblivion Ocean", this band played them with so much passion, that it brings a big smile to my face when I think about it, and I think about it all the time, so I am constantly running around with a big ass smile on my face, because of the simple fact that I think about it all the time.
Especially when I think of the track "Inside Out" which I had requested on e-mail the day before, but as I later found out I had nothing to do with that, but still I found that specially for me, thank you very much Pain Of Salvation

In the break all the fans could talk to the band, and I went up to Daniel to thank him for the interview I had done with him, and he told me that it was his pleasure to do so, it is great when you can talk to those you only know from an album cover,
And then I went to the bar to get some money for a shirt.

The Second half of the show was the last two albums, and it was great, Steen says in this report that it was as if they had lost the power, but I didn't feel that, the crowd knew the albums better, and could sing along with the tracks, even more than in the first half, I guess when I think of it the Auditioned was better in the second half, and so was the band in my opinion and that is what I will stick to here.

As you might know the album" The Perfect Album Part 1" is divided into chapters, and Pain Of Salvation played, the first chapter, and no one could believe it, as it kept going, but then they had to cut the show short, and went on to the next track, and to the next album as well, the time had come for "Remedy Lane" tracks, and I was a bit disappointed by the numbers of tracks they had chosen, only three and not even "Chain Sling" one of my favourite, but they played "Beyond The Pale" and "Undertow" am Like those tracks, and as the last note went into the room, the crowd wanted more, and we got the Elton John cover song, which I have no idea of what is called.

After the last song, we went up to get some shirts, and Daniel told that the worst part of the show was packing up, he clearly wanted to play more for us, but they where on their way to "Dynamo", so they had to get some sleep, and so did I.

After we left Tex we went into the Copenhagen night life, and went into Burger King and Steen ate, I a got tired and well later I got sick, more about that in a newsletter from me later on, or the silly moments top ten perhaps.

The Track list is as follows and I am not sure about it, I hope that Daniel or some one of the other members of the band can help me setting this track list straight.

Track list:
! (Foreword)
Winning A War
Oblivion Ocean
People passing by
Spirit of the land
New Year's Eve
Inside out
In The Flesh
Morning on earth
Beyond the pale
An Elton John Cover song.

Written by Mads
Friday, July 12, 2002

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RevelationZ Comments

Comment by Dennis your Virgin steel Brother. (Anonymous) - Saturday, November 30, 2002
Tak for den fedeste og enorm interessante report!.
Jeg kan kun give dig 100% ret I at et af de største progresive metal bands on Earth!Den energi de fyrer den af med. Giver mig det store adrenalinsus I blodet. Hver gang jeg smækker skiven på og skrurer op på fuld styrke så naboen også kan nyde den fede musik.
Jeg glæder mig for vildt til når min næste Emp bestilling er I hus så jeg kan forøge min fede samling af metal skiver. Med de første albums fra Pain of salvation.Så jeg er med fra starten af dette store succet band. Og igen kan nyde juleferien med fed metal masser af øl og måske lidt god sex. Samt nogle vilde metal julefrokoster med drengene.Hvad skal vi med piller og sprut? Når vi kan få øl metal og kut!.
METAL NEVER DIES!Citat fra Apocalyptise reiter Endnu et af de fede progresive bands!
Vi ses keep on the good work!

Comment by Morten (Anonymous) - Monday, April 21, 2003
POS what can I say, yet another great band to come out of Sweden. But POS is more then just another great band, they have that something... that something that we don't know about, but can only tell is there. We have four great albums already - four amazing albums, but I belive we have the best to come.

I saw POS when they played as support for DT in KB Hallen, and they stole the show. I did'nt really know them before, had heared a MP3, Ashes, but the file it was so bad, that thet sounded like Foo Fighters... so I had no idea what I was in for, when they stepped on stage, and they blew me away. DT was what I came to hear, but it was POS I brought with me home!!! Perhaps DT are the kings of Prog-metal but not for long, POS is a force to be recken with and I do not wish to be the one who has to do so!

Comment by Mads (Anonymous) - Tuesday, April 22, 2003
that is so true!!! you feel the saame way as I do about PoS...

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