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Thursday, July 14, 2011 - Pain Of Salvation - Tour Dates And Release Date For "Road Salt Two"
Pain of Salvation Press Release:

Following the turbulent and successful release of "Road Salt One" in the year 2010 (with numerous chart entries, Russian train bombs, the appearance at the huge Swedish "Melodifestivalen" as well as highly controversial video clips) and the touring activities in its support which climaxed this year with shows in India and South America in 2011 as well as last month's triumphant appearance at France's Hellfest, Swedish PAIN OF SALVATION can now finally reveal that the "Road Salt Two" album is scheduled for a September 29th, 2011 release date in Europe via InsideOutMusic.

But the exciting news don't stop at that, as PAIN OF SALVATION have just been confirmed as support act for a massive European tour together with Metal innovators OPETH. The so far announced dates are as follows:

PAIN OF SALVATION supporting OPETH, European tour 2011:

8th - Bristol, Academy - UK
9th - Newcastle, Academy - UK
10th - Edinburgh, Picture House - UK
11th - Manchester,  Academy - UK
12th - Birmingham, Academy - UK
13th - London, Brixton Academy - UK
15th - Tilburg, 013 -THE NETHERLANDS
16th - Paris, Le Bataclan - FRANCE
17th - Bordeaux Merignac, Krakatoa - FRANCE
18th - Bilbao, Santana - SPAIN
19th - Madrid, Penelope - SPAIN
22nd - Barcelona,  Apolo - SPAIN
23rd - Montpellier, Le Rockstore - FRANCE
24th - Milan, Alcatraz - ITALY
25th - Lausanne, Les Docks - SWITZERLAND
26th - Zurich, Komplex - SWITZERLAND
27th - Munich,  Theaterfabrik - GERMANY
30th - Stuttgart, Longhorn LKA - GERMANY

1st - Cologne, Essigfabrik - GERMANY
2nd - Berlin, Huxleys Neue Welt - GERMANY
3rd - Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 36 - GERMANY
4th - Göteborg, Trägarn - SWEDEN
6th - Helsinki,  Ice Hall - FINLAND
8th - Stockholm, Arena - SWEDEN
9th - Oslo, Scentrum Scene - NORWAY

Additionally and prior to those dates, PAIN OF SALVATION will kickstart the touring cycle for the "Road Salt Two" release with some weeks of headlining shows in other European countries with support from the Finnish band Von Hertzen Brothers.

PAIN OF SALVATION + Von Hertzen Brothers
The Road Salt Two Tour. Twelve shows of sweaty gravel,
asphalt butterflies, untrodden paths and brave decisions.

7th - Belgrade, Kuglash - SERBIA
8th - Sofia, Yubileina Hall - BULGARIA
9th - Bucarest, Arenele Romane - ROMANIA
11th - Ankara, Jolly Joker - TURKEY
12th - Istanbul, Romeo Juliette Performance Hall - TURKEY
14th - Thessaloniki, Principal Club Theater - GREECE
15th - Athens, Fuzz Live Music - GREECE
17th - Zagreb @ Boogaloo - CROATIA
18th - Budapest, A38 - HUNGARY
19th - Bratislava, Majestic Music Club - SLOVAKIA
20th - Prague, Retro Music Hall - CZECH REPUBLIC
21st - Cracov, Kwadrat - POLAND

PAIN OF SALVATION's Daniel Gildenlöw checked in to comment about the tour as follows:

"It is with great pleasure we announce the first batch of tour dates for 'Road Salt Two'. Never has an album hungered more to get on the road, and we long for it to take us out there. Separately, "Road Salt One and Two" are pretty impressive animals, but together they turn into something formidably fearsome. A perfect beast - a creature built for the road.
We have really handpicked both bands we will be touring with this autumn. I have wanted to present Grammy awarded The Von Hertzen Brothers to our fans ever since I first heard their "Love Remains The Same" album last year, and it will be an honor to have them open for us on our Eastern Europe headline leg.
As for Opeth, well, first I heard from Mikael that he listens to "Road Salt One" while jogging, and then he went and put it third on his 'Best Albums of 2010' list. What could I do? Since I neither jog nor listens to contemporary music very much, this was our only means of sucking up and set the scale back to equilibrium. I mean, we already share a lot of our fan bases and our tastes in music. What would be more natural than to share stage? Alright, seriously speaking, we really look forward to touring with this super-nice band. We've played the same festivals a few times, and it always ends up with us hanging out and having a great time discussing obscure music, old guitars and food. Yes food, I am serious. Mikael owes me a tuna dinner.
Despite the dense schedule of October, November and December, this only marks the start of the Road Salt Two touring that we are currently planning for 2012."

Next upcoming PAIN OF SALVATION festival shows 2011:

July 21st - Skellefteå, Trästockfestivalen - SWEDEN
August 5th - Eskilstuna, Åfesten - SWEDEN
September 10th - Inowroclaw, Ino-Rock Fest - POLAND

Stay tuned for more details and news regarding "Road Salt Two" throughout the coming weeks at the official website.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - Pain of Salvation - Where It Hurts - Video Online
Press Release from Pain Of Salvation:

Currently working on the final details for their highly anticipated "Road Salt Two" release and freshly returned from a successful trip to India, Swedish PAIN OF SALVATION are now debuting their impressive video clip for the song "Where It Hurts" (off "Road Salt One") via the youtube channel of InsideOutMusic.

The video was once again filmed by director Owe Lingvall from Village Road Film /, who had previously worked with the band on the clip for "Linoleum".

"Where It Hurts" features very intense and explicit footage, sure to add a new depth to the already captivating music and lyrics of this particular song.

Watch the clip here
PAIN OF SALVATION's Daniel Gildenlöw elaborates about the clip as follows:

"Finally the video for Where it Hurts is officially released! I have longed for this moment for months. With Road Salt I decided from the start to be insanely brave - always going where the music and lyrics would take us and never hesitate or consider the consequences. This approach was very dominant already when we first started taking photos for the album. I found myself in situations I had never expected to find myself in - we dressed in skirts, waded knee-deep in ice cold lakes, lying in freezing and maggot filled swamp water, making out with relatives in front of the camera - the whole three day shoot ending with a huge bonfire where we played acoustic music and burned furniture long into the cold Swedish night.

Road Salt One as an album is a result of these same premises, and anyone listening to it cannot say anything else than that it is brave and uncompromising. I felt as hellbent on going our own way with this album as I did back in 2000 when we recorded The Perfect Element part I. "Is this guitar too loud and dry? Let's see what happens if we go even further!"

I wanted to commit just as devotedly to the videos for Road Salt One. The premises Brave and Uncompromising were very present here too. I wanted the video to land somewhere between 70s Asian karate movies on VHS, Kill Bill and the aesthetic world of comic magazines from the 90s. Like everything about Road Salt One I wanted it to be raw and brave yet beautiful.

The video is cut between two graphical environments or scenes. The scaled down and arty white, black and red scenes, representing the abstract and emotional, and the darker warm and grainy sex scenes, representing the physical. The video is revolving around themes of love, sex, hurt and reconciliation, and is reaching back to earlier videos and albums by Pain of Salvation."

Further thoughts by the band on the clip can by found here

More news about the status of "Road Salt Two" will be available soon.
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Monday, March 29, 2010 - Pain of Salvation - Album News
Pain Of Salvation have been staying busy with finishing up their 2-part upcoming album, ROAD SALT. ROAD SALT ONE will be released in the early summer, while Part II will come this fall.

Singer, Daniel Gildenlow has this to say: "The first part of 'Road Salt' is finished - mixed, mastered and delivered! It is a 12 track album of sweaty grovel, asphalt butterflies, untreaded paths and brave decisions. It will be presented to the world in one standard edition and one limited director's cut, of which we of course recommend the latter one. See, as usual, we refuse to add some stuff haphazardly to put together a limited product - we always see the larger version as the "real" one; the one that makes us the proudest. The release is scheduled for this summer..."

In anticipation of all this, the guys recorded the "Linoleum" EP as well as a video for the track which you can see here.

The song will appear on Road Salt Part I, which also features a song which made the band a finalist for the Swedish Eurovision song contest!
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Friday, March 5, 2010 - News from Pain of Salvation
After having surprisingly passed the initial round of the national Swedish competition for the Eurovision song contest, Melodifestivalen, Pain of Salvation are now gearing up for performing their intense song 'Road Salt' as part of the next round's "Andra Chansen" (Second Chance) show in Örebro, Sweden tomorrow, Saturday, March 6th, at 8 PM (CET).

Once again, the contest will be broadcasted live by Sweden's National TV-Station SVT and it can also be internationally followed online at this location.

The contest is being watched by several million people within Sweden and Pain Of Salvation have successfully managed to make an outstanding impact with their very atmospheric rendition of the song 'Road Salt' as well as their concept of "Going back to letting the song be the focal point, not the fancy dresses or the recipe production and structure of the performance," as frontman Daniel Gildenlöw mentions, before adding, "Just us. Playing a song meant to touch your heart. Stripped down. Naked. Brave. Old-school."

Additionally, Pain Of Salvation have also just finished works for their upcoming studio album release, Road Salt Ivory, andGildenlöw comments as follows: "The first part of Road Salt is finished - mixed, mastered and delivered! It is a 12 track album of sweaty grovel, asphalt butterflies, untreaded paths and brave decisions. It will be presented to the world in one standard edition and one limited director's cut, of which we of course recommend the latter one. See, as usual, we refuse to add some stuff haphazardly to put together a limited product - we always see the larger version as the "real" one; the one that makes us the proudest. The release is scheduled for early summer."

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Sunday, September 6, 2009 - Pain of Salvation album news
News from Pain of Salvation:

Earlier this year SPV (distributors and co-owners of InsideOut Music) declared insolvency and filed for bankruptcy, causing a lot of damage for us and other bands. As for ourselves, the planned album release and four tours were effectively postponed and/or cancelled indefinitely. Therefore we are now happy to announce that we are back on track again, with Century Media picking up InsideOut, together sorting out the sordid mess that SPV caused.

Work on the album has been resumed and we are doing our best to pick up where we left a few months back with new energy. Since you have been waiting for such a long time we will give you some first hand info on the coming album:

We are giving birth to a double album called "Road Salt" - revolving around choices, temptation, sacrifices, passion and the difficult art of giving up. A lot of the intimate issues that have become the core of Pain of Salvation in other words.

The whole album will have a very raw and dry sound, initially described by Daniel as "1976 on steroids". The music daringly combines the lost worlds of the early Pain of Salvation while at the same time, as always, paving new roads for the band and their fans.

Hey, why not some song titles?
Linoleum, Sisters, Gone, No Way.

Road Salt will come with an extensive booklet and will also be available as a double vinyl! No release date has been confirmed yet, but we are looking at 2010 in any case.

Another news update on the PoS website reads:

New EP in November!

So, you thought you had to wait until 2010 to get your next Pain of Salvation fix, now did you? Think again! We are just now putting the finishing touches to a new EP, scheduled to come out mid November. It will contain a few brand new tracks and an interpretation of someone else's song, commonly referred to as a "Cover" (please picture me doing the quotation mark finger gesture right there).

Say what, the first walker (user/fan/person/entity.) to figure out which cover it is, will get a signed copy of the EP for free! Just log in and post your thought below, but BEWARE: you can only have one guess! The game is on.

NOTE: for those unfamiliar with the concept of EPs, it is not short for Extra Perrestrial, it means Extended Play as far as I know, and dates back to the era of those big black CDs called LP (Long Play) or Vinyl (that's a full word not an abbreviation so there is no need for a parenthesis here, but I guess it's too late now). For the sake of simplicity, let's just say that it's, like, half a CD. So. a C then. Or a D, depending on which half of the CD we are talking about. In our case, we are of course always talking about the BEST half of the CD. I will stop now. Sorry.
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Sunday, December 28, 2008 - Pain of Salvation - DVD Details
Pain of Salvation will issue a 2 DVD / 2 CD box set titled "Ending Themes (On The Two Deaths Of Pain Of Salvation)" on February 27th through InsideOut Music.

The set will include the following:

DVD 1:
Sixworlds / Eightdays (90-minute documentary by Per Hillblom):
* Episode 1 / The Pilot: Foreword
* Episode 2 / One: Final Rehearsal
* Episode 3 / Two: Leaving Entropia
* Episode 4 / Three: Should We Say "Hi" First?
* Episode 5 / Four: Put A Lock On Your Mouth
* Episode 6 / Five: Suspicious Minds
* Episode 7 / Six: Stay Humble
* Episode 8 / Seven: Busy With Metal
* Episode 9 / Eight: Onehundredandsixteendecibel
* Episode 10 / Epilogue: The First Death Of

* Commentary Track (time-warp commentary by Per and Daniel)
* Somewhere in Europe (tour slideshow with commentaries)
* The Non-Making of (bloopers)
* Dea Pecuniae 3D (three versions of Dea Pecunia video/audio)
* Sticky Fingers (Lars Ardarve gig slideshow)
* Easter Egg / Hidden Menu
* Sneak Preview

DVD 2:
Touching You Harder (Live in Amsterdam):
* Episode 1. Scarsick
* Episode 2. America
* Episode 3. Nightmist
* Episode 4. ! (Foreword)
* Episode 5. Handful Of Nothing
* Episode 6. New Year's Eve
* Episode 7. Ashes
* Episode 8. Undertow
* Episode 9. This Heart Of Mine / Song For The Innocent
* Episode 10. Chain Sling
* Episode 11. Diffidentia
* Episode 12. Flame To The Moth
* Episode 13. Disco Queen
* Episode 14. Hallelujah
* Episode 15. Cribcaged
* Episode 16. Used

Extras including off-key vocal harmonies and other fun stuff!

CD1: Touching You Harder
1. Scarsick
2. America
3. Nightmist
4. ! (Foreword)
5. Handful Of Nothing
6. New Year's Eve
7. Ashes
8. Undertow

CD2: Touching You Even Harder
1. This Heart Of Mine / Song For The Innocent
2. Chain Sling
3. Diffidentia
4. Flame To The Moth
5. Disco Queen
6. Hallelujah
7. Cribcaged
8. Used
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008 - Pain of Salvation recording news
Daniel Gildenlöw from Pain of Salvation has issued the following update:

"So, we had two weeks of intense recording in the rehearsing room. I was hard as chisel - looking for the real takes where everyone plays their best at the same time. Despite this cruel and unforgiving attitude, the two weeks gave us seven whole songs with all instruments except for vocals and solos. We are being harder on ourselves than THE BEATLES were during their last albums. What's being played is what ends up on the album. It feels very rewarding when you get that take and move on.

After the two weeks we had a two week break, and now there will be some polishing and finishing up from my side until we get back to it when Léo (Margarit - drums) gets back from France after the holidays.

The material? Well, if you don't like it, we don't like you! See we really love it!"
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Sunday, December 7, 2008 - Bassist leaves Pain of Salvation
Bassist Simon Andersson has officially parted ways with Pain of Salvation. He has issued the following statement:

"I've been a part of this band for almost two years and I'm honoured I was the chosen one. Getting to know these wonderful musicians is even more of an honour, but I've reached the point where I just have to stop and walk my own way. Exhaustion, yearning and frustration are the three main issues.

Exhaustion: having a 'normal day job,' being a rock star and having a lot of other (heavy) personal stuff became too much. I wanted everything so bad I ended up being sick with no energy whatsoever.

Yearning: being on tour means waiting. Waiting and waiting. I asked myself one day: is the life back home, the people I love, worth risking just being somewhere in the world waiting? My answer is no.

Frustration: I wanna focus on my own music when i have the time for it. Don't wanna be a wheel in motion in someone else's machinery. I have way too much inspiration and there is no space for this in Pain Of Salvation. Lack of dedication? No. Lack of creative outbursts within the band? Yes.

I can't give Pain Of Salvation 100% at this point, and the guys deserve better. The best thing to do is to go separate ways. We made this decision together and we part as friends. I wish them the best of luck!"
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008 - Pain of Salvation news
Pain of Salvation have issued the following news:

The next album
World number eight...
Daniel: "We are starting to get a grasp of the tons of material that I have been working on in my head. My vision is that the next album will be recorded in our rehearsing room, and we have started to prepare ourselves and the rehearsing room for this. The material that I am focusing on for the album at the moment, is some sort of cross breed between the heavy early 70s in the vein of Sabbath/Zeppelin and the dark weirdness of Faith no More/Soundgarden together with a touch of fragile suggestiveness displayed by The Doors/Jeff Buckley. Add some energetic Foo Fighters and you will start to get the picture..."

Daniel: "The DVD is starting to come together, and will consist of two separate discs - one will be the live show from our last tour, and the other one will be a documentary following the band on the 2005 tour, which marked the end of that line-up. The fact that the band has seen such major changes the last two years made it very difficult emotionally to invest time and energy in this product, and it wasn't until the documentary draft was proposed by Per Hillblom that I started to see what this DVD was trying to communicate. We still have a few commentary tracks to record but we are starting to see the end of it."

Charity Gigs
We have added a few new upcoming shows this fall in the Tour section.
As usual, Pain of Salvation will always do what they can to support causes they agree with, and this year they will play in Finnaker, Sweden on the 6th of September at the charity festival Rock for Moc (for Mozambique), and later on in Eskilstuna, Sweden, at the last day of the European Mobility Week, September 22 (car free day). On the 10th of October they will again play in Eskilstuna, at the Balsta Musikslott (Buster stage), headlining the "Rock for the Children of the World" night.
Read more in the Tour section!
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Sunday, March 16, 2008 - News from Pain of Salvation
Pain of Salvation update from Daniel Gildenlöw:

"So, lots of people are asking what's happening and, to still your hunger, here is a little update on what we are up to at the moment:

We are putting together a nice DVD for you, with some nice bonus material for those who crave it. Problem right now is we haven't decided on the title yet, but we have a bunch of good ones to choose from. "Sub Par", "Briefly Described", "Insert Random Word-Joke Containing the Word 'LIVE'", "Not a Concept" and "Want Your Name Here?" are just a few of them. We'll see what comes down when we have shaken it long enough...

Léo Margarit
Well, most of you know that Léo Margarit from France is the new drummer of the band. We are rehearsing new material now and learning to know each other musically as well as personally - and he is also in the process of moving to Sweden!

We visited Moscow, Russia, some weeks back, and we had a great time. The crowd was great, and we had a good time with both organizers, press and fans. We hope to come back as soon as possible. We need to see the Red Square in daylight (with less Disney vibe) and personally I really want to visit the Museum of National History. For those who have not yet seen the clips on YouTube (why do we even bother to make DVDs when we can have lousy recordings released anyway and not even have to bother about getting paid for it), we did a nice rendition of Ashes together with a nice Russian singer named Kiril. We performed sitting in a ring on stage, playing on three balalaikas and spoons, I might add. Now that's a scenery Symphony X will never offer you! :)
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Saturday, September 29, 2007 - Pain of Salvation find new drummer
Update from Pain of Salvation regarding their new drummer:

The search is over, and a new drummer has now joined the band. The level of competition and skills among the few drummers who remained at the top of the crop was extremely high, but this guy outplayed everyone in the end. To the extent, it might be added, that the band even chose to go for the one non-Swede finalist.

So, who could this phantom be?

Well, just to make things painful, it will not be made official who the new drummer is as of yet. Instead, the veil will fall live on stage next week, at the Motstoy festival in Notodden, Norway, 6th of October. This is not only the very last gig of the Sickening the World tour of 2007, but also the farewell show of long time drummer Johan Langell. This will be the only chance to see both drummers on stage with Pain of Salvation and, needless to say, those who have the possibility of attending this show will definitely be in for a special treat.

To celebrate the event even further, the band will also perform some songs that the fans have not heard live in a long time. All-in-all: if ever there was a different and special show of Pain of Salvation, this is bound to be it! Your one chance to say goodbye to the old king, and welcome the new one.
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Monday, August 20, 2007 - Pain of Salvation Live DVD
An update from Pain Of Salvation:

Yes, the rumors are correct, we filmed one of the shows on our latest tour and we plan to release a DVD from that show. I have been on paternity leave for a few months now, an experience I encourage every dad to try, but come September we are starting to work on bonus material, mixing etc. No release date has been set yet, as we are also in the middle of replacing band members and working on new material, but now you at least you can start waiting for real.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2007 - Johan Langell leaves Pain of Salvation
News from Pain of Salvation:

We are sad to announce that Johan Langell has decided to leave the band, to focus on family. This is not a sudden decision, but something that has been pending for several years. As the band now rapidly continues to grow for each year, the time and commitment needed for being in studio and on tours increase. Not really wanting this, Johan chose to include the whole band in his doubts regarding this directly from the start, and now when the time has finally come, this is what they all have to say about the situation.

Go here for statements from all band members.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 - New Pain of Salvation song online
InsideOut has posted a Pain of Salvation song from the forthcoming album, Scarsick on their MySpace page. Check it out here.
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006 - Pain of Salvation album and tour news
News from Pain of Salvation:

The long awaited Scarsick album is now done, and is expected to hit the stores late January 2007, just a few weeks before the European tour that will start mid February. The album is (of course) a concept album, and clocks in at 67 minutes, consisting of the following tracks:

01. Scarsick
02. Spitfall
03. Cribcaged
04. America
05. Disco Queen
06. Kingdom of Loss
07. Mrs Modern Mother Mary
08. Idiocracy
09. Flame to the Moth
10. Enter Rain

The cover artwork and track titles have already spawned a lot of discussions in forums and lists around the net regarding the possibility that Scarsick might actually be The Perfect Element, part II in disguise. Interviews with the band will undoubtedly start to pop up in magazines and online the following months, so keep your eyes and ears open...

The Scarsick tour is taking shape, and there are a number of tour dates in the Tour Section. The European tour will be taking place in February/March 2007. The band says that more shows are planned for 2007 in other parts of the world, but nothing is 100% confirmed yet. In any case, check out the tour schedule and start planning what shows to see and who to bring...
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Sunday, November 5, 2006 - Pain of Salvation tour and album news
The new Pain of Salvation album Scarsick album will be released in January 2007. A specific date is expected to be announced soon.

A European tour has been announced for February and March 2007. The dates are as follows:

17 - Oslo, Norway at John Dee
18 - Gothenburg, Sweden at Musikens Hus
20 - Warsaw, Poland at Progresja
21 - Krakow, Poland at Klub Studio
22 - Budapest, Hungary at Schiff A38
23 - Wien, Austria at Planet Music
25 - Treviso, Italy at New Age
26 - Rome, Italy at Alpheus
27 - Milan, Italy at Rolling Stone

1 - Pratteln, Switzerland at Z7
2 - Amsterdam, Holland at Paradiso
3 - Paris, France at Elysee Monmartre
4 - Vosselaar, Belgium at Biebob
6 - Augsburg, Germany at Spectrum
7 - Aschaffenburg, Germany at ColosSaal
8 - Bochum, Germany at Zeche
10 - Copenhagen, Denmark at The Rock
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Monday, September 4, 2006 - Pain of Salvation studio report
Pain of Salvation has a new studio report on the new album, Scarsick, online. Check it out here.
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Friday, April 21, 2006 - Pain of Salvation studio update
A studio update from Pain of Salvation:

"The drums have now been recorded for Scarsick. Me and Johan went down to Orebro and the Fascination Street Studio (previously Studio Kuling) for the recording. As usual, Jens was a true pleasure to work with. And, as usual, Johan pulled everything off with ease. The whole album was done in less than five days."

"I guess we are a bit old school when it comes to music. We still want the album to be played rather than trigged, fixed and quantized. This could slow things up, but on the other hand you are forced to learn to play and in the end you will be more effective after all. If we are to believe Jens, he hasn't been as relaxed and had such confident in a drummer since his school days, and no album recording had apparently focused so much on real playing for at least three years. I allow myself to be a bit cynical when I consider that, by a coincident, that happens to be just about the time when we were there the last time for the "BE" drum recording."

"Now, I am only longing to get the new drum files into my studio computer and start building the real album up. Only bad thing, as usual, is that in the coming process I am going to have to recreate all the mistakes from the demo recording since, by now, I have come to love them and would miss them if they were left out. As usual."
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Wednesday, March 1, 2006 - Pain of Salvation news
The name of the coming Pain of Salvation album will be Scarsick, and the band is focusing on the songs right now, to be recorded during the coming months. Daniel describes the albums as much more band oriented and down to the core. Threatening and disturbing. For a glimpse at the artwork and information on the band's search for a new bass player go to the official Pain of Salvation website.
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Thursday, February 23, 2006 - Kristoffer leaves Pain of Salvation
From the official Pain of Salvation website:

We are sad to announce that Kristoffer is of now no longer a member of Pain of Salvation. After having been the band's bass player since 1994, he has now kindly been asked by the other members to leave the band. The separation derives from growing difficulties to function together as a band since Kristoffer moved to Holland a few years back.

The band's own statement:

"We are a band who loves to play music together, and who values being a real band rather than a project that functions on distance. Being a tight unit welded together musically and personally is an important part of the band's soul; and constantly being decimated while composing, rehearsing, and even recording, simply proved impossible in the long run.
Kristoffer has grown to become a tremendous bass player during the years with Pain of Salvation and it is with sadness that we now see him go, but since this logistic situation will not change within the coming years, we unfortunately see no other choice."
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Saturday, January 22, 2005 - Pain of Salvation DVD and Tour news
Latest news from Pain of Salvation:

And so, there is finally a time of release set for the long awaited "BE" DVD. In the first days of April it will be available; just before the planned European tour.

The DVD consists of the Original Stage Production, which was filmed during one of the last performances. It was performed on a specially built stage, just for this occasion, and was quite impressive. People came from all corners of the world to see this unique show, and since it will never again be performed like this, the DVD offers the possibility to get at least a hint of how it was for all of those who never had a chance to see it.

In addition to the show there is a pile of extra material like commentary tracks, slideshows, a bunch of Messages to God (in addition to the ones in Vocari Dei) never heard before, and quite a lot of hidden features and Easter Eggs. Simply a Must-Have.

Tour in April/May

Pain of Salvation will finally go on a headline tour. As far as anybody knows at this point, the tour is planned to happen between mid April and early May. Being a European tour, it will stop by all "The Most Typical European Tour Countries" as Daniel puts it. Poland and Hungary are on top of the band's "Wanted" list since they have never played headline shows there. Keep your fingers crossed and check out the Tour section every once in a while.
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Monday, August 9, 2004 - Pain of Salvation's "BE" just about done!
News from Pain of Salvation:

"Well, it's been a long day's journey, but this weekend the final mixes are being prepared, and on Monday evening the album will be mastered and done, ready for being pressed and hit the stores in September! Get ready for one of the most unique and mind blowing creations ever to have been ignored by mainstream press ;) "

Visit the official website for more info, including a full tracklisting.
Posted by: Steen

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Saturday, December 20, 2003 - Pain of Salvation news
Here is the latest info on the next Pain of Salvation release:

"Only few current bands cover such a broad spectrum of musical influences as the Swedish cult prog metal rockers Pain of Salvation, who are lead by Daniel Gildenlöw, one of the most creative musicians of the Swedish music scene. Their latest stroke of genius is the live recorded acoustic album 12:5 which is conceptually separated into three books (Book I: Genesis, Book II: Genesister, and Book III: Genesinister) and which entirely represents the great musical skills of those five Swedish guys. The otherwise rather metallic sounding band captivates the listener with a vivid sound characterized by acoustic guitar and piano. In this sound powerful approaches are mixed with quieter parts that remind of moody bar music."


01. Brickwork I [5:44]
02. Brickwork II [2:35]
03. Brickwork III [1:23]
04. Brickwork IV [0:37]
05. Brickwork V [0:48]
06. Winning a War T5 [7:52]
07. Reconciliation T5 [4:21]
08. Dryad of the Woods T5 [5:38]
09. Oblivion Ocean T5 [5:18]
10. Undertow T5 [5:46]
11. Chainsling T5 [4:25]
12. Brickwork VI [1:39]
13. Brickwork VII [1:19]
14. Brickwork VIII [4:12]
15. Brickwork IX [5:12]
16. Brickwork X [3:51]
Posted by: Steen

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - Pain of Salvation video
A Swedish television station has done a pretty cool feature on Pain of Salvation's latest project "BE". It is available for your viewing pleasure here. You need to click the link "Klassiskt + hårdrock = sant?" and the video should start (Real movie format). Wish I understood Swedish better... :)
Posted by: Steen

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003 - Pain of Salvation news
Pain of Salvation are preparing the release of two new albums and a very special three week tour. For much more information check out the Pain of Salvation Website
Posted by: Steen

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Wednesday, March 12, 2003 - Pain Of Salvation tour dates
According to the band has already confirmed some tour dates this year.

And the dates are as follows:
22/3 Saturday - Greece, Athens
23/3 Sunday - Greece, Thessaloniki
5/4 Holland - Headway Festival
12/5 Sweden, Eskilstuna - Unplugged show
8/6 Italy - Gods of Metal festival

Hopefully there will be some news about a new album soon.
Posted by: Mads

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Tuesday, March 4, 2003 - Pain Of Salvation headlines the Headway festival in The Netherlands
Pain of Salvation have been confirmed as the headliner for the debut of the Headway Festival in The Netherlands. They will be playing on April 5, 2003 of this two-day festival. For more information please visit the Official Headway Festival site.
Posted by: Mads

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Other information
Pain Of Salvation is a Swedish Progressive metal band. Daniel Gildenlöw, who also writes almost all lyrics and music to the albums, founded the band.

So far they have released 4 albums with some very dark and gloomy concepts on each album. One of the best in my opinion is "Remedy Lane". If you like music in the vein of Fates Warning and Dream Theater or even Spock's Beard this is a band for you.

Pain Of Salvation is one of the most promising progressive metal bands around, because of the innovative music they play, the lyrical content and the catchy tracks with some great music and brilliant vocals. The songs sound very personal and could fit your life at the same time.

For more Information go to or read the interview or the reviews.

Added by Mads - 9/8/2002

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RevelationZ Comments

Comment by Kajkagen (Anonymous) - Sunday, May 4, 2003 know the band Dream bad...but where is the Gothic Metal bands like After Forever and Nightwish ???
I love Gothic Metal, and would like the ones who read this to try it out...

Comment by carmen (Anonymous) - Wednesday, December 17, 2003
pain of salvation is one of teh best bands i ever heard. it has a great future on this bussiness

Comment by Mads Aanum (Anonymous) - Sunday, February 22, 2004
well I can't wait for the 12:5 it comes out in the shops tomorrow... I'll go get it... Come on hurry I need that Pain Of Salvation Injection now...

Comment by Mads Aanum (Anonymous) - Monday, February 23, 2004
12:5 is a great album just got it at my local record shop...

Comment by Mads Aanum (Anonymous) - Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Will there be no 12:5 album review??? I would like to read your opinion on that brilliant live album!!!

Comment by Steen (Staff) - Tuesday, May 18, 2004
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Comments: 518
Yes there will a review eventually. The promo has apparantly gotten lost in the mail to Australia along with some other cool stuff. Damn that postal service. I have the album of course, but haven't had time to listen to it enough to review it yet.
Mads, why aren't you coming with me to 2000 Decibel to hear PoS??? It will be awesome! hehe

Posted by Steen (Staff)
Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Comment by Mads Aanum (Anonymous) - Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Ok Steen, can't wait for it to be reviewed here, I really like it alot, and normally I don't like live albums that much but this one stands out...
Mads Aanum

Comment by Mark (Anonymous) - Friday, April 14, 2006
Pain Of Salvation RULES!!!Greatest fuckin band in the world!All that listen to their music GOD BLESS YOU...

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