Helloween - Mrs. God (Single)
A lot can be said about naming the new album "Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy". I will just proclaim my dismayed wonder by making a loud mooh'ing sound. If nothing else then Helloween have raised the bar for themselves to a seemingly insurmountable high level. Mrs. God is the first single and the first indication of the direction the album will take. After the first listen I was somewhat disappointed, especially by the title track, but the songs improve on repeated listens and while they don't point towards a complete reincarnation of Helloween, they point towards an interesting release.

The three minute Mrs. God is pretty typical Helloween in the sense that it has some absurd and twisted moments. It has an opening melody which slightly reminds me of Dr. Stein. Pretty much any song which incorporates braying sheep should get two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me, but unfortunately the repeated chorus is just not very exciting and in the end this is an ok song but nothing more. You can watch the video for the song here. Unfortunately it is sheepless.

The King For A 1000 Years is the opener of the new album and by far my favorite of the three songs on this single. A 14 minute track, which covers a lot of ground. The opening narration unfortunately sounds a little lame but when the song gets underway it is quickly forgotten. The addition of a female vocals adds to the atmosphere very well. The song is fast and heavy and manages to keep the interest for its full duration with good melodies and an interesting structure as well as a few short moments which point back in time. See if you can find them.

The last track, Run is only to be found on this single and it is a typical bonus track. An ok song but nothing special and not particularly memorable. Again it is let down by an unexciting chorus.

So this single is not an essential purchase but if you can't wait for the full album then you'd better head for the record store when it is released on September 5th.

Written by Steen
Monday, August 29, 2005
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Comment by ThraX (Member) - Friday, September 23, 2005
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"King For 1000 Years" is one of the best Helloween songs ever made 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ThraX
Friday, September 23, 2005

Comment by Highlander (Anonymous) - Sunday, March 19, 2006
Hah ! noway "Dr.Stein" is best and will always be

Review by Steen

Released by
SPV - 2005

01. Mrs. God 2:55
02. King For A 1000 Years 13:54
03. Run (The Name Of Your Enemy) 04:11

Supplied by Target

Power Metal

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