Graham Bonnet - Line Up
Graham Bonnet's discography is quite impressive. In 1979 he got his breakthrough when he did vocals on Rainbow's album "Down to Earth". The album produced two smash hits Since You´ve Been Gone and All night Long.

Bonnet only did one album with Richie Blackmore's Rainbow. After "Down to Earth" he recorded this album "Line Up" with a very impressive line-up like the late Cozy Powell, Francis Rossi from Status Quo, Neil Murray and Micky Moody.

"Line-Up" was never released on CD in its original mainstay. However, British label Lemon Recordings has released the album in a nice CD package with liner notes etc.

"Line Up" is a great classic rock album. The album opens with Night Games, which actually was a top five hit in the UK. Bonnet's voice is superb and he shows vocal diversity on the amazing ballad I´m a Lover, where he hits some high notes. That´s the Way that it is is highlight of the album with a catchy melody line.

Bonnet´s vocal talent is undisputable. Mainly the album is classic rock. The rocking S.O.S. is probably the closest to what Bonnet later did with the guitar based Michael Schenker, Alcatrazz and Impelliteri. Still "Line Up" deviates from the guitar shred rock - this album is packed with plain well played rock music with outstanding vocals.

Bonnet has not written any of the songs. Bonnet covers two well know classics; The Phil Spector written Be My Baby and also The Kinks´ Set me Free.

Even though "Line Up" was released back in 1981 and today probably would be labeled soft rock you cannot deny talent and great musicians.

When you see Bonnet on the front with his James Dean hair and big shades you know that you easily can buy this album just for the vocals.

Written by Michael
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
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Michael: 6.5/10

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Comment by jorge (Anonymous) - Saturday, July 28, 2007
6.5? are u mad?

this album keeps being up to date.

I would give this album an 8 or a 9 , if not a 10....I think it is a great record, with great musicians and everytime you listen to it, you get something new, it could be a keyboard line or a second or third graham's voice.

definitly not a 6, is like a 9.

Review by Michael

Released by
Reissue by Lemon Recordings - 1981

1. Night Games
2. S.O.S
3. I'm A Lover
4. Be My Baby
5. That's The Way it Is
6. Liar
7. Anthony Boy
8. Dirty Hand
9. Out of The Water
10. Don't Stand in The Open
11. Set Me Free

Supplied by Lemon Recordings

Classic Rock

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