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Album ReviewBlind GuardianNightfall In Middle-Earth
ArticleNoneBonus Tracks Or Not Bonus Tracks... That is The Question
ArticleNoneMy view on Heavy Metal
ArticleVariousAlbum Of The Year and other Musical Discoveries of 2002
Band InformationBlack SabbathBand information
Band InformationBlazeBand information
Band InformationBlind GuardianBand information
Band InformationDead Soul TribeBand information
Band InformationDioBand information
Band InformationKashmirBand information
Band InformationKing Diamond and Black RoseBand information
Band InformationMegadethBand information
Band InformationPain of SalvationBand information
Band InformationSpock┤s BeardBand information
EventKashmirLive at Tobakken, Esbjerg - April 4'th 2003
EventPain of SalvationMy First Live Experience with PoS
EventWacken Open Air 2002The other festival report
InterviewEidolonInterview with Glen Drover
InterviewHeaven's CryInterview with Olaf Quinza˝os
InterviewKashmirInterview with Kasper Eistrup
InterviewPain of SalvationInterview with Daniel Gildenl÷w
InterviewPassengerInterview with Anders FridÚn
InterviewSpock┤s BeardInterview with Neal Morse
InterviewSpock┤s BeardInterview with Alan Morse

Daily Spotlight
Mot÷rhead - Kiss of Death
CoverMotörhead is like the Duracell bunny when it comes to work ethics. Motörhead once again made a brand new album and shows no s....
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Retro Reviews

Kingdom Come - Kingdom Come
CoverOk - Don't bash this album without having heard it or at least make an effort to hear it again before any harsh comments. This is Kingdom Come's debut album, which unfortunately suffered from Polydor ....
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Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction
CoverWhen talking about albums that really shook the ground and shocked its time, Guns N' Roses' debut is among the most important releases and when listening to it so many ears after It's So Easy to under....
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