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 Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
gizmo's Rating: 9/10

This is a marvelous BG album only second to Imaginations from the other side. BG at their best.

Simply loved that band, too bad the 3 latests albums have been less great than the old ones.

Hope every time they will return to their old form but i doubt it will ever happen.

Original rating by Tommy: 7.5/10
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No ratings by other members

 Doro - Fear No Evil
gizmo's Rating: 7.5/10

You can´t help to love Doro and her accent.

Not as good as she was in Warlock and the first solo albums but still going strong.

Could´nt she just be 15 years younger ;0)

Original rating by Steen: 7/10
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Other member ratings:
hardrockfanatic - 8/10 - Link to review

 Judas Priest - Jugulator
gizmo's Rating: 4/10

Really don´t like this album

Original rating by Tommy: 9.5/10
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Other member ratings:
Steen - 6/10 - Link to review

 Persuader - Evolution Purgatory
gizmo's Rating: 9/10

This is an incredible album. Released just after after Blind guardian began their demise and filled the hole they left behind.

Just a pity the next album failed to live up to the high expectations I had after this marvelous release even though it was not bad.

Original rating by Nina: 8/10
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Comment by notrap (Member) - Tuesday, February 10, 2009
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Hi Gizmo,
Can you get me Accept's Balls to the wall and Restless and wild in MP3?

Posted by notrap
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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