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Monday, May 16, 2011 - Crimson Glory Issue Tour/New Album Update
Reactivated Florida-based melodic metallers Crimson Glory have released a statement following the overwhelming success of their recent 25th-anniversary European tour:

"We are incredibly proud and pleased with how well our shows were received in Europe! The fans were amazing and really impressed us with how sincere and genuine they were. We truly have the most passionate, loyal fans in the world! It was so great to see people who were at the first shows twenty five years ago, to hear how they've grown and changed, and to see the insane amount of photos, records and memorabilia that they brought with them.

Everyone was on-point; our friends in Triosphere and Cirrha Niva were great company and delivered excellent shows, but the real star of this tour was new vocalist Todd La Torre.

Todd blew the doors off of every venue we played, and proved himself every night, from the first show to the last! The fans, club owners, promoters and press, were all amazed by him and impressed by the band's performance overall. Todd rose to the challenge presented to him and exceeded everyone's expectations! The amount of love and acceptance shown to him by our fans was overwhelming, and there were many whom he met who could only whisper 'Thank you,' with tears in their eyes.

There is no doubt that Todd is the perfect fit for Crimson Glory, and we all agree that (late Crimson Glory singer) Midnight would be extremely proud of him and his performance of all our classic songs.

We would also like to take a moment to again express our sincere apologies to our friends and many fans in Milan, Italy. We were very saddened to learn of the Milan show's short-notice cancellation, and to this end we wish to remind you all that this was a situation that was outside of Crimson Glory and the tour, and completely beyond our control.

We want to personally thank every one of you who made the long trip to the Pratteln and Essen shows, and we are making plans to return to Italy in summer or autumn 2011.

We are eager to get back out on the road again, and we will be announcing more dates shortly. Crimson Glory will also be going back into the studio to continue work on our new record, tentatively scheduled for release in early 2012.

Thank you all again for making the beginning of our 25th-anniversary tour a smashing success!"
Posted by: Stuart

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 - Crimson Glory Announces European Tour
Following the success of their first U.S. performance with new lead vocalist Todd La Torre, Florida-based melodic metallers Crimson Glory are heading overseas to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Their European tour schedule for spring 2011 is as follows:

Apr. 27 - Eindhoven, Netherlands - Dynamo
Apr. 28 - Zoetermeer, Netherlands - Boerderij
Apr. 29 - Enschede, Netherlands - Atak
Apr. 30 - Lauda/Königshofen, Germany - Keep It True
May 02 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Konzertfabrik Z7
May 03 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
May 04 - Memmingen, Germany - Kaminwerk
May 06 - Haugesund, Norway - Karmøygeddon
May 07 - Essen, Germany - Turock
May 08 - Genk, Belgium - Rondpunt 26
July 15 - Balingen, Germany - Bang Your Head!!!
Posted by: Stuart

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - Crimson Glory Unhappy With Box Set Plans
In an update to our last new item, Florida-based melodic metal veterans Crimson Glory have released the following statement:

"Crimson Glory does not recognize nor sanction the new CD releases or box sets made by Metal Mind Records (Poland). They are producing our CDs illegally and thus have ZERO rights to market, promote, advertise, release, distribute or sell any of our material; therefore they have ZERO rights to make any profit from our image, likeness or music.

This has been an ongoing battle between Crimson Glory and Metal Mind ever since Roadrunner Records . . . illegally [sold] the rights (which they did not possess) to the Polish record company in 2007. It is a glaring example of what a shambles the music industry has become, and it is crucial to the band that their fans recognize the reality of the situation."

Commented Crimson Glory lead guitarist and founding member Jon Drenning: "We have become disenfranchised from our own music, with everybody making a profit from our efforts but us! As a group of hard-working dedicated musicians who have now given 25 years of our lives and hearts to this band and this music, it is beyond heart-breaking to watch these companies profit from [these] actions. This music is our passion; creating each record has been a labor of love, and what's happening to us and our music right now is frustrating and insulting."

He added, "We wish to make it perfectly clear to our friends and fans out there, all over the world, that these and any other albums or releases are not being produced or distributed with our permission, and that the money they wish to spend on our records is money that we as a band have earned but will never see until this matter is properly resolved.

"In the meantime, Crimson Glory is presently negotiating with other labels regarding the remastering, re-releasing and future distribution of all of our material, and anything to do with the band regarding album releases, tour dates, promotional material, etc., will be shared via official press releases and the Crimson Glory MySpace and Facebook pages ONLY."
Posted by: Stuart

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010 - Crimson Glory Box Set To Be Released
Metal Mind Productions will release the complete discography of one of the most influential prog-metal bands of the '80s, Crimson Glory. Due on August 23 in Europe and October 5 in the USA (via MVD), "In Dark Places. 1986-2000" is a five-CD box that will contain all of Crimson Glory's studio albums: "Crimson Glory", "Transcendence", "Strange And Beautiful" and "Astronomica" (2CD).

The box also includes bonus tracks, such as songs taken from singles, videos, live or demo tracks, plus a 60-page booklet. All recordings are remastered using tube technology. The box is limited to 1,000 numbered copies and is a must-have for all fans of the band as well as for the lovers of the progressive metal genre.

"In Dark Places. 1986-2000" track listing:

CD 1 - "Crimson Glory"

01. Valhalla
02. Dragon Lady
03. Heart Of Steel
04. Azrael
05. Mayday
06. Queen Of The Masquerade
07. Angels Of War
08. Lost Reflection

Bonus track:

09. Dream Dancer

CD 2 - "Transcendence"

01. Lady Of Winter
02. Red Sharks
03. Painted Skies
04. Masque Of The Red Death
05. In Dark Places
06. Where Dragons Rule
07. Lonely
08. Burning Bridges
09. Eternal World
10. Transcendence

Bonus Tracks:

11. Lonely (remix)
12. Lonely (videoclip)

CD 3 - "Strange And Beautiful"

01. Strange And Beautiful
02. Promise Land
03. Love And Dreams
04. The Chant
05. Dance On Fire
06. Song For Angels
07. In The Mood
08. Starchamber
09. Deep Inside Your Heart
10. Make You Love Me
11. Far Away

Bonus Track:

12. The Chant (videoclip)

CD 4 - "Astronomica"

01. March To Glory (instrumental)
02. War Of The Worlds
03. New World Machine
04. Astronomica
05. Edge Of Forever
06. Touch The Sun
07. Lucifer's Hammer
08. The Other Side Od Midnight
09. Cyber-Christ
10. Cydonia

CD 5 - "Astronomica"

01. War Of The Worlds (remake)
02. Astronomica (demo version)
03. Touch The Sun (demo version)
04. Edge Of Forever (demo version) (bonus track)
05. Dragon Lady (live)
06. Eternal World (live)
07. Painted Skies (live)
08. Queen Of The Masquerade (live)
09. Lost Reflection (live)

Crimson Glory recently announced the addition of singer Todd La Torre to the group's ranks.
Posted by: Stuart

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Thursday, July 9, 2009 - Former Crimson Glory singer Midnight passed away.
On wednesday, July 8th, former Crimson Glory singer Midnight (real name: John Patrick Jr. McDonald) passed away from "total kidney and liver failure." He was 47 years old.

According to Jon Oliva's Pain guitarist Matt LaPorte, who played on some of Midnight's recent solo recordings, the singer spent his final hours surrounded by his mother, brother, daughter as well as members of Crimson Glory, Savatage, and Jon Oliva's Pain. His death occurred at 3:30 a.m EST at St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Midnight sang on Crimson Glory's first three albums - "Crimson Glory" (1986), "Transcendence" (1988) and "Strange and Beautiful" (1991) - before going into self-imposed exile for almost a decade. He eventually rejoined Crimson Glory in 2005 but was dismissed in January 2007.

Posted by: Nina

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Sunday, June 3, 2007 - Former Crimson Glory Vocalist Midnight Resurfaces With New Band and Tour
Former Crimson Glory singer/songwriter, Midnight, has resurfaced with a new band and is currently putting the finishing touches on his 3rd solo release, titled M2: Descending Into Madness. His re-emergence comes after several months in exile, following his abrupt departure from the much anticipated reunion of legendary Sarasota, FL-based Crimson Glory.

Joining Midnight, among others, is guitarist Matt LaPorte of JON OLIVA'S PAIN (ex-CIRCLE II CIRCLE) and drummer Lee Harrison, best known as the founder and leader of Tampa, FL death metal legends MONSTROSITY. Harrison has also performed with such influential bands as ATHEIST and MALEVOLENT CREATION. The collaboration came about after the two sought out the much-fabled siren, known for his unique style and mystique.

Says LaPorte: "Lee and I have always been fans of Crimson Glory and Midnight. We have harbored a strong desire for years to work with Mid, one our idols, we both consider it an honor, as well as our duty, to be a part of bringing his magical, angelic voice back to the metal masses."

The two will join Midnight on his July tour of Texas, along with drummer/percussionist/hammer dulcimer master Phil Anderson, whose work on Midnight's 2005 release Sakada (Black Lotus Records), gave the record a very unique sound, which caught many fans of Midnight's work with Crimson Glory off-guard, and entranced many a listener, including LaPorte: "While I was doing a press junket for the last Oliva record, a journalist gave me a promo copy of Sakada. For the next six weeks, while on tour, I listened to it 8-10 times every day, the hammer dulcimer is the most beautiful sound ever to grace my ears."

In addition to finishing the M2 record, Midnight and co. are structuring a set-list for their live shows, which will showcase not only songs from Midnight's acoustic-oriented solo releases, but also honor his famed CG back-catalog, including several compositions from the much-heralded 1988 release, Transcendence.
Posted by: Steen

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Saturday, January 27, 2007 - Crimson Glory Officially Part Ways with Midnight
Crimson Glory is saddened to announce, that we have been forced to officially part ways with our longtime friend and vocalist, Midnight. This was a difficult, but necessary decision for original band members who recently reunited for a rare performance at the Rockwave Festival, last year in Greece.

We are brokenhearted by Midnight's personal crisis, and pray that he seeks help for his problems. We love and care for him very much, and really wanted him to be part of the future of this band. Unfortunately, working with Midnight at this time would be difficult, as his current state of mind and his present physical condition would impede plans we have in place for future appearances, releases and recordings.

Crimson Glory is currently in the planning stages for additional shows in Florida beginning in March 2007, featuring former CG vocalist, Wade Black (Astronomica; Spitfire Records (USA) and Rising Sun Records (Europe) 1999).

The members of Crimson Glory
Posted by: Steen

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 - Crimson Glory sign multiple releases deal with Black Lotus Records
Press release from Black Lotus Records:

The Music. The Mystique. The Legend.

For 16 long years, the hands of the clock were ticking away aimlessly,
for 16 long years there was very little happening.
For 16 long years there was a big gap in the world of Metal.
But not anymore !

Finally that wait is now over!

Crimson Glory members Jon Drenning, Jeff Lords and Ben Jackson have finally reunited with their original singer Midnight, following the massive demand from their loyal fanbase around the globe and are ready to take on the world.

Now that Crimson Glory are back, metal fans all around the world can rejoice, as there is a wealth of material that the band will release through BLACK LOTUS RECORDS - on this - the bands 20th anniversary.

Firstly the Remasters :

The much revered eponymous debut album of Crimson Glory will be expanded - remastered and have a new title. Crimson Glory - 'Lost Reflections', will not only feature new artwork, new and previously unseen band photos, lyrics and new liner notes but also the added bonus of the previously unreleased songs - "Love me - kill me" and "Dream Dancer" which was originally only found on the Par cassette release of the album and on some hard to find singles, a new video for the song 'Lost Refection' and a band interview about the first CD, shedding light on how this magnificent opus was crafted.

Apart from the debut, an upgraded version of the band's defining masterpiece Transcendence will be released - subtitled Transcendence : Renovatio, featuring new cover art, unpublished band photos, lyrics and new liner notes, new mastering, demo versions of two songs as bonuses, a new video for the song 'Painted Skies' and a band interview about the second CD.

Later in this year and beyond:

There are plans for a DVD with the tentative title : Phantoms of the Opera. Also an "Astronomica" *redux* newly recorded, with Midnight at the helm, a collection with many rare and previously unreleased songs and last but certainly not least the band's brand new album in mid 2007.
Posted by: Steen

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - Crimson Glory plan reunion
Latest news from the official Crimson Glory website:

Among prog-metal lovers, the Sarasota-Bradenton band Crimson Glory is semi-legendary, a rival to Queensryche and Tool -- especially in Europe, where its out-of-print albums are highly sought collectors' items.

It's been six years since the band released its last album, and 16 years since it performed with its classic lineup.

That will change in 2006, when CG celebrates the 20th anniversary of its first album with reissues of its back catalog, new releases of rare audio and video, and live performances, says founder/guitarist Jon Drenning.

"There's a tremendous amount of loyal fans around the world who love this band, and they're making it possible for this to happen, because they keep demanding more material from Crimson Glory," Drenning said.

Drenning has reassembled original members Midnight (lead vocals), Ben Jackson (guitar) and Jeff Lords (bass). The drummer has yet to be announced.

The reunion will include:

Remastered reissues of the band's self-titled first CD, originally released in 1986, "Transcendence" (1988) and "Astronomica" (1999), all on Black Lotus Records. All will contain previously unreleased tracks; "Astronomica" may include Midnight's vocals for the first time and a new video shot at the pyramids in Egypt.

A DVD featuring never-before-released live footage, including a 1989 concert at the Manatee Civic Center.
An anthology box set, "Valley of Shadows, Kingdoms of Light."
Live performances at various European festivals.
In addition, Drenning has signed a side deal with Black Lotus to distribute CDs by unknown American bands in Europe. Drenning, who books and promotes acts in various Bradenton clubs, has already made agreements with Gargamel! and Ripa Joda.

The band also plans on recording an all-new album for 2007, backed by a tour.

All this begs one question: Will Crimson Glory once again don the face masks synonymous with its name?

"Being that it's part of our history, I think we will to some degree," Drenning said. "Maybe for (concert) encores, we'll put the masks back on."
Posted by: Steen

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Wednesday, March 2, 2005 - Crimson Glory news
Here are some interesting news from Crimson Glory:

Original band members of the legendary group, Crimson Glory, have recently begun the writing process for their all new, much anticipated fifth Crimson Glory CD entitled: Metatron, Lucifer and the Divine Chaos.

Acclaimed worldwide for their legendary recording 'Transcendence', original Crimson Glory guitarist/song writer Jon Drenning, bassist/song writer Jeff Lords and guitarist/song writer Ben Jackson have begun the process of assembling songs to be released later this present year.

The original band members are also producing a live Crimson Glory DVD entitled: Phantoms of the Opera.

The DVD will contain an entire Crimson Glory concert from 1989 featuring original vocalist, Midnight; as well as several other live concert videos and behind the scene footage from around the world during the band's Transcendence World Tour.

The original band members are also collecting a vast amount of materials from many sources for their historical 20th Anniversary Box Set to be released in early 2006. It will be entitled: Valley of Shadows -- Kingdoms of Light.

The historical box set will consist of many re-mastered -- and, in some cases, re-recorded -- Crimson Glory songs, as well as some previously unreleased songs, different versions of songs, demo songs, hundreds of unpublished pictures; hand written lyrics, additional behind the scene video footage; as well as an autobiography written by Jon Drenning in conjunction with Jeff Lords and original band members, Ben Jackson, Dana Burnell -- and Midnight, if he so chooses to be included in the process.

In regards to original vocalist Midnight:
It is not known at this time what the extent of the original vocalist's involvement will be concerning the all new Crimson Glory CD, as he is presently disposed in Europe for a short tour promoting his long, overdue, solo CD entitled, 'Sakada' -- to be released soon.

FYI. The name Midnight chose to title his solo CD, 'Sakada', is a derivation of the word 'Cicada' which comes from the same name for an insect that burrows below ground only to come out once every 17 years...

Midnight has expressed interest several times to band members, on, as well as in recently published statements by several media outlets, that he is sincerely interested in recording a new Crimson Glory CD. However, while he remains interested in recording songs for the all new Crimson Glory CD, he has yet to say if he will ever perform 'live' with the legendary group, again.

Nevertheless, the remaining original Crimson Glory members remain dedicated to their 20th Anniversary reunion and will be diligently at work writing, composing and compiling materials for all the aforementioned projects and look forward to seeing all their wonderful fans on the road, again, in the near future!

We are forever. We are the future. -- Transcendence

Stay tuned...
Posted by: Steen

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Monday, December 13, 2004 - Midnight solo album
Press release from Black Lotus Records:

16 years of silence... the glorious return of a legend


Black Lotus is really proud to announce the signing of the legendary Crimson Glory singer, Midnight, who returns after 16 years in absolute silence!

Words are not enough to describe his truly unique voice, which has marked the history of recorded music and placed him among the most influential singers of the 1980's.

The years have passed, but Midnight refused to get involved in any musical projects after the amazing Crimson Glory albums. and the silence breaks so he returns to the frontline with his first stunning solo work titled "SAKADA" to be released around April 2005.

In his comeback (always shall be referred as the comeback of the century!), he is surrounded by new musicians (Phil Anderson/Hammer Dulcimer, Drums, Washboard, other percussion, Scott Gibson/ Electric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin) as well as old friends, like Ben Jackson (the rhythm guitarist of Crimson Glory) and other special guests.

Prepare your souls for a unique journey across the desert at night on a camel that has no eyes. riding far away to a lonely paradise..

Midnight is here to stay...
Posted by: Steen

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Saturday, October 2, 2004 - Midnight solo samples
Former Crimson Glory singer Midnight has posted samples from 5 songs, maybe of his forthcoming solo album, at his mansion. Find your way through it or use this direct link. Different from Crimson Glory, but definitely worth checking out.
Posted by: Steen

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004 - Midnight returning to Crimson Glory?
Speaking exclusively to BW&BK, vocalist Midnight responded to the question about a possible return to Crimson Glory. "I could definitely see myself playing (in a band) with Jon Drenning again. First I have to do my solo stuff, which is about half done. Well, it's all written, but 5 songs have been recorded and I've got 5 to go. If there weren't any trees in the way, I live so close to Jon that I could probably see into his living room!"

Adds Crimson guitarist Ben Jackson, "It's funny, we all live just a few minutes away from each other. I was over Dana's (Burnell, drummer) and he's still got the kit you see in the 'Lonely' video, stacked up in his garage. He said, 'Man, I'd love to get another chance to tour Europe. I don't care about writing and all the arguments we'd get into about that, you guys can do that, if you want. I'd just like to play."

An exclusive feature with Midnight, where he sheds some light on his mysterious past, including his disappearance from the music scene until last June's appearance at the BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend (along w/ Jackson), as well as the future, will grace an upcoming issue of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine.

Posted by: Steen

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003 - Possible Crimson Glory re-union
The following was recently posten by Ben Jackson on the message board of the Official Crimson Glory website:

"Hello everyone,
I am involved in my solo group very much but to make it clear I have always wanted and hoped for Crimson Glory to re-emerge with all original members on board. I can definitely make time for both projects. We have been waiting for the right time and for a sign from Midnight that he really wants this. It looks to me like the signs are there and there may be a storm brewing on the horizon. Fly on Crimson Glory! Who wants this? Share with us.
~Ben Jackson~"

I want this! :)
Posted by: Steen

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