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Friday, July 25, 2003 - Uriah heep tribute
Century Media Records will release the Uriah Heep tribute "A return to fantasy" on August 18th. Here is the tracklisting:

1. Angel Dust (D) - "Easy Livin'"
2. Narnia (S) - "Sunrise"
3. Tad Morose (S) - "Rainbow Demon"
4. Onward (US) - "Bird Of Prey"
5. Liege Lord's Joe Comeau and Paul Nelson (US) - "Too Scared To Run"
6. Jack Frost (A) - "Lady In Black"
7. Nightingale (S) - "Stealin'"
8. Lana Lane (US) - "Weep In Silence"
9. Vintersorg (S) - "Rainbow Demon"
10. Sacred Steel (D) - "Return To Fantasy"
11. Easy Livin' (D) - "Circle Of Hands"
12. Freebase (DK) - "Suicidal Man"
13. Metalium feat. Ken Hensley (D)- "Gypsy"
Posted by: Steen

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