Sunday, February 13, 2005 - Drummer leaves Helloween
HELLOWEEN and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann have parted ways amicably. The former RUNNING WILD- & U.D.O.-drummer, who played the drums during the pumpkin heads' RABBIT DON`T COME EASY-world tour, will not be playing for the Hamburg based band any longer. During the tour it became apparent to Stefan and to the rest of the members of Helloween that, although things were going extremely well on the human side of things, Stefan and the band did not entirely share the same views musically. Stefan decided to stay to help out the band during their pre-production until a replacement was found.

Dani Löble, highly acclaimed ex-drummer of RAWHEAD REXX turned out to be the perfect man for HELLOWEEN. Dani, an exceptional talent known to many musical insiders, has already finished most of the drum recordings for Helloween´s follow-up album to RABBIT DON`T COME EASY. Helloween-fans can anticipate awe-inspiring loads of double bass madness and the trademark Helloween style of songs and arrangements on their upcoming album.
Posted by: Steen

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