Wednesday, September 27, 2006 - New Helloween single
On November 13, 2006 (November 10 in Germany) Helloween are to release their latest single ´Light The Universe`, on which they present a spectacular collaboration with Candice Night, partner of Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow) and singer in his current formation Blackmore´s Night. A duet between Andi Deris and Candice Night, this deeply melodic Helloween anthem with its addictive refrain develops a flair of its own, carried by two of the most charismatic rock voices of our time.

In addition to the single version of ´Light The Universe`, this 4-track Single offers bonus material in the form of an excellent video of said single, directed by Alexander Diezinger (Negative, L'Ame Immortelle, Exilia) at Veldenstein Castle in southern Germany. Plus the track ´Revolution`, penned by bassist Markus Großkopf, recorded for Japan and previously unreleased in Europe, not to mention an appetizer for the coming live album - a stage version of ´If I Could Fly`, recorded in Sao Paulo in March 2006. The long shadow cast by the fantastic song, ´If I Could Fly`, hints at more great things to come soon: Helloween have announced the release in February 2007 of a double live DVD and a double live album available in two versions (standard and limited edition), with tracks recorded in Sofia, Tokyo and Sao Paulo, among others. The furious world tour will reach its finale in Russia and Ukraine in October 2006, with the band concentrating in the new year on preparations for the successor to Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy.
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