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Antonio Giorgio


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Favorite Bands

Virgin Steele,Kamelot,Black Sabbath(expecially Dio/Martin Era),Conception,Queensryche,Beyond Twilight,Iron Maiden/Bruce Dickinson,Fates Warning,Dream Theater,Dio,Fifth Angel,Dokken,Europe,Alan Parsons Project,Yes,Foreigner,Sisters of Mercy,Return To Forever,Mahavishnu Orchestra,David Sylvian,Richard Wagner.

Favorite Albums

"The Marriage of Heaven & Hell I & II/Invictus"
Virgin Steele
"Operation:Mindcrime I & II"
"Epica/The Black Halo"
"Headless Cross"
Black Sabbath with T.Martin
"Heaven & Hell"
Black Sabbath with R.J.Dio
"Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
Black Sabbath with Ozzy
"A Pleasant Shade of Gray"
Fates Warning
"Images & Words"
Dream Theater"
"Brave New World"
Iron Maiden
"Chemical Wedding"
Bruce Dickinson
"Der Ring of Nibelungen"
Richard Wagner
"Secrets of Beehive"
David Sylvian

About me

I'm an italian Singer/Songwriter and i will have a solo carrier.
My first album and concept will be"Mysticka(The Quest of the Golden Gnosis)"where the main character will search the True Gnosis about Spiritual and Romantic Questions.
I have created a New Vision of Metal called "GOLDEN-METAL",the Evolution of Vile Metals into Noble Metals through Philosophical Stone(Rock).
The Purest Metal is the Gold.
This Vision is Inspired by Alchemical Vision.


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