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Tuesday, July 5, 2011 - Jorn To Release Live Album
Frontiers Records has set an August 23 North American release date (three days later in Europe) for Norwegian powerhouse vocalist Jorn Lande's (Masterplan, Yngwie Malmsteen Ark, The Snakes) "Live In Black" a 2-CD/DVD set. The concert was recorded on June 10, 2010 at the Sweden Rock Festival in front of more than 25,000 people.

"The special thing with 'Live In Black' is that it captures a very rough, uncut and spontaneous moment in the band's history," says Jorn Lande. "It was a hectic day, with many interviews and several TV appearances and I also had to do a short speech and statement regarding the great Ronnie James Dio's untimely passing a few weeks earlier. The whole festival became in the spirit of Ronnie, and it was very moving to see everyone there, including the artists honoring his memory."

A new original Jorn album is already in the works and scheduled for an early 2012 release.

"Live In Black" will be exclusively released in a special luxury digipak 2-CD/DVD set.

CD 1:

01. Road Of The Cross
02. Shadow People
03. Below
04. We Brought The Angels Down
05. Stormcrow
06. Spirit Black
07. The Inner Road
08. Man Of The Dark

CD 2:

01. Blacksong
02. Guitar Solo (Tore Moren)
03. Tungur Knivur
04. Guitar Solo (Tor Erik Myhre)
05. Rock And Roll Angel
06. Drum Solo
07. Soul Of The Wind
08. Are You Ready
09. War Of The World

DVD Contents:

01. Road Of The Cross
02. Shadow People
03. Below
04. We Brought The Angels Down
05. Stormcrow
06. Spirit Black
07. The Inner Road
08. Man Of The Dark
09. Blacksong
10. Guitar Solo (Tore Moren)
11. Tungur Knivur
12. Guitar Solo (Tor Erik Myhre)
13. Rock And Roll Angel
14. Drum Solo
15. Soul Of The Wind
16. Are You Ready
17. War Of The World

Bonus Material:

* Song For Ronnie James (video clip)
* Man Of The Dark (video clip)

DVD format: NTSC Region Free - Stereo mix 2.0 / 5.1 - Screen 16:9

A "Live In Black" video trailer can be seen here.

Jorn "Live In Black" lineup:

Jorn Lande: Vocals
Tore Moren: Guitar
Tor Erik Myhre: Guitar
Nic Angileri: Bass
Willy Bendiksen: Drums
Posted by: Stuart

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Friday, May 21, 2010 - Jorn To Release Dio Tribute Album
Powerhouse Norwegian vocalist Jorn Lande (Masterplan, Yngwie Malmsteen) will honour the musical legacy of Ronnie James Dio with his new album, entitled "Dio", to be released on July 2 in Europe and July 27 in the U.S. via Frontiers Records.

Handpicking some lesser known tunes of the Dio era, along with some of the true classics,, Jorn offers a fine collection of songs that present the music of the man and the artist, with a unique twist.

Commented Lande: "Throughout the years I have had the privilege of both meeting and working with many of the musicians that have inspired me on my musical journey. Ronnie James Dio has inspired me through decades, and this man's influence continues to add colour to my creative spirit. Ever since the first time I heard his royal roar back in the '70s, I have been fascinated by this extremely talented man's creative force and dedication to music. His career has been going on for so long and includes so many great songs that it was a challenge to decide which songs and what era to focus on. I ended up focusing on the Dio era."

"Dio" will also include an original song for which a video, shot by Thomas Tjader (Pretty Maids, In Flames), was produced. Jorn says, "I wrote 'Song for Ronnie James' as a tribute and a personal thanks to the man who has been my mentor for more than 35 years. This great man has affected my life and career in such a way that without his presence, I would not have become the artist I am today."
The video for "Song For Ronnie James" can be viewed here.

"Dio" was mixed by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios and it features the following tracks:

01. Song For Ronnie James
02. Invisible
03. Shame on the Night
04. Push
05. Stand Up And Shout
06. Don't Talk to Strangers
07. Lord Of The Last Day
08. Night People
09. Sacred Heart
10. Sunset Superman
11. Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth (2010 version)
12. Kill The King
13. Straight Through The Heart (live)
14. Song For Ronnie James (video)

Jorn is:

Jorn Lande: Lead Vocals
Willy Bendiksen: Drums
Tore Moren: Guitar
Jgor Gianola: Guitar
Tor Erik Myhre: Guitar
Nic Angileri: Bass
Posted by: Stuart

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Friday, January 30, 2009 - Jorn's "Spirit Black" slated for June release
Jorn Lande is working on a brand new studio album that is currently titled "Spirit Black".  Titles of new songs (in the works) include "Road of the Cross", "Black Heart" and "Rock'n'Roll Angel".  Jorn says about the new disc, "People can expect a solid and defined album that will shake the classic metal world and hammer the future Jorn legacy in stone!" Frontiers is making plans to release the new album in June 2009.
Posted by: Alanna

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Monday, December 3, 2007 - Album news from Jorn Lande
Jorn Lande has issued the following update:

"Hey, Crows!

We're currently in Tommy Hansen's Jailhouse Studio in Denmark, mixing the new Jorn album, due for release in March '08.

We are planning to come see many of you guys and gals around Europe next year - and hopefully other parts of the world as well. In the meantime you are all welcome to check out our web:, and sign up for an account in our Stormcrows Forum, to meet other dedicated fans and friends.

We want to send our best wishes to all of you for the upcoming season, and thank you for the love and support you have shown us in the past year. It's been truly great meeting so many of you, and we're looking forward to seeing you again next year:-) "
Posted by: Steen

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Friday, October 27, 2006 - Jorn Lande album news
Press release from Frontiers:

Frontiers Records (Zink/Bonnier Amigo) is very pleased to announce the release of two separate Jorn records entitled "Unlocking The Past" and "The Gathering" on January 27, 2007.

The concept behind this dual release is to encounter the fans' request for more material and to make some of Jorn's earlier work more available.

"With "The Gathering"", Jorn says," I'm removing dust from some of my earlier recordings because I believe some of these songs deserve a second chance in history". "Some tracks have been rerecorded from scratch, simply because I felt they would sound better with new arrangements and approach" continues the Norwegian singer, adding "Others have been remixed and have this way been given a "face lift" due to the fact that the original recordings didn't sound that great production wise. All songs have been digitally mastered by my good friend Tommy Hansen and I hope that this album will please my old as well as my newer fans".

"Unlocking the Past" includes some previously unreleased cover songs that were originally considered to be "leftovers" or additional bonus tracks for previous JORN albums. Many of them were never included on any official release. Some brand new covers were also recorded specifically for this release. Dust has been brushed from these recordings; the remix of "Burn", "The day the earth caught fire" (which originally appeared on Jorn's solo debut album "Starfire"), and the remastered version of "On and On" (which was supposed to appear on a Millennium covers album a few years back), complete the track-listing of the album.

"I'm very excited about releasing these songs from the treasure chest" Jorn says and surely this is nothing less than a nice present for the numerous fans of one of the greatest Rock singers today.

The tracklisting on the two albums will be as follows (click on the links for sound-samples):

"Unlocking the Past"

On And On (originally recorded by MSG)
Fool For Your Loving (originally recorded by Whitesnake)
Cold Sweat (originally recorded by Thin Lizzy)
Lonely Is The Word/Letters From Earth (originally recorded by Black Sabbath)
Burn (originally recorded by Deep Purple)
Feel Like Making Love (originally recorded by Bad Company)
Kill The King (originally recorded by Rainbow)
Perfect Strangers (originally recorded by Deep Purple)
Naked City (originally recorded by KISS)
The Day The Earth Caught Fire (originally recorded by City Boy)

"The Gathering"

Something Real
Gonna Find The Sun
Bridges Will Burn
Young Forever
Tungur Knivur
One Day We Will Put Out The Sun
Sunset Station
Gate Of Tears
House Of Cards; My Own Way
Abyss Of Evil
Where The Winds Blow

Watch out for Jorn touring Europe in a city near you during spring 2007!
Posted by: Steen

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Sunday, January 15, 2006 - Jorn Lande album news
Jorn Lande will release his fourth solo album, "The Duke", through Germany's AFM Records. No release date has been set yet. You can view the cover here.

The members of the band are:

Jorn Lande (vocals)
Jørn Viggo Lofstad (Pagan's Mind) - Guitar
Tore Moren (Carnivora) - Guitar
Morty Black (TNT) - Bass
Willy Bendiksen (Company Of Snakes) -Drums

Full track listing:

01. We Brought the Angels Down
02. Blacksong
03. Stormcrow
04. End of Time
05. Duke of Love
06. Burning Chains
07. After the Dying
08. Midnight Madness
09. Are You Ready (Thin Lizzy cover)
10. Starfire (2005 version)
11. Noose (Japan only)
Posted by: Steen

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