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Album Review707Greatest Hits Live
Album Review7th HeavenUSA-UK
Album Review8-ISFrame Of Us
Album Review8084The Last Great Train
Album ReviewA.C.TSilence
Album ReviewA.C.TTodays Report : Imaginary Friends : Last Epic (Re-issues)
Album ReviewAfter HoursAgainst The Grain
Album ReviewAgents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of Twilight
Album ReviewAgentZStick To Your Guns
Album ReviewAir RaidAir Raid
Album ReviewAirbourneRunnin Wild
Album ReviewAlessiJust Like That
Album ReviewAlex FalconeAphasia
Album ReviewAlkemystA Meeting In The Mist
Album ReviewAltariaThe Fallen Empire
Album ReviewAmerican AngelVanity
Album ReviewAmoralShow Your Colours
Album ReviewAmplifierOctopus
Album ReviewAndreas AlemanThis Is Life
Album ReviewAngelAngel / Helluva Band
Album ReviewAngelineConfessions
Album ReviewApocalyptica7th Symphony
Album ReviewApril WineRoughly Speaking
Album ReviewArcangelsLiving In A Dream
Album ReviewArchrivalIn The Face Of Danger (Reissue)
Album ReviewAri KoivunenFuel For The Fire
Album ReviewAssassinAssassin
Album ReviewAutographSign In Please
Album ReviewB-JoeReady To Ride
Album ReviewBabylon BombsDoin´ You Nasty´
Album ReviewBackyard BabiesThem XX (Best Of)
Album ReviewBang TangoPsycho Cafe / Dancin On Coals
Album ReviewBarefoot ServantsBarefoot Servants 2, Expanded Edition
Album ReviewBeaucoupThen And Now
Album ReviewBeautiful SinThe Unexpected
Album ReviewBert HeerinkBetter Yet...
Album ReviewBigelfCheat The Gallows
Album ReviewBilly KlippertNaked And The Simple Truth
Album ReviewBiloxiBiloxi III - In The Wake Of The Storm
Album ReviewBlack Country CommunionBlack Country Communion
Album ReviewBlue TearsDancin´ On The Backstreets
Album ReviewBonfireDouble X
Album ReviewBonfireThe Rauber
Album ReviewBonfireBranded
Album ReviewBoulevardBLVD / Into The Street
Album ReviewBreed 77En Mi Sangre (In My Blood)
Album ReviewBreed 77Un Encuentro
Album ReviewBrett WalkerSpirit Junky
Album ReviewBronzCarried By The Storm
Album ReviewBrother FiretribeLive At The Apollo
Album ReviewBrother FiretribeHeart Full Of Fire
Album ReviewBrother FiretribeBreakout
Album ReviewBrunorockWar Maniacs
Album ReviewBurnGlobal Warning
Album ReviewCannataMysterium Magnum
Album ReviewCannataMy Back Pages
Album ReviewCarmen GrayWelcome To Grayland
Album ReviewCarmen GrayThe Portrait Of Carmen Gray
Album ReviewCasanovaCasanova (Re-release)
Album ReviewCC RockEP
Album ReviewCharlieKitchens Of Distinction
Album ReviewCheap TrickRockford
Album ReviewCheap TrickFrom Tokyo To You (DVD) & Special One (CD) reissues
Album ReviewCheap TrickSilver
Album ReviewCherri BombStark
Album ReviewChicagoStone Of Sisyphus
Album ReviewChinaThe Very Best Of
Album ReviewChris LaneyOnly Come Out At Night
Album ReviewChris ThompsonBacktrack 1980-1994
Album ReviewCinderellaIn Concert
Album ReviewCobraFirst Strike
Album ReviewCozy PowellTilt and Octopuss
Album ReviewCrash KarmaCrash Karma
Album ReviewCrash KingsCrash Kings
Album ReviewCrooked XCrooked X
Album ReviewCry WolfTwenty Ten
Album ReviewCrystal BallVirtual Empire (Reissue)
Album ReviewCycle Of PainS/T
Album ReviewDamage ControlDamage Control
Album ReviewDark MoorTarot
Album ReviewDark SkyEmpty Faces
Album ReviewDavid SurkampDancing On The Edge Of A Teacup
Album ReviewDeacon StreetII
Album ReviewDef LeppardPyromania & Adrenalize Deluxe Editions (Reissues)
Album ReviewDesmond Child And RougeRunners In The Night
Album ReviewDoc HollidayDoc Holliday
Album ReviewDominiciO3 A Trilogy Part 2
Album ReviewDownes/HughesRoads Of Destiny
Album ReviewDownhereWide Eyed And Mystified
Album ReviewDragonlandAstronomy
Album ReviewDream PoliceDream Police (Reissue)
Album ReviewDrive, She SaidThe Best Of And More
Album ReviewElectric BoysNow Dig This . . . Best Of
Album ReviewElegyReissues: Primal Instinct ; Manifestation Of Fear; Principles Of Pain (Reissue)
Album ReviewElegyLost
Album ReviewElias ViljanenE:Vil : Fire Hearted
Album ReviewEntwinePainstained
Album ReviewEnuff Z'nuffDissonance
Album ReviewEpitaphOutside The Law
Album ReviewEpitaphDancing With Ghosts
Album ReviewEpitaphRemember The Daze
Album ReviewEuropeSecret Society
Album ReviewEye2 Hearts
Album ReviewFace FaceBridge To Nowhere
Album ReviewFair WarningFair Warning and Rainmaker (Reissues)
Album ReviewFair WarningBrothers Keeper
Album ReviewFair WarningAura
Album ReviewFairylandThe Fall Of An Empire
Album ReviewFaithealerWelcome To The Edge Of The World
Album ReviewFateFate and Cruisin´ For A Bruisin´ (Re-releases)
Album ReviewFilterThe Very Best Things: 1995 - 2008
Album ReviewFireflightUnbreakable
Album ReviewFirenoteFirenote
Album ReviewFive Finger Death PunchWar Is The Answer
Album ReviewFor My PainFallen
Album ReviewForeignerNo End In Sight : The Very Best Of Foreigner
Album ReviewForeignerJuke Box Heroes
Album ReviewFrederiksen/DenanderBaptism By Fire
Album ReviewFrontlineCircles
Album ReviewFrozen RainFrozen Rain
Album ReviewGamma RayHeading For Tomorrow / Sigh No More (2CD Set, Reissue)
Album ReviewGary HoeyUtopia
Album ReviewGary SchuttContingency Plan
Album ReviewGary SchuttLoss 4 Words
Album ReviewGary WrightConnected
Album ReviewGeorge LynchScorpion Tales
Album ReviewGeorge Lynch's Souls Of WeLet The Truth Be Known
Album ReviewGoddess ShivaGoddess Shiva
Album ReviewGraham BonnetUnderground and The Day I Went Mad
Album ReviewGunSwagger
Album ReviewGunPopkiller
Album ReviewH.E.A.T.Heat
Album ReviewHanoi RocksThis One's For Rock'N'Roll (Best Of Hanoi Rocks 1980-2008)
Album ReviewHanoi RocksTwelve Shots On The Rocks (Reissue)
Album ReviewHanselNever say Die
Album ReviewHarem ScaremHuman Nature
Album ReviewHarlequinWaking The Jester
Album ReviewHarlotRoom With A View (Re-issue)
Album ReviewHartlessFull Circle
Album ReviewHeartlyneNo Retreat No Surrender (Reissue)
Album ReviewHEATFreedom Rock
Album ReviewHeavy PettinProdigal Sons
Album ReviewHeedThe Call
Album ReviewHelloweenWalls Of Jericho / Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Parts 1 & 2 / Pink Bubbles Go Ape (Re-issues)
Album ReviewHelloweenExpanded Reissues, Part Two: Chameleon; Master Of The Rings; Time Of The Oath; Better Than Raw.
Album ReviewHelloweenLive In Sao Paulo
Album ReviewHelloween7 Sinners
Album ReviewHerman FrankLoyal To None
Album ReviewHighway ChileKeeper Of The Earth
Album ReviewHollywood UndeadAmerican Tragedy
Album ReviewHoneymoon SuiteClifton Hill
Album ReviewHoneymoon SuiteFeel It Again (An Anthology)
Album ReviewHouse of GamesRise And Shine
Album ReviewHouse of MirrorsDesolation
Album ReviewHoustonHouston
Album ReviewHungry HeartTicket To Paradise
Album ReviewHybrid IceHybrid Ice / No Rules (Reissues)
Album ReviewHybrid IceMinds Eye
Album ReviewImpulsiaExpressions
Album ReviewJesse DamonRebel Within
Album ReviewJettblackGet Your Hands Dirty
Album ReviewJettblackSlip It On
Album ReviewJK NorthrupWired In My Skin
Album ReviewJohn M. KeaneEverything Changed
Album ReviewJohn ParrMan In Motion
Album ReviewJohn WaiteDowntown Journey Of A Heart
Album ReviewJohnny CrashUnfinished Business
Album ReviewJourneyRevelation
Album ReviewJourney2 track sampler from 'Revelation'
Album ReviewKamelotOne Cold Winter´s Night
Album ReviewKamelotReissues: Eternity / Dominion / Siege Perilous / Fourth Legacy / Expedition / Karma / Epica
Album ReviewKaos KrewDevour
Album ReviewKelly KeagyI´m Alive
Album ReviewKen HensleyBlood On The Highway
Album ReviewKen's DojoReincarnation
Album ReviewKevin LeeFlip The Switch
Album ReviewKilling JokeAbsolute Dissent
Album ReviewKilling JokeIn Excelsis (EP)
Album ReviewKingbabyWhole Lotta Easy
Album ReviewKingdom ComeMagnified
Album ReviewKip WingerFrom The Moon To The Sun
Album ReviewKissin DynamiteSteel Of Swabia
Album ReviewKjetilbyUnrequited Love
Album ReviewKornSee You On The Other Side
Album ReviewKottakRock & Roll Forever
Album ReviewKottakAttack
Album ReviewKrokusHellraiser
Album ReviewLabyrinth6 Days To Nowhere
Album ReviewLast Autumn's DreamSaturn Skyline
Album ReviewLast Autumn's DreamDreamcatcher
Album ReviewLavaSymphonic Journey
Album ReviewLec Zorn ProjectIt Began In The Underground
Album ReviewLeverageCircus Colossus
Album ReviewLife / Robin GeorgeCocoon / Crying Diamonds / Dangerous Music Live 85 (Reissue)
Album ReviewLightseekersFlying Free
Album ReviewLightspeedWaves
Album ReviewLinehouseTake One
Album ReviewLittle CaesarRedemption
Album ReviewLizzy BordenMaster Of Disguise
Album ReviewLong distance CallingSatellite Bay
Album ReviewLordiThe Arockalypse
Album ReviewLordiDeadache
Album ReviewLoverboyJust Getting Started
Album ReviewLovexPretend Or Surrender
Album ReviewLunaticaEdge Of Infinity
Album ReviewLynn AllenNine
Album ReviewM&R RushKeep On Rockin
Album ReviewMad MaxWhite Sands
Album ReviewMagellanInnocent God
Album ReviewMagnumThe Visitation
Album ReviewManiganceL´Ombre Et La Lumiere
Album ReviewMark SweeneySlow Food
Album ReviewMark SweeneyAll In
Album ReviewMartin PageIn The Temple Of The Muse
Album ReviewMarty FriedmanExhibit A, Live In Europe
Album ReviewMary´s CreekSome Kind Of Hate
Album ReviewMasterstrokeApocalypse
Album ReviewMaxxwellAll In
Album ReviewMichael BormannCapture The Moment
Album ReviewMichael MonroeSensory Overdrive
Album ReviewMichael PaigeIt Is What It Was
Album ReviewMillion $ ReloadAnthems Of A Degeneration
Album ReviewMillion Dollar BeggarsMillion Dollar Beggars
Album ReviewMiss CrazyMiss Crazy II
Album ReviewMiss CrazyMiss Crazy
Album ReviewMorianSentinels Of The Sun
Album ReviewMoritzCity Streets
Album ReviewMoritzUndivided
Album ReviewMr MisterPull
Album ReviewNaughty BoysR U Naughty Enough
Album ReviewNeurosonicDrama Queen
Album ReviewNewmanDecade
Album ReviewNewmanThe Art Of Balance
Album ReviewNight Ranger7 Wishes
Album ReviewNine-T-NineKeep The Flame Alive
Album ReviewNo Second TroyNarcotic
Album ReviewNothing MoreThe Few Not Fleeting
Album ReviewNotoriousRadio Silence
Album ReviewOptimysticalOptimystical
Album ReviewPantommindLunasense
Album ReviewPavlov's DogPampered Menial / At The Sound Of The Bell
Album ReviewPavlov's DogLive And Unleashed
Album ReviewPavlov's DogEcho & Boo And Assorted Small Tails
Album ReviewPavlov´s DogHas Anyone Here Seen Siegfried?
Album ReviewPavlov´s DogLost In America
Album ReviewPedestrians Of BlueCrossing Over
Album ReviewPendragonPure
Album ReviewPhenomenaPsychofantasy
Album ReviewPoets & PornstarsPoets & Pornstars
Album ReviewPoets And PornstarsPoets And Pornstars
Album ReviewPoets Of The FallRevolution Roulette
Album ReviewPoets Of The FallCarnival Of Rust
Album ReviewPoets Of The FallAlchemy Vol 1
Album ReviewPoint OneUnlucky Stars
Album ReviewPower QuestWings Of Forever and Neverworld
Album ReviewPretty Little SuicidePretty Little Suicide
Album ReviewPride of LionsLive In Belgium
Album ReviewPrimal FearPrimal Fear/Jaws Of Death/Nuclear Fire/Devils Ground (Reissues)
Album ReviewPrismSmall Change & Beat Street (Double CD set)
Album ReviewPrivate LineEvel Knievel Factor
Album ReviewPushStrange World
Album ReviewQueensrÿcheAmerican Soldier
Album ReviewRaine MaidaThe Hunters Lullaby
Album ReviewReckless LoveReckless Love
Album ReviewReckless LoveCool Edition
Album ReviewRedeem999
Album ReviewReflexionDead For The Past, Blind For Tomorrow
Album ReviewReflexionOut Of The Dark
Album ReviewReissueUnstoppable
Album ReviewREO SpeedwagonFind Your Own Way Home
Album ReviewRhino BucketThe Hardest Town
Album ReviewRichard PagePeculiar Life
Album ReviewRick CuaWon't Fade Away
Album ReviewRiotArmy Of One
Album ReviewRoadfeverWheels On fire
Album ReviewRobin GeorgeCrying Diamonds
Album ReviewRobin GeorgeDangerous Music
Album ReviewRock SugarReimaginator
Album ReviewRunning WildReissues (x8) - Part II (Death Or Glory : Blazon Stone : Black Hand Inn : Masquerade)
Album ReviewRunning WildReissues (x8) - Part I (Gates to Purgatory - Branded and Exiled - Under Jolly Roger - Port Royal)
Album ReviewSagaRemember When (The Very Best Of Saga)
Album ReviewSagaThe Human Condition
Album ReviewSaidianPhoenix
Album ReviewSatelliteNostalgia
Album ReviewScorpionsHumanity - Hour 1
Album ReviewShineth11 Out Of 10
Album ReviewShining LineShining Line
Album ReviewShooting StarCircles
Album ReviewShortinoChasing My Dream
Album ReviewSignalLoud & Clear
Album ReviewSilverlaneMy Inner Demon
Album ReviewSinnerMask Of Sanity
Album ReviewSinner'Judgement Day', 'The Nature Of Evil' and 'There Will Be Execution'
Album ReviewSkilletComatose
Album ReviewSlamerNowhere Land
Album ReviewSlave To The SystemSlave To The System
Album ReviewSlaves To FashionSlaves To Fashion EP
Album ReviewSonata ArcticaUnia
Album ReviewSparzanzaIn Voodoo Veritas
Album ReviewSparzanzaFolie A Cinq
Album ReviewSpinStiletto
Album ReviewStage DollsAlways
Album ReviewStarzCome Out At Night
Album ReviewSteevi JaimzMy Private Hell
Album ReviewSteve Grimmett BandPersonal Crisis
Album ReviewSteve Morse BandHigh Tension Wires / Southern Steel / Coast To Coast
Album ReviewStevie SalasThe Essential . . . The Sun And The Earth
Album ReviewStevie SalasBe What It Is
Album ReviewStingrayRevisited Remastered (Reissue)
Album ReviewStrangewaysStrangeways / Native Sons / Walk In The Fire
Album ReviewStratovariusElements Part 1 (Reissue)
Album ReviewStratovariusElements Part 2 (Reissue)
Album ReviewStratusThrowing Shapes
Album ReviewStryperMurder By Pride
Album ReviewSturm und DrangRock 'n' Roll Children
Album ReviewSturm und DrangLearning To Rock
Album ReviewSully ErnaAvalon
Album ReviewSun DomingoSongs For End Times
Album ReviewSupernal EndgameTouch The Sky - Volume 1
Album ReviewSusperiaPredominance / Vindication (Reissue)
Album ReviewSwordMetalized
Album ReviewSybillaThe Invisible Sandglass
Album ReviewSyrymSyrym
Album ReviewT Clemente BandIllusions
Album ReviewT RideT Ride
Album ReviewTara's SecretVertigo
Album ReviewTaz Taylor BandWelcome To America
Album ReviewTempesttBring ´Em On
Album ReviewTerra NovaCome Alive
Album ReviewTeslaForever More
Album ReviewTeslaReal To Reel
Album ReviewThe 69 EyesAngels
Album ReviewThe 69 EyesBack In Blood
Album ReviewThe Last VegasWhatever Gets You Off
Album ReviewThe OrderMetal Casino
Album ReviewThe PoodlesSweet Trade
Album ReviewThe PoodlesMetal Will Stand Tall
Album ReviewThe PoodlesSweet Trade (New Edition)
Album ReviewThe StormThe Storm and Eye Of The Storm
Album ReviewThe Von Hertzen BrothersStars Aligned
Album ReviewThunderstoneThe Burning (Reissue)
Album ReviewThunderstoneEvolution 4.0
Album ReviewTNTAtlantis
Album ReviewTobrukWild On The Run
Album ReviewTokyo BladeThousand Men Strong
Album ReviewTollak Across The Rubicon
Album ReviewTouchTouch
Album ReviewToys of JoyOne of these days (Reissue)
Album ReviewTraptOnly Through The Pain
Album ReviewTrevor RabinI Can´t Look Away (reissue)
Album ReviewTrixieShelter
Album ReviewTRWRivers Of Paradise
Album ReviewUFOUFO 1
Album ReviewUli Jon RothThe Best Of
Album ReviewUnderwhelmedReveal
Album ReviewUniklubiKeha
Album ReviewUriah HeepBetween Two Worlds
Album ReviewUriah HeepThe Definitive Spitfire Collection
Album ReviewValentineAndrogenius
Album ReviewVarious ArtistsThe Best & the Rest August-September, Part 1 of 2
Album ReviewVarious ArtistsBest Of And The Rest Of . . . Again
Album ReviewVarious ArtistsThe Best of & The Rest Of...
Album ReviewVarious ArtistsAlbum reviews in short
Album ReviewVarious ArtistsKilpi : Kilpi IV / Angel : On Earth As It Is In Heaven / Rose Tattoo : Blood Brothers
Album ReviewVarious ArtistsGotthard: The Call / Langhoff: Hollywood / Jimmy Martin: Love Somebody / Leverage: Follow Down That River / Poodles: Seven Seas
Album ReviewVarious ArtistsThree new singles - KENJIRO: Unleashed. MORIAN: Away From The Sun. LIP SERVICE: Late Night Love Affair
Album ReviewWaystedSave your Prayers - Special Edition
Album ReviewWednesday 13Fang Bang
Album ReviewWhiteWhite
Album ReviewWhitecrossNineteen Eighty Seven
Album ReviewWhiteflameYesterday's News
Album ReviewWhiteflameTour Bus Diaries
Album ReviewWhitesnakeLive....In The Shadow Of The Blues
Album ReviewWicked SensationCrystallised
Album ReviewWigwamLive In Tokyo
Album ReviewWild FrontierBite The Bullet
Album ReviewVinciVinci
Album ReviewViolent DivineIn Harm's Way
Album ReviewWork Of ArtArtwork
Album ReviewY&TIncorrect Species
Album ReviewY&TEarthshaker and In Rock We Trust
Album ReviewZebraNo Tellin Lies / 3 V (2 on 1)
Album ReviewZero NineIX
ArticleVarious ArtistsBrian's Pick of 2009
ArticleVarious ArtistsBrian's Top 10 Albums of 2010
ArticleVarious ArtistsA look back at 2007
ArticleVarious ArtistsBrian's Top Ten of 2008
ArticleVarious ArtistsBest of 2009, so far . . . -
DVD ReviewStyxStyx and The Contemporary Youth Orchestra Of Cleveland ´One With Everything´
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Daily Spotlight
Led Zeppelin - How the West Was Won
CoverWell here it is, one of the ultimate documentations of one of Metal's most influential bands, in the ultimate live setting. "....
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Retro Reviews

Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction
CoverOne of the coolest things about Megadeth is the feeling you get of the band always having something important to say, about world politics, social relations and humankind in general, making good sense....
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AC/DC - High Voltage
CoverIt could very well be that it's a long way to the top of Rock N' Roll, but here thirty years after the release of their debut album, AC/DC is at the very peak of Rock music and have been there for wha....
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